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what is hot  when the sun burs down at you you need somthing to cool you down

what is cold   an ice burg floaghting in the coldist ocen with penguins sliding down as it flowts

what is sad when you drop your ice creame on the floor  and your not a loud a nother one so you cry


what is angry when your angry you want to diserpier you want to come back but you get so mad at your self


what is hot? The sun glittering up high in the blue shiny sky.

what is cold ? A white tasty cold vanilla  ice cream in the winter.

what is sad? when you are  injured very badly or get very sick.

what is happy? when you are playing lots of fun games with your friends or when your having lots of fun!

what is old? a dusty White House full with creeping and crawling spiders and cobwebs.

what is new? a new shiny red  glittery car with clean windows.

The opposites

What is sad ? when u wake up at 8 o ‘clock  and think it is Saturday but it is Monday .

What is happy ? Waking up on Christmas day to see that the biggest present is yours.

What is small? An ant carrying a fresh green leaf on its back.

What is big? An Elephant shoving a big,juicy watermelon into its mouth.

What is fun? Swimming in the glistening ocean?

What is boring? When your get into school in a happy mood but then you get told you have a test.


I have never been in a helicopter but I have been in an aeroplane.

I have never been in a Lamborghini but I have been in a Ford.

I have never been in a lorry but I have been in a tow truck.

I have never been in a speedboat but I have been in a pedalboat.           

I have never been in a B.M.W but I have been in a B-MAX.