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On the ship of shadows Charlie SWW

On the ship of shadows

On the ship of shadows, serial killers hunt the crew,
as they swing in their hammocks at night.
On the ship of shadows, you can hear sprits of the lost souls.
On the ship of shadows, rotten skeletons hang from the celling.
On the ship of shadows, the captain guides the ship through ruff conditions.
On the ship of shadows, fish nets are swung into the Arctic Ocean.

The Dragomander CH4 by Eloise SWW

Chapter 4

Creeping silently, an eerie shadow flies around the walls of the dragomander’s cave-like home. Suddenly, behind us, the dragomander stops, exactly in front of the exit of the cave! Opal lets out a gasp, but I could see she is unable move; she is terrified. I had thought that she was the brave one of us, but I see she has let her guard down. A screech nearly deafens me, and the dragomander starts to bounce off the walls and circles its egg.

Opal suddenly brings her courage back and raises her arms in to show we mean no harm. Then she speaks:
” My name is Opal, this is Lizzy, and we mean no harm to you or your precious egg. We promise. We would just like to leave. We understand that it was a mistake to come in here, but we really didn’t realise that this was your place. We hope you forgive us.” Slowly, the dragomander moves out of the way for us to escape.

Outside, the moon shines like a spotlight, and the mist clears as a walkway for us to stride home. As we walk, Opal and I talk. ” How on earth are we going to keep the egg safe? If anyone else ventures into the cave, there is a high chance of them being extremely badly hurt, or…” I pause. “Maybe even die.” I whisper.
Opal nods but stays quiet. ” How about a sign? Or a report of… a rockfall! Or a flood from the tide!” she finally says. ” Yes, but won’t people like the police, or maybe people in ambulances to make sure that everything is ok? They could come and check it out for themselves. But maybe a sign is good idea. It could say: ” Danger! Cave with falling rocks. Do not enter! ” I say.

We then go back to the town, and to our surprise, tourists and shops are busy! Chips on the House is buzzing with the owner, Zephlin Sparks, and all of the tourists! Emmie’s Calm Café is certainly anything but calm this morning. And Joes Arcade is already filled with kids! Than I remember. It was the spring! That means visitors, children, and more! I rush to the shop, with Opal, and open up quickly. The room is warm, really warm. I must have left the heater on last night. I get behind the cashier and wait for the customers. Opal begins to stock the shelves. My mind begins to race. The egg! What will happen to the egg? Suddenly, Opal breaks the tension. ” Thanks for letting me help with your business! Who would of thought! Two 12 year old girls working together especially after last night! What will happen to the egg? Lizzy… what do you think will happen!” she says.

Opal wanted to go out to the Calm Cafe while I was having lunch. ” I’m just going out to Emmie’s, I will back soon!” I was all alone in the shop with just a few customers. I nimbly picked up my fork and ate my pasta. I enjoyed watching the children pick out souvenirs, soft toys, and beach supplies. As a little girl payed for a keyring, Opal rushed in, with an old magazine in her hand! I said bye to the girl and looked at the magazine. On the front was the beach. My heart skipped a beat. A beach with shards of black and pink, purple and yellow specks. It was the… But the cover said it was sea glass. A rare type of sea glass.
” Opal it’s not what we think it is. Read.” I say.

That night, we talked over tea. Our adventure was not coming to an end. It was just beginning!

octomander week 4

Chapter 4 I want to go back to my attic room but the octomander has now wrapped us in his tentacles. I look around to se if there is something to help us get free but all I see is an purple egg with blue and gold spots but apart from that there was nothing. but eventually I found something and we were free. As we stroll through the the the town the crack of dawn is breaking wide open, welcoming us to the morning sunlight. Barry’s butcher shop is is putting out signs ready to reopen and to serve any happy customers who come by and the fish and chip palace were opening up there luscious welcoming smell. I take my keys out of my pocket and bugged the door open. The next day, we discover the daily newspaper but we stare at the headline. OCTOMANDER SIGHTING. “If the octomander has been seen then…..” ” the eggs are in danger” Veronica said finishing my sentence “how did you ….” “it’s a gift, anyway what are we going to do” “I….I don’t know” I said. Did you think this was the end. This is only just begun.

Chapter 4 By Bobby

I’m ready to run but the Squirrelmander is in the way of the exit. Sunlight smiles on the surface of the egg. The mander opens is mouth and Cassy and I think its about to eat us alive. We stand- petrified. It was only yawning, ” It was only yawning I was thinking it was going to eat us,” Cassy say then we see our opportunity to get to safety. We run to the exit and get out safely and with the egg.

Progress back to the Fish and Chip shop is going ok but I think Cassy is struggling holding the egg. Its hard to walk along the wet sand. Then it came to my head- is it possible to keep the egg a secret? How will we keep it secret? ” We could get signs to stop them going into the cave,” says Cassy.

I can tell its morning because all the shops are opening up: Clara’s cake shop is putting out their chairs; Arthur’s arcade is setting out the open signs; and Theo’s toy shop is displaying the new toys. Then we get back to the Fish and Chip shop and shove the key into the door. Then we wonder, “Will the egg hatch safely?”

We are listening to the radio when something is announced, “Fun-on-sea has some good news to share with you. 150 years ago was the last sighting of the squirrelmander . The egg of the legendary squirrelmander has been rumored to been found. Remember, when you touch it, it will let you see an old family member for 10 minutes,”

” Our adventure is not over” says Cassy

I repay “And its only just begun,”

Chapter 4 by Bella SWW

Chapter 4 by Bella SWW

My mind, is filled with questions about the egg but I know that I should be scared right now. With Shanti walking towards the creature worries me. Then my attention comes back to the egg still sat there with no clue of what was going on around it. It was a very unusual egg: black white and yellow made multicoloured. Then Shanti speaks. “We are not going to hurt you or you egg, there is no ned to attack us” she says, obviously trying to hide her fear. “we are going now” and with that, we run.

The sun is definitely happy to see us alive on our way for an ice cream, as it is shining brighter than ever in the warm air. The fog has cleared and only small puddles lie on the ground that the children are playing in. Best of all there is now no longer any sign if danger that might be lurking about. On the way Shanti jabbers on about how to protect the egg. “Lets say that the manager should not go into his office and we will make him a new and better one, or we could try and move the egg”. I sigh and reluctantly say yes.

Vienna’s ice cream of the sea was reopening after days of stormy weather and it was now boiling so everyone would be wanting ice creams. She waved at me (her favourite customer). “all right you two?” she calls, “come for an ice cream have you? Well then come over here and help me out and then you can have one for free.” We help her out and then she gives us our favourites: cookies in cream with a flake and every kind of sauce (two scoops).

We get to the beach and sat down on the deck chairs that Vienna had also put out, we sat and chatted. “We have got work to do” Shanti says, “oh yes” I nodded in agreement.

That night we get up to see if there is any research of the penguinmander. “Look!” She calls, and there sat an egg. just like an egg we had seen before. Then the manager comes in, he says to us, “right we have a penguinmander to hunt, wanna help?”. Me and Shanti exchanged looks.

We sit in my Dormitory, we have to do something.

This has only just begun. By Ava SWW

Chapter 4

Although I am terrified I am ready to leave, ready to go back to my room where is warm and safe.. The royal blue egg shimmers as the sun awakens the sand. We are trapped there is no time to admire this beautiful egg! Jack takes a deep breath in and begins to talk soothingly, “Its okay, don’t be frightened we wont hurt your egg,” he explains backing away from the egg. I can see Jack is terrified: he is biting his nails nearly crying! But he wont cry he is disguising it.
Slowly, the sharkamander heavily steps closer to Jack. Its breath blows in his face. Jack turns his head. “We wont do anything to your precious egg, we just want to leave.” Jack backs away to show that he means no harm. It’s working. He is calming the sharkamander. It’s working!
“Okay we are leaving now,” Jack says still trying to keep the sharkamander calm. We walk past together in relief. The sky is clearing and the sea is glistening. We run up the stairs and think.

It’s beginning to get dark. Stars blanket the sky and the moon brightens the town. The sea is deep and shimmering. We are in silence and I know why. Jack is thinking of a plan. We cannot let anyone go onto the beach its to dangerous. It might get very protective and attack. Nobody can take the egg. Jack is full of ideas- make up a rumour that a cliff has fell. Create signs and put up near the beach. Say to the council that the beach is to dangerous. Or say that there is sinking sand! I yawn and agree.

We have been awake all night and now town is starting to wake up. Finn’s Fish Supply is opening. Finn waves at me and pushes the door open and places a fishing rod on a shelf. I wave back trying not to yawn. Miss Molly’s bucket and Spade corner shop is beginning to look bright. Molly smiles as she can now finally open her shop! Dom pulls down the awing at his ice-cream Parlour. Children are playing tag games on the farmers field.
Finally, we are home. As I push the hotel door open, aircon blasts at my face. I rummage in my coat pocket for my room keys, push the into the door and twizzle it around until the door opens. So many thoughts are playing in my head as I take of my coat. Will the egg be safe? Will anyone go onto the beach? Will the egg hatch safely?

I flick on the radio and that’s when we hear it, “Something so fascinating has been discovered today on the 29 March! Grand Atlantis-On-Sea is the place where 20 years ago today the sharkamanders egg was discovered. Now, fishermen are excited by this and are looking for the sharkamander pups. There is a rumour that the sharkamander has been attacking for no reason and this is a sign that there may be a sharkamander egg.” I turn to Jack and bite my lip not knowing what to say. His eyes lock mine and he bellows, “Harley what are we going to do.”

That evening we worry about what could happen to the egg. Our adventure has only just begun.

Spikeheadamander Benjamin SWW

Chapter 4
Despite my brains utter horror, my legs will not answer. So I kneel petrified. The glow of the egg brightened down from the end of the newly dugout tunnel, then I remember why I was in the tunnel and I try to crawl out of the tunnel. I must protect this precious egg from danger. Slowly, I crawl back trying not to look at the teeth filled mouth. I crawl back into the tunnel. the monster follows. I look behind me then I see its tentacles reach forward and it catches me. Luckily, I’m rather small So I slipped out of its slimy tentacles. I crawl as fast out of the tunnel. When I’m out I grab John by the hand and ran away.

Outside, we take long deep breathes. Inside, the Spikeheadamander lies around its egg. The rain has cleared. The full moon appears and stars speckle the beautiful night sky, their light reflects of the crystal water. All is still. we walk along the saturated beach: due to heavy rain. When we got to the harbor I jumped onto my little boat and sailed back to the Museum. Amazed, we go back towards the full sized submarine. John asked Why don’t we make a rock slide and make the local council to put up sight saying stay away from the cliffs.

By the time we got to the town, the streets were waking up, the sun was coming over the horizon. We walked past Seagulls’ bodyboards whilst they were opening their ancient shutters. Slowly, we walk towards Magus’s ice-cream parlor which is sliding back their clear, clean window preparing for a busy day of serving ice-cream.​ Magnus calls, “Your up right as rain, I never see you”
I call back ” Nice to see you. I need to go now,” So we run of down the street. John tugs my sleeve. We got to the Hovercraft museum Mr. McDonald opened his gates and let us in. he let us have a quick tour around the hovercraft he owns. John was surprised how big hovercraft are. After having tour, John and I marched the final stretch to the Royal Navy Submarine Museum. Eventually, we got to my cubby hole and nestled down.

John didn’t comedown into my ***** hole instead he goes towards the showcase of unidentified material found at the bottom of the Solent. He shudders. In front of him was a piece of red glass with spikes coming off of it. He runs into my cubby hole and goes strait into my files looking for S he finds it. A file about a sailor who found a rather large lump of glass. It reads earlier I set of into the Solent to fish. I thought a got a large fish but when it came out of the water I saw it was not a fish. It was a egg. I brought it back to shore. When I got there the egg shattered. I gave a piece to the Royal Navy Submarine museum. After that day every sailor would capture and kill any type of mander they find. He put the file back. Then we froze. Is the egg in danger? What will happen to the future of the egg?

Scared inside out, we stood in silence until John spoke ” Should we keep an eye out for anyone going near the cliffs so we don’t risk anyone finding the egg.”
“It looks like our journey has only just begun.

Chapter 4 by Ollie SWW

I’m ready to get out of here but the only exit is towards the mander the scarlet egg with stripes of black going around it. Suddenly, Anna starts talking, ” It’s ok,” she said trying to keep calm. “What are you doing” I whisper. Then the magma mander’s claws started to scratch the wall, “keep going” I tell Anna realizing my mistake. “We came to protect your egg” Anna explained. Worried, the mander decided to vomits lava in front of us.

The magma mander pauses and tilts its head his eyes staring at us with a cold stare. “We wont harm you,” I say with all my courage. The mander’s claws retreating back and removing the lava. We stroll by and exit.

Luckily tonight was a meteor shower, in the sky as bolides flue past the night sky it was like a shooting
We walk along the beach, as the sun rises from the horizon ;the sea is gentle now. “Hello Barry your up early,” Peter calls. ” Yes umm well you see,” I said cluelessly,
” we’re just going to the shops,” said Anna quickly. “Who are you,” Peter said “This is Anna my new friend” I said and walked away. We clamber up to the window of my attic giggling while we enter. ” That was close,” I say. “Well we need a plan and quick,” She said, I nod in approval.

People of yacht-on-sea I must remined you that 40 years ago the legendary discovery of the magma mander was sighted of his egg this. Could allow people to gain powers like when Shackleton discovered the egg that allowed him to get off of Antarctic and to save his men. He then said no man deserves this much power and smashed it. But a cave has been found with eggs in. “Oh no,” Anna said this isn’t good

This is horrid news. The egg future could not end
well now our work has begun.star. While it reflects of the glittering sea, I sigh finally we are out of the cave. We can’t allow anyone to find this. How can we stop people from invading on the manders land. Maybe we can : stop people invading the cave; move the egg to a safer place; or ( my favorite) we could spread fake rumors that the mander has been spotted on the beach.

Mouseamander Week 5

Chapter 4 I feel the temptation to run away but the back of the wall greets my spine and stubs my heals. I gulp in anxiousness, I notice a large twig-made nest containing two yellow eggs speckled with blue sand splotches; and the shells shining glumly and making a ball like fire in the centre of the cave. I see that Jennifer legs are trembling and her voice screeches quietly disturbing the mouseamander.

The mouseamander stops and leans it large head down, it’s cerulean blue eyes glare at mine holding sight of us both while we continue to creep closer and closer to the entrance, or at least Jennifer does; I stay back also glaring at exit. “We are bot going to harm you or you lovely eggs we come in peace” I say quietly, hold my arms and opening my hands to revealing nothing to be sitting in my palms. The creature squeaks curiously and takes one steps side-ways. I stare at the mouseamander looking at its eyes, twitching and staring peacefully at me. “It’s working the mouseamander is calm and not acting viciously!”

I can see Jennifer making her way towards the exit of the cave I quickly follow and we are nearly out of the cave when the sun beams across the sand even maybe the sun is happy to see us we quickly duck behind the marram grass and peer at the cave, and then leave the beach relieved.

Outside, I take a large deep breath and sigh in relief knowing we are safe for now, and the exciting departure running into the sand and going inside the warmth of the post-office and our journey is long and slow but the fog makes a pathway for us to walk back. Inside, we can hear some muffled scratches and cracking twigs of the mouseamander nestling in its eggs, getting ready for the warm boiling night.

The fog has gone to sleep and the stars reflect onto the ocean and the stars flicker in the onyx black sky. All is still and calm, we walk back across the promenade and talk to each other whispering so no body can hear just encase they are awake. We talk about that no one can find the mouseamander and the cave and her eggs, “Maybe we could report a rock fall, or quicksand sightings, or maybe maybe just we could say that the place is unsafe for travellers and people trying to explore.” I try and take in everything that Jennifer is saying but she is speaking many miles per hour, but I can see that she is determined to save the creature and her eggs.

By the time we are walking through the town, it is wakening, and too is the beautiful sky; the birds are chirping and the the tide goes back out. We soon see ice-cream cafes are quickly tiding their awning and getting ready to collet some money from the locals. Chippy’s chip shop is opening its shutters and opening the windows to let in the lovely day. Claire’s cake shop is setting out the deckchairs and putting up the umbrellas so the customers don’t get sun-burn. And the bucket and spade vendors put out their new collection of gear and Gary (The person who work there) waves to us and say chipperly, “You children okay and bright, woke up early? We smile at each other knowingly and wave back and smile.

I fumble with the keys opening the Post-Office it is cold and quiet and empty, we entre the room darkness surrounds us. As I open the cupboard I think to my self that he eggs need to be protected and kept away from prying eyes wanting the shell worth thousands of pounds just for one person.

I say to Jennifer quickly not trying to forget this wonderful idea I said in a excited voice we could visit the Museum and try and find some interesting facts about the mouseamander and find out if it had ever been seen before we have visited the cave. It was drizzling with rain outside but we both ignored it and headed over the street to get to the Museum and I was drenched when we entered the Museum. We quickly but still quietly sprinted round to the “History” section and Jennifer grabbed hundreds of books and simply read. Hours past.

All day, Jennifer has her nose stuck in thousands of books. Jennifer was none stop, she looked in so many books trying to figure out if any past time had something to reveal. Soon enough Jennifer found a book which shown a Captain Fisherman who set sail and was fishing and, after minutes he caught something it was so heavy, it took so many harsh minutes to try and haul it out but soon enough it came out it was a egg of a mouse devil, it was a mouseamander egg it had a small glow and yellow specks on it, it was just like the other we had just found. Jennifer skipped to the end and found a small note saying that any mander species must be killed without any hesitation. We both gulped and anxiousness rushed through me.

That evening, we talk. Our adventure is not over it has just begun.

Chapter 4 By Axel SWW

Chapter 4
“It’s ok.” Jiffy’s voice softened. Behind us was a rock-solid wall. Jiffy put his hand out to show that he had no intention of causing any damage to the eggs or the Platamander. I had got to the very furthest corner of the cave, away from the creature and its eyes locked on to me. It was looking at me a certain way that I thought was peculiar. The eggs were cracking and shaking, “We mean no harm to you and your precious family,” said Jiffy calmly. We were about to leave but as we tried to get to the entrance, the Platamander stopped us from getting past.

The Platamander’s spines had flattened and its claws retracted, its face was calmer and its teeth were shorter. It had blue eyes glared at us. It was looking at me but it had now locked onto Jiffy, watching his every move. The air had got stuffy and the Platamander’s claws clawed at the air. It was like it was trying to show us something. It let us pass through the entrance. It was like Jiffy had bonded with the Platamander. The ocean had lead through the cave system. We had followed the trial of water as we knew it was leading to the entrance. “How do we keep this a secret?” whispered Jiffy,
“We could say that the cave caved in?” I suggested.

We were walking through the street and cars rushed past our faces. Luke’s Lagoon shop turned the closed sign to open. Money burned out of people’s purses. Outside of the cave, people queued for ice-cream. They grabbed the cones viscously, getting snatched by seagulls.

Finally we reached the van, Jiffy and I reached over to the coffee machine to make a coffee. We both exploded with joy. The story has not even started.