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Brackenbridge Manor stood silent. Anxiously, Lily stared up to her papa’s study but there was no familiar light burning. Outside, autumn leaves whisked across the driveway and the skeletal trees were like jagged cracks in the sky. Lily tugged out her keys and unlocked the door. It clanged open but instead of the cosy warmth that she was used to, the house felt cold and unwelcoming. Inside, shadows stretched their dark, dusty fingers into every cold corner.

    Lily and Robert bounded upstairs and headed for her bedroom. Tiberius sniffed around, seeking clues. Inside her room, Lily was pleased to find everything was as she had left it when she had been sent off to boarding school. Her books were still lined up neatly on the shelves and her drawings and notes, fragments of stories and plans for adventures, were still stuck to walls covering the faded, yellow wallpaper. With a sigh of relief, she could see her bedside clock. It was safe!

    Curious, Robert picked up the clock and opened the back. Inside, there was the last thing that they had expected to find. It was a diagram, drawn in her father’s distinctive style. It looked like a prototype of a new sort of sky-ship, powered by the sun. Amazed, Robert hissed, “Wow, this must be what they are after. If your papa has invented a sky-ship that is powered by the sun, it would be worth a fortune… and it would also put some people out of business too. No wonder he has enemies.’

    ‘So that is what the fuss is all about,’ Lilly whispered, staring at the drawings.

    ‘Indeed,’ came an icy voice from the doorway. Whirling round Lily and Robert gasped. Instantly, Lily recognised her father’s old friend, Professor Silverfish. He passed his hand through his white hair and smiled… but it was not a nice smile. It lacked warmth.  ‘I’ve been waiting for you to lead me to John’s design. I knew he had hidden it somewhere. I’ll take that, if you don’t mind,’ he said, snatching the drawings from Lily.

    A few minutes later, the children were locked into an old coal shed at the side of the house. There was only a tiny window to the outside, too small to wriggle through. The door was firmly locked. ‘The snake,’ whispered Lily fervently. ‘He’s double-crossed my papa.’

    ‘We’ll never get out of here,’ muttered Robert, sitting down on an old coal sack, trying to wipe the coal dust from his fingers.

    ‘Oh yes, we will,’ retorted Lily, determined not to be outwitted by such a scoundrel. ‘We are going to escape, get the drawings back and rescue my papa!’

‘Good luck with that,’ mumbled Robert, so quietly that Lilly could not hear him. Staring at the floor, he could feel only a sense of dread.


Tiberius stared out of the Dragonfly’s window as the silver airship drew closer. He saw the ship’s harpoons glinting in the sunlight like metallic spears, ready for action. He heard the roar of the canons firing buckshot, like dragon’s breath. He sensed the burning gas as a fire caught hold, as sharp as acid. Turning to his master, Tiberius purred, “By all that ticks John, it is time for you to jump! Humans before mechanicals!”

Chapter 1

Nudging the backdoor of Octavia Dogood’s Academy for Young Girls, Lily Hartman peered across the playground. No one was in sight and within a few seconds she was running as fast as her legs could carry her towards Crispin Lane and freedom. At the end of the lane, she paused and leant against a tree to recover her breath.

Once again she opened the letter and read through the terrible news. Her father, John Hartman, was missing and his airship destroyed. His last words to her had been so strange, ‘Make sure you save time’. Many nights she had lain awake in the dormitory and wondered about what it might mean.

At that moment, she heard a distinctive meow and a familiar face appeared from some bushes, ‘By all the tocks you’ve taken a ticking long time to get out of that dreadful place!’ said Tiberius, ‘Give me a wind-up will you? I’ve used up a lot of energy escaping from those scallywags.’ Lily grinned as she wound the key and Tiberius gave a low purr of satisfaction. His marmalade fur was somewhat singed from the airship’s crash landing but otherwise he was in fine form.

That afternoon, Robert was surprised to see Lily and Tiberius standing in Pincher’s Alley at the back of Townsend’s Hororlogist’s. ‘Of course, it’s your mother’s decorated clock,’ he said. Lily sadly nodded her head. The clock was something that her mother had treasured. She had put it on a bedside table in Lily’s bedroom. Many nights Lily had lain awake, watching the second hand inch round, as steady as a drum beat. On the clock’s face a painted kingfisher flew like an azure spark but the memory of her mother was still painful. ‘Sorry,’ muttered Robert, looking down.

‘He’s right,’ yapped Tiberius, ‘No time to lose. We need to take a steam-wagon back to Brackenbridge Manor and begin the search before some rapscallion lays their greasy paws on that clock.’

The Water Flower

The water flower  is a flower that blooms in the rain and floods and the water flower can never die it will lose its bloom in the months April,May,June,July and August it has a special type of water not sea water or water you can drink.Its a water that can heal people.

The Shorse

The shorse is a very violent land creature as it has the speed of a horse and the teeth and head of a shark. It is deadly as it can catch up with its prey and  use it very sharp teeth and powerful jaw to go through its preys bones. It has a massive weakness which is surprise attacks and long range weapons such as a crossbow or a bow. If you see one don’t approach it as they cannot be tamed and you most likely be chomped. If you do see one you have to surprise attack it or long range it

lily pads

On the Island of Nowhere,There are a lots of lily pads in the pond. They are really common and you can see it normally in a pond. In the pond there are a lot of green Frogs. They are really blending in to the pond with the Lily pads. Lily pads are big but you can only see them in ponds. Frogs normally sit on the Lily pads.

The milky way cup

On the island of the galaxy there lies a flower that is practicaly unheard of  it is called the milky-way cup. There is a strange juice inside of the milky-way cup, if you drink it you become imortal.

Frost Tulips

Ten thousand years ago, Frost Tulips were in every thatch cottages. They were very hard to pick because they would give you frostbite if you touch them. Only the bravest people from a minute to death will pick them. Now, they are super rare and you can only find them under a blanket of snow in the middle of the woods next to some mouldy mushrooms. They are a beautiful flower but unfortunately they lead the death.

The rarest flowers by manny

The demon orchid is one of many flowers that are very rare and are almost extinct. Unfortunately,it can die very easily by being in the cold weather for too long because it is flaming hot all the time.The bronze daisy is also one the very rare flowers and they lived in the bronze age and some still live today.

The Flowers of Material

The Iron Lily. Annoying to gardeners as they are extremely hard to remove.  their roots hook into the earth. Blade like petals which can cut through concrete. A shining, metallic stem as hard as a bank door.

The Golden Tulip. The reflection of the stem could blind a person. Petals worth 1,000’s of pounds. Pollen which purify’s your body and roots that dig down through stone and dirt for miles.


The devil plant

The devil pant had it’s spikes ready sticking out to catch it’s ‘prey of the day’. The plant just lay down on the ground like it was dead or sleeping but it’s not sleeping or it’s not dead it’s pretending so it can lure it’s prey so they think the devil plant is dead but they think they can feast on the plant but no they can’t. All they can do is go to the Devil plant and see for there selves if it’s dead or alive…