The unknown emporium

Danny was always the mischievous one because he did not always listen to his mother, who was concerned about his safety. She knew one day he would get into big trouble. One foggy evening, he was running down Wellington street when he noticed something strange about an old Emporium that had finally opened its doors, the lights were on, and without thinking he took a step inside. 


               He saw wonders and trinkets when he turned around, including a long hat, a plate covered in shiny gold with designs on the side, a small replica of the town, and a cabinet arcade with an eye on its screen that was fixed on him. As he continued down, he came across a book that caught his attention.There were also five painted street lamps, a small beard trimmer, and a cream that claims to give you bigger chest hair. When he opened the book, the inside was like a library full of other books, each with a simple name, a title, and a picture, each with a story and a meaning he turned the book to see its page “UNKNOWN” until he heard footsteps.        


A voice said, “Looks like you found my special book.” As Danny’s eyes moved to the book he was holding, he looked at the elderly man he was the owner of the Emporium, who was dressed in a fine gold suit and a black hat as dark as tar and eyes as bright as daylight.

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