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the babaysitting bar

The Babysitting Bar


Do your kids sometimes annoy you?

Do you just want peace from them?

Then drop them of at the Babysitting Bar where they will have an experience of a lifetime we have all the things they could just desire which are:

  • Family sized bedrooms;
  • A brand new jungle gym:
  • A learning area;
  • A very big playground;
  • And a huge playroom full to the brim of toys

You will get 90% off the first day of fun and 70% off the third day.


Chocolate Land

Are you fed up with sharing chocolate with your siblings? Do you crave a land of chocolate?Have you ever dreamed of eating chocolate by yourself?In the Island of chocolate you can have a never-ending amount of chocolate, this will be for one day only.On the next day you will get limited entry to;

The spa

The swimming pool 

 The theme park.

The zoo

Chocolate park 

Candy Shop

Toy shop 


If you stay for more than two days all of this will only cost you £10. You will also get a voucher to come again.For more infomatian go to http://www.chocolateland.co.uk



hot isand

The half snow half hot island


Do you want an adventure of a lifetime?


 In the half snow half hot 75% of our state?and get 50% of the carbon fib buses sled ? 


If so go to www.hot island .com


 .You can ski,swim, surf, and best of all you can eat.


JUmping ******

Well hello there did you need a little excitement in your life of maybe a Jump scare come to the jumping ****** were you can have great terrifying experiences on VR or in real life if you need a scare then we’ll always be there if you need more information on our jumpy ***** fest  then why not visit 


Chocano island

Chocano island

Are your children bored to death?
Have you ever seen a chocolate volcano?
Are you miserable and sad?

If so, come and visit Chocano island.
Chocano island gives all your needs, as well as happiness, excited stay and a warm, cozy cottage.
Jobs are open, the current list is,
-Postman, £5 per hour.
-Cruise staff, £11 per hour.
-Stocker, £7.
-Janitor (for cottages), £12 per hour.

Have the enjoyment for life in the new estates coming to Chocano island in 2026.
New comers get 65% off for the whole month of november.

Pricing at: www.chocano.com/visit

Flora Gardens

Flora Gardens


Do you ever find yourself sitting on the sofa, so bored that you’ve got a headache?

Well looks like you’ve found the right article!

Flora Gardens will be the place for you and your family!

You’ll be up and moving in no time and that headache of boredom will be gone! 

Flora gardens is a little island off the coast of Wales.

We have a luxurious hotel for after your adventurous , crazy day.

We have all types of food from all over the world like:

  •  Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Lasagne
  • Fish and Chip Friday
  • Chicken Nuggets
  • All sort of chips such as 
  • Curly fries
  • French Fries
  • Potato Wedges
  • Sweet potato fries

Curly Sweet potato fries

Other foods are:

  • Steaks 

And Roast

At Flora Gardens we have Welsh ponies as we are at the  islands of Wales.The ponies are such time wasters!

You can hug and ride them whenever you want (as long as it is daytime!) They are perfect for going to explore the island with!There are lots of things to do here at Flora Gardens such as 

  • Ride the ponies
  • Play in the Water Park
  • Go to the seaside
  • A luxurious yacht to take you near the caves
  • 5* Hotel

There is much more to experience here!It is a one in a lifetime opportunity for you and your children! It cost 10 pounds for the whole family!

See our website for more details at : www.floragardensisland.co.uk.

Call us for booking (or use the website) at:

0786 4328 9023

We hope you choose Flora Gardens Island for your vacation of fun and happiness!

See you soon!



Island of shock

Have you ever wanted to have a 5 star holiday? 

If so go to the island of shock! 


The island of shock is based in the Indian ocean it has multiple amusement parks it has trampoline parks it has unlimited food and drinks from water to coke. There is a formula 1 track that the public can race on there is coco hot tubs and swimming pools, melted gummy bears to drink there is a one percent change in hundred million people that you survive the tomato and mayo and gherkin and vinegar all blended together without being sick after if you can survive you can a mercedes formula 1 car around the track and island until you leave There is the world’s best buffay while driving bumper cars. There is only a few waterslides where the floor drops out    
To book tickets for  the amusement parks go to 


Tickets for the plane ride there go to 


And for boat rides go to 


Ice Flyer

Ice flyer 


Do you find yourself slouched down on the sofa all day?

Do you have the world’s most boring day sometimes?

If so then come and explore the Ice flyer. Be amazed by all of the ice attractions there like :

  • The Ice Rink;
  • The icy slide;
  • The ice ball pit

You will be provided by food,drink and can choose and keep the ice skates for free. For a full family day out it is very cheap, less than £9.99 for the whole family! You can also stay up to seven nights in our rooms based on the sea and ice.It is the best attraction for the whole family. Make sure not to bring things that get hot easily because if you do then you will make the ice melt. You can bring your own ice skating shoes or get your own to keep for free! We are also rated five star. We have never got lower than a four star review. All drinks come with a big block of ice at our refill station.

Call us on 0785 3274 2697 or email us at www.iceflyercheltenham.co.uk 



Come to never believe and use the p967 laser to go to shops and have fun at the water park or the other facilities and have fun for years start a plan for a small price of £19.95 and have fun for a mineelia and go  to the very fast fast food wich can be priced at anywhere from £10 to £5000.Have a wonderful time and see all the new animals of the world and have a blast at the Neverbelieve island have fun.Come to the island of the coast of England.Go to the northern coast and sail north and you will get to it or if you can’t find it go to our website www.gengother.com  

Dog Island

                                                        Dog Island 

Are your dogs ever tired of running around?

Have you ever dreamed of being a dog trainer? 

 If so you´ll never believe the fabulous dogs out on dog island. 

Maybe think about coming to dog island and see what you think of it. 

You might want to come and train your dog. Or perhaps you could come and train your dog to be good. 

  • We do 2hrs of dog sitting.
  • 1hr of dog agility training 
  • 3hrs of group classes 
  • Children learn how to handle their dog with agility.
  • Dog H/B 

And lots of other things you might like. 


Dog Island is a sunny and beautiful place to take your dogs for walks and to exercise them and to exercise you. You may like an ice-cream out on Dog Island. On your first day with us you will get a discount of 20% off. 

Contact us at www.dogtrainingisland.com

Phone us at 07719876534