island of shcpl

Have you ever wanted to have a 5 star holiday? 

If so go to the island of shock! 


The island of shock is based in the indian ocean it has multiple amusement parks it has trampoline parks it has unlimited food and drinks from water to coke. There is a formula 1(up to 10 different teams) track that the public can race on and there is coco hot tubs(when you get out you might be covered in chocolate but it depends on how long you are in there) and swimming pools, melted gummy bears to drink there is a one percent change in hundred million people that you survive the tomato and mayo and gherkin and vinegar all blended together without being sick after if you can survive you can a mercedes formula 1 car around the track and island until you leave There is the world’s best buffay while driving bumper cars. There is only a few waterslides where the floor drops out and it goes black outs.Max verstappen and lewis hamilton will be there to meet you. 

To book tickets for  the amusement parks go to 

Tickets for the plane ride there go to 

And for boat rides go to

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