Mila and the treasured emporoium



There are places that no one ever goes to. The Secret Emporium was like that. Even on your birthday, after blowing off the candles. Even at Christmas, after building a snowman. Even though, you feel pain from within. Even though, you heard about the sweetest candy.


No one ever entered. The walkthrough was too scary and dark. It was as if it was forbidden and no-one ever entered. No-one except Mila.


Mila and the treasured Emporium.



Chapter 1


Mila had always been curious about adventures or campus but her parents often warned her that it would lead to trouble but she  didn’t  believe her parents. One sunny afternoon, she was riding her yellow scooter when she stumbled across The Emporium. For once the door was open and no one was in, so without a thought she stepped in.


Everywhere she looked it was full of things that she wanted to touch. She saw gold bars , diamond silvers and lots more interesting stuff  hanging from up the ceiling, songs playing and several paintings. There were different accent stuffed animals and toys, a wooden umbrella and beams, and a huge bucket of sweets. However, what stimulated Mila the most was an old leather bound book full of diamonds, little stone beads and with different types of writing, accent and drawings. 


“I see you’ve found my book of treasures,” hissed a voice. Mila instantly  closed the book and slowly turned and looked at the owner. He was an old man whose face was very wrinkled. He had gold eyes and a snake wrapped around his neck with a wooden stick in his right hand.


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