the silent emporium

There are some places which are undiscovered by the majority of the population, -the silent Emporium is one of those rare places   Even though at Easter ,   the room was filled with chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies of every kind. 

Even though , the expensive jewels would shimmer in the sunlight . Even though you could smell cookies fresh out of the oven and the scent of a luxurious perfume . Even though ,you heard the happy screams from inside. Even though the shelves were stocked with the latest gaming consoles , like a goldmine of entertainment . Though no one ever came . The Emporium was trying its best for attention but no one ever came- until Rose entered .


Rose had always been a problematic child and her parents frequently warned her that it would lead her to a terrible place . One snowy morning, she was making her way to Roman Street when she realised something weird. The door to the Emporium was open and without hesitating she stepped in.


Rose peered inside, the room was darkly lit and filled with marvelous things,  birds with eyes as beautiful as diamond, a tree which bore a horrific grin, a massive plate of sweets, an ocean of beautiful fish trapped in their tanks their teeth as sharp as titanium daggers and  a group of starstruck snowglobes. There was also a cardboard box filled with many Jack-in-the-Box which gave a solemn smile to all the customers who walked by. There was also a creepy collection of stuffed animals and a few pieces of clothing with precious pearls attached to them. At that moment , Rose realised there was a peculiar book resting on the counter, as she opened the book the words seemed to write themselves .


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