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India’s pipkin one ear story

After a long, while it was time for them to GO.

It was roughly around dinner when the three fox cubs woke up from a long night sleep. Jaw-dropingly the trees started to shake and fall on the ground, making cracks in the mud leaving a small amount of floor to walk on.  Struggling, they jumped and leaped over the shattered ruins.

Practically, about an hour and a half later they took a break for about ten minutes. When they got up, they passed through a heap of nettles and trees on the way to a safe home or even just a place to stay for a while so the critters can leave them alone for once. There mum soon caught up with them and give them a med evil map of the town they were in so they used it to guide the way to a welfare place to stay.

Bagging, on to each other the moon was slowly floating up in heights of the sky. They started to collect logs from the broken down trees, to build shelter. They collected a hand full of logs and wood planks from the floor. They built a cosy place to stay for the night after a struggling to build it for a long while.

They collected a bunch of, berries off bramble bushes and apples from trees to munch on for a while so they did not starve. They fall asleep in there cosy humble-abode and after that what will HAPPEN

Would they EVER reach the end?

What are ……… ?

What are light?

A tiny chick’s delicate feathers and dirty dust drops.


What are heavy?

An African elephant’s business (poo), the earths tear’s and a broken heart.


What are burning?

Doritos (Flaming hot), the sun rising in Spain and lava exploding from a volcano.


What are freezing?

England in Winter and a snowman.

smoke unicorn

A smoke unicorn

A smoke unicorn is like a horse but has a horn on its forehead and powerful wings like bird.   Description

A smoke unicorn is a wonderful creator you will meet there strong and kind they love to save people. Behaviour

You will find that the smoke unicorn lives in volcanoes and lays at the top of volcanoes. Habitat

Smoke unicorns like to eat burned bread and fire balls and potato. diet


Watercorn !!


Types of Watercorns


This unicorn is a horse with a trusty ,swirly horn .Also they can even have wings .Some can be evil or good.


Fun facts


They race between the kelp and the watercorn  can get small to hide .




The watercorn lives in Venus particularly  they sleep in the coral reef .they eat from a shell .They like living under coral .Watercorns put kelp over the door so no fish come in .




Watercorns have the eye of a loving lavender  and there body ,head ,main and tail with a white  outline .They go smaller [Younger] as Venus go’s around the sun .




They like only the water from the deep. They eat a lot of salmon, catfish, shark ad they love shrimp.




Watercorns only are protective with family but can be shy [ only to human world] .When they buck they make a force field [Also rares and shoots water.

Black Beauty

Black Beauty

The Black Beauty are like horses but have a horn that looks like a lightning bolt.

When the Black Beauty walks or trots into the sky it strikes lightning bolts and makes it rain. They live in one massive pack and always stay together. Also they all get equal food as well.


The Black Beauty lives in multiple places such as floods in the River Nile. Holes and burrows that are anywhere on earth, caves and flaming stones. They also live on hot raging flames so the Black Beauty likes living in dark places. So your most likely to find these beasts at any of these areas.


The Black Beauty is bigger than Eiffel Tower. Its hooves are gold and they glow. Its fur is black. The mane and tail has triangular waves its gold and glows. The Black Beauty best thing is its horn because its keeps the creature alive. It’s like a human’s heart kind of.

Diet & Behaviour  

The Black Beauty mostly eats tiny bits of plants  for breakfast, rotten bones  and blood for lunch .Then junk food for tea.

The Unicorn has a weird behaviour its mostly grumpy, sometimes happy. Sleeps a lot, fly’s a lot and eats a lot. It’s basically a human but of course except for fly though.


Crystal Unicorns

Crystal Unicorns                                                                            

A Crystal Unicorn is a horse but it has a sparkling horn, see through main and wings made of crystals.

Crystal Unicorns are majestic creatures. During the summer they love to play hide and seek in the clouds and then in the winter they like to play in the snow.


 The Crystal Unicorns live in caves full of crystals and in tall mountains surrounded by a forest. There are usually villages and streams nearby so they can get food and water easily or if not they go hunting in the forest down the mountain.


Usually, Crystal Unicorns have white main and tail but Crystal Unicorns have been seen with a blue main and tail before. They have white shimmering fur and a white and blue horn with really pointy tops they also have wings made of crystals.  


They drink from crystal clear rivers and they eat white flowers and apples witch have fallen off trees. They don’t eat leafs because they taste horrible but they are allergic to wither flowers and swamp water.


Crystal Unicorns are very sneaky and very wild but they can be very shy at times. They like to travel in pairs and if you are quiet hey mite approach you. They are majestic creatures and like to fly above the trees.

Galactic unicorn

Galactic Unicorn

A galactic unicorn is like a horse. But it can fly and has a spiral horn on the middle of its fore head.

Galactic unicorns are extremely bizarre creatures. Their favourite chocolate is a galaxy bar .They come to earth every so often, normally it comes at 4pm-6am so you’re lucky to see a galactic unicorn.


Galactic unicorns are nearly always flying in the vacuum of space. There’s cool things in the vacuum of space let me show you. There is massive meteor fields which are lived in by weird aliens. The planets are lifeless they weren’t actually lifeless along time ago, the planets had everything you would want like food, water, life and a beautiful habitat. The sun, the sun is the reason their alive, it’s their energy basically so it’s extremely important. There is dozens of broken down spaceships that unicorns need to clean up.


The galactic fur is the most beautiful thing ever it’s very bright and is a beauty to the eye, its eyes are as bright as a star, so if you see someone with glasses on at night you’ll know why. The wings are like rocket wings when they fly little specs of glitter come off it.


 They like to eat Meteors MEET-EE-ORS, they sound delicious right? To be honest they’ll eat anything but their favourite is definitely Saturn’s ring its extremely mouth-watering and it’s like a piece of cake but the thing is your only aloud it….Per day, No no , Per week?! , No no, PER MONTH?! Nope, PER YEAR!? Yea! Lifeless planets I hate eating these because it feels like there is life on them.


Galactic unicorns have to keep space safe so when they see destruction they get ANGRY like really ANGRY they get so angry they probably kill life then they get put in time out, they get really sensitive and cry. When they are in time out they get anxious that destruction is getting caused.



The Evil Unicorn is like a horse with a horn in the middle if its forehead but its EVIL.

They are amazing creatures. During the day you will hardly see them. If you wait near an alleyway past 6:00pm you will see it. Don’t say anything mean to it or you will be in deep fait.It can shoot lasers out of its eyes. It can fly by jumping and saying fly at the same time.


The Evil Unicorn lives in the evil dimension. Its house is made out of human bones. It has a portal inside its house so it can go to the normal world. The house is covered in human skin. The floor is made out of human skin superglued together



It has dark red fur to make it look scary to humans. It has beaming black eye balls to make it look aggressive. The Evil Unicorn has a black and red horn as sharp as a steak knife. It’s got hooves made out of unbreakable bones. Its eyes are made out if unbreakable glass.


The Evil Unicorn eats wither roses to get faster, eats human skin to make it fly higher, eats Haribo to make its head stronger, eats chocolate to teleport further and drinks blood to stop time.


It is not shy. It is just a little bit aggressive. It is kind of kind. It doesn’t like surprises. It isn’t afraid of anything.  



Sheep unicorn

The sheep unicorn is a fluffy horse like creature that has a black horn attached to its forehead as well as a very fluffy body


It eats lush green grass and makes a strange noise like a sheep. It grows a lot of fur for winter. The sheep unicorn is very, very   clumsy!!!


The sheep unicorn lives in an abandoned farm It like jumping in muddy puddles.


The sheep unicorn has very fluffy fur and you will see very muddy from rolling around like a pig


The sheep unicorns likes to eat lush green grass and apples hanging for dear life not to fall on the muddy floor.


The sheep unicorn is always happy and hungry. And when tired then goes to sleep.





Uni unicorn has a body like a horse but it has wings and a horn in the middle of its fore head



IT lives in the milky way and races round Saturn’s ring’s its friend’s lives on Mars and

One lives on mercury




Aliens, humans, galaxy fish, unicorn.









The uni unicorn has fur that is as soft as clouds and  have the cleaned h