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Sizzling Sausages Island by Finlay

Are your kids sitting on the sofa at home doing nothing? Then come to Sizzling Sausages Island. Here your children will be running everywhere and anywhere. Also your tastebuds will light up when you try our homemade sausages you will be astonished.

Here we have endless activity’s including: swimming, board games, movie night, concerts every week and sometimes we even have beach party’s. If you want to travel around the island you will be offered three modes of transport a car, boat or helicopter. There are some very good things about each mode of transport. The cars best thing is that you can drive through the glorious forest and see all the animals. The boats best thing is that you can see all the turtles below you in the clear water. The plane is the best one of all if you look outside of it you can see the towering volcano.

A family of four will be £100 and a £10 for the transport you choose.

Two adults will be £75 including the transport.

£30 per child.

£40 per adult.

£100 per family of four.

£15 for 1 car.

£25 for 1 boat.

£50 for 1 helicopter.

If you would like a holiday here go to our website http://www.SizzlingSausages.com

Pig Park

Are you thirsty for thrill? Why not come on down to pig park. Speed your way through the perilous pig plane roller coaster. Enjoy some family time together at

the pig barn bar and stuff your stomach with the big pig meal. Be astonished by the bacon flume ride and its gift shop. Marvel at the pig castle in the centre of the park. Become a secret agent working for P I G and try to escape the kitchen before time runs out. Test your fear of heights when riding the food supply drop which reaches a whopping three hundred and fifty feet tall. If you want to getaway from the thrill you can book our hotel which has room service twenty four seven twenty dining options and fifteen arcades and play areas. A discount will be available for twenty four hours from now.If you wish to contact us either scan the qr code on the panflet or call 00885622 or check our instagram pig park.



Have you ever thought sitting at home is boring? Well we can sort that out visit are Marvellous Resort and have the time of you life. This incredible holiday will be an adventure alone in the relaxing island of the Mediterranean. We offer a lot of different activities from swimming pools, zoos, water parks, water sports and are very own forests. Enjoy are theme parks, cinemas , bars , breakfast places, pudding lounges and restaurants. Also have endless fun  skeeing around the island . Get here on are very own yacht or ferry or go by airplane and land at are airport. Our docks are at the entrance of the resort where the lodges are. Are fantastic water plane  around the island offers a wonderful complete tour and overview of the island. To travel around are tropical island we offer two different vehicles an electric buggy that you can plug in at your lodge or a electric Porsche.

The all new incredible Movie Park is now open for all to enjoy. Including Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Universal , Pixar and much more. Go on your favourite Tv show rides and have screaming fun. The Movie Park is located at the centre of the island staring all your favourite Movies.Book now and have an amazing time scan our QR code or go to are instergram or twitter or Facebook or visit www. Resort.www.com. We hope to see you soon on your two week trip!

The Dinosaur theme park

The Dinosaur theme park

Are you bored at the weekend, are your kids making you go mad. Well come to dinosaur theme park it gives them the best experience of their lives. There is also the best school in the world it dose five hours of lessons from 9:00 to 14:00/2:00. You have to try there new ride called jaws of death, it is the best and most scariest ride of them all.

On your way there you will receive round the clock access to free wi-fi. There are lots of different ways to get there you can take the T-Rex ferry that is painted with a real T-Rex.

Scandinavian skydiving tour by Sebastian S


Have you thrown all your adrenaline out the window? Well then if so come down to the Scandinavian skydiving tour that is open to anyone. This will be the most thrilling trip ever.

The planes are designed to carry 160kg if you weigh close to that you can not join. Everyone is equipped with 2 parachutes just in case one does not work. Trained parachutists will dive with you and say what time to pull the cord. It is the safest plane in the world.

You will stay in a hotel in Denmark and will be given a free Volvo just for joining.

After the six weeks you will take the Euro tunnel back to Britain. You have to be age 15+. We will finally ask you how confident you are after the time period.

We suggest bringing your own shoes because they are really smelly. The reason for that is we have not got shoes in Scandinavia that can be washed.

If you are ready for action go to are website WWW.NOFEAR.CO.UK to sign up or scan the QR code. If you do not get picked you may still be charged. Pleas ask the bill payers permission. Terms and conditions are on the website. £70 per person. We are credit brokers not lenders but could interest you to a group of lenders.

Amazing Ambitious Island

Are your family slopping at home? Then come visit Amazing Ambitious Island where your kids are guaranteed to have a smile on your face. We have endless activities. Light up your tastebuds with Marvellous pizza from Pete’s Pizza, scream while doing epic bungee jumping and see our fascinating creatures of our island. We even have activities whilst your on your journey.

We have tour guides waiting to give you a wonderful tour around the spectacular place and it’s only 20£ a night. Our most expensive activity is the scuba diving which is only 100£ for a parent and 50£ for a child. We have yummy food like tropical sea bass or our limited edition perfect pizza! Furthermore our shops are packed with magnificent toys like the giant sparkling pop it which kids love using. For the adults however we have a extraordinary cocktail bar that even has a disco inside where you can party for as long as you like.

How to travel to this wonderful place you may ask? Well you just have to go to our website at http://www.amazing.enter.com. 1 night will cost 50£. So what are you waiting for join our Amazing Ambitious Island today!

Playful Pine-cone park by Bella Y6

Are your children nagging you that they want to go out? Are your children always complaining that their bored? If so add this to your fun things to do list.

Playful pine cone park is the perfect place for your children to stop their boredom.Admire the view at the spectacular shelter. Wonder at the tricky trail. Dream  at the wonderful wishing well. This adventure will change your dreams into reality, make marvellous memories and involve your children into a huge amount of amazing things. When you collect 10 pine cones you can win a bucket-load of prizes. Here are just a few things you can win:

-a 50% off anything in the gift shop

-a free hot chocolate cone made from Cadbury

Get more information from our email or QR code which is down below:


Joyful jelly park

Come to Joyful Jelly park.You could do the jelly block trap,you get trapped in a block of jelly and you try and escape only using a spoon.You get a complementary bowl of jelly on your arrival .You can also stay at our 5 star jelly palace.Our most attractive ride is the jelly sledge were you slide down one of our many jelly mountains.You can also meet our jelly jaguar.Under 10s go free.We also do a big jelly tree for Christmas you better get booking now.To book tickets visit http://www.Joyful Jelly park.co.uk.Were also on Instagram @Joyful Jelly park.Call 0712468916 for the Christmas special.

Soothing Spa – Ella Y6 Owls

Soothing spa

Are you ready to take a break from the tiresome life at home? If so you came to the right place. This is the soothing spa where dreams come true and relaxing is done. Exclusive items include:

  • ****** cream to remove any wrinkles from stress,
  • Mud mask to remove any spots that have popped up,
  • Bubble bath to take home for a nice bath at home almost like a transportable Soothing Spa,
  • Our very own rainbow cloud bath bomb to make your bath glow,
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash set
  • And our own chocolates!

Whilst you are in the spa we provide music as well as peace and quiet. There is an out door pool with glowing lights to make our guests wonder with excitement. Before you enter there is an outdoor shower to rinse in before you go in but it’s made of bamboo! Inside the spa there is a hot tub with different settings, a steam room with a twist the steam smells and you can insert different smells (16+ to enter.) There is an exclusive relaxation pod which inside there is: peaceful music, fluffy towels, air freshener, candles, bath and chocolates and sweets. At the gift shop there are plenty of things to buy for birthdays and Christmas, there are even gift cards to give to family and friends. The Soothing Spa is perfect for couples, family and friends! If you would like to book please contact the reception by 0978357290 or email at soothingspa@gmail.com or at soothingspa/028/notascam/082.com

Imaginative isle by Poppy

Are you wondering what to do at the weekend? Or are you tired of you kids just sitting around on their iPads all day? Well, come visit imaginative isle where you can ride our elephants into the sunset and zoom down our water slides into the clear, turquoise ocean.

Our family fun activities are:

~the longest waterslide in Europe

~bonfire parties every Saturday

~all day-everyday elephant rides

~hikes around the island

~all-you-can-eat-food parties

~birdwatching our island bird, the cocoimagine bird

Our waterslide is the most popular attraction of the whole island so therefore we recommend you to find a good spot in the day to come. Waterslides twirl through our resort and there are even slides from every rooms windows in our hotels!

Or maybe hiking is your kind of thing, if so get your boots on and come and walk with us on our tour groups on the mountains!

Also, birdwatching is available on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to spot the islands bird, the cocoimagine bird. It soars around the mountain peaks and lives in the cave of coco.

Come today and see the wonders of imaginative isle!

If you book now, it is 40% off for adults and kids can go for free!