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The time machine giant

 The time machine giant                      

The time machine giant lives in the forests in a time machine home where if he wants to go to different places he can time travel with his house going with him.They  can grow up to 1000 feet tall and can live up to 2,000,000 years old. These giants live in the south of America where they like nice and cool weather.

The blue monster

The blue monster

This blue monsters, not just any old monster, are becoming increasingly rare.


Would you have a clue what they

 looked like?They have humongous

 legs medium sized arms,Fat feet, spiky

 toe nails. However some are Different.

 They quite like to splash in the water to



On the other hand, male giants are unsimilar, they have red mohac spiky hair. They have the sharpest of sharp nails like DAGGERS! For finding their prey.


These creatures are very sensitive with what they eat. Sometimes they end up so skinny because they haven’t eaten for a whole year. Can you imagine that? They live in darkest peru. Where there is only certain foods. These creatures are amazing, it would be an amazing view if you were to see one.


The time giant

The time giant is a very rare only 0.000001 % of the worlds population has seen it.it has a gem in its chest and it is mostly made of rock but most which we know about have lava streams running through out their body but very  little of them are angry giants and most of the ones which are angry are provoked by humans so most are nice and help humans so if you see one don’t hurt it keep it safe and if you see it again and it starts to grumble give it some food but their favourite foods are greens so fruits,vegetables and berries so keep them safe and don’t hurt them.

tree frog

  american tree frog is a grate  it hides in trees so it doesn’t get hurt

It is call a tree frog for a reason which is because it likes to hide in trees

And it is caniflarg so if it is in a light tree then it will turn whatever colour 

the tree is it dose hide in many other things such as  trees,leves, and plants,

It can allso be a pet it will hide if it gets scard and you may not see it so if it is not there that means it is scard and hiding so you will ned lots of stuff to entertain him or put camouflage things in it  so if it dose get scard  he can hid it is not like him to be rude he is just saying he needs to hid or sleep .


The sea giant

The sea giant is a type of giant that has become very rare.

If you saw a sea giant would you be able to recognise it? The answer may be because sometimes it shifts into large predators to scare away sharks and other predators like that. They mainly are the size of a ten foot man. Usually it eats dead sea urchins at the sea bed, if you’re lucky enough it could grant you three wishes. If you do come face to face with one it will only attack you if you stare at it. Sadly, they are really rare due to people hunting them for their skin. At the moment, there are only 9 left in our world so if you come face to face with one count yourself lucky. If you think they are big fat ugly beasts you are wrong they are tall, harmless men like giants so please don’t hurt them.

The bridge giant

                         The bridge giant  


The bridge giant is very rare,rare that only 5 people  have spotted the giant.


Would you recognise a giant hiding under a bridge? They blend in with the bridge which makes them hard to spot.They have broad feet,a grey body and holds a piece of metal in his hand. They are taller than most buildings like a 2 story house,cottage and bungalows!They have been mistaken as a part of the bridge as when someone sees the bridge giant they’ll close their eyes and camoflauge!


                How long have they been around for?


These giants have been around for thousands of years according to scientists, however people have made emails for people to send a message of any questions and where they live ( the types of bridges). If you would like to send an email of any queries or questions then send an email over to Bridgegiant@icloud.com


They don’t live in groups so you’ll never find a group of giants together!You can also call to go to the shop where they have trapped giants behind strong glass walls that have passed away,a bit like a museum !

Phone number: +44 7698 545 698 


Dont forget to send an email or phone call and text to …

+44 7698 545 698 and email Bridgegiant@icloud.com

Attack of the Ice Giant!!!

Attack of the Ice Giant!!!


As we saw this fascinating creature, we thought it was nice but we thought wrong. It stood about 5 metres away from us and we examined it closely. Its hands shine like a diamond. They hide in various different places like mountains, the Arctic and other places. They drink the blood of fresh eaten people and they eat the fresh flesh of people. It can sniff the blood of anything, even itself.


You can tell if it is a female or not because females have an icy blue tint at the end of its icicles.  Furthermore, male ice giants have an extra little icicle that sticks out at the front of their right leg but sometimes it is hard to spot.


Their daily diet is made up of lots of dry leaves, twigs, flesh of deers and humans.For that reason they are omnivores.

super spy glasses

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Flower Cam 3458

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he new version of the Flower Cam 3458 has been fully upgraded to include:

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Perhaps the most essential reason for purchase is its security. You’re probably thinking it is an easy password that thieves can unlock but it is actually a hand recognition. You grab the flower and it lets you take pictures but if you don’t own it you will get a shock which will make you faint.

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The spy phone

The spy phone 


Have you ever been entrapped whilst spying on somebody? Do you need a helping hand and that thing will come with you every time you go on a mission? If so, you need the spy phone. It is 100% made of titanium and when you turn it off it has a vault-lock on the front so you won’t be hacked and you can spawn your own mansion. When you leave the house it goes invisible so no one sees it so you’re safe.


This phone is a new version of the iphone 13 but way, way better   as it is super waterproof down to 1 million miles below surface. This includes:

  • A parachute that steers towards your house or home point
  • A device tracker that senses where people are.
  • It tells you accurate whether when it rains, sunny, cloudy, thunder and lightning
  • An electric shock device when the phone is more than 5 metres away from the Rolex watch