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The cloud giant is like any other giant. Would you recognise one if you see it? Infact, they sure about the size of an aeroplane and are often mistaken as an upcoming storm. Like most giants they have big legs, hands and head.

However, female cloud giants are fat and have white hair but they are not old. For this reason they often hide themselves because they are shy to show themselves to everyone. Amazingly they have sharp teeth to bite their food. Cloud giants like to sing especially female ones and children. During the day time, they sleep and during the night, they are blocking the moon from shining sometimes.
Be careful if you come across a Cloud giant, in case they cause a storm or hurricane.

The Giant Cat(Fact File)by Sophie Year 6

The Giant Cat,being the biggest cat in the world,is really popular for how it kills naughty animals,thorns,nettles and how it lets people ride on it and how it picks up rubbish with its sharp claws.

The Giant Cat is only seen in several types of forests(or avenue’s)at the end of a pathway(depends on which forests have pathways).

It’s sharp claws pick up things and kill annoying animals(it loves crows and blackbirds so not a crow or a blackbird).It’s claws also smack down trees(if it wants to smack them down),it’s claws are unbreakable so it doesn’t need to worry.

Giant cats have different personalities depending on what colour their fur is.
Here’s a list: Black Fur(Energetic), Brown Fur(Playful), White Fur(Neutural), (Light)Orange Fur(Cheeky), (Light)Pink Fur(Nice), Grey Fur(Extra Playful), ???(???)

Rarities(in order): White Fur(Common), (Light)Pink Fur(Uncommon), Brown Fur(Uncommon), Grey Fur(Rare), Black Fur(Ultra Rare), (Light)Orange Fur(Legendary), ???(Mythical)

The Giant Cat is taller than any cat but bigger than any cat in the world! The Giant Cats height is over 6.5 ft and it’s weight is 72 – 287 kg(even though it’s not the heaviest it’s still the tallest) Amazingly,the Giant Cat(depending on what fur colour)can run as fast as a horse or as fast as a cheetah.It’s legs are so strong that it can pounce really high and it’s fur(depending on the colour of the fur)is waterproof.

The Cave Monster

The Cave Giant

Would you like to see the Cave Giant?

Have you ever seen a Cave giant?

Have you ever heard of a Cave giant?

Do you know anything about Cave Giants?

Well I am here to tell you what a Cave giant is

The Cave Giant is a type of giant that is found in cave’s in the mountains. They are 8 foot tall and they eat wood and stones or sometimes meat. The female Cave Giant is 7 foot tall. They live until the age 217 years old only if they don’t do anything risky that will cause them to live a short life. They sleep in the day time and when the sun is down and it’s dark they go hunting for food. And when the sun is starting to rise again they go back to there cave and hide until the morning. They roar when people get too close to them. When they see humans they jump into the nearest bush and hide until the people are gone. They like going hunting for food at night because in the morning if The Cave Monster goes hunting people will see them and they will be exposed. Sometimes if they are found by people in there cave they will sniff them and if they sense danger they will attack the people and if they sense good then they will be friendly to the humans.


The tree giant

The tree giant

The tree giant is a type of giant the has become really rare.

Would you recognise a female tree giant if you saw one?

The tree giant live in the wild it blend in with the tree , bushes and solid . The tree giant is very friendly it only comes out at night . So if you are out at night go visit it. In the morning the tree giant run away scared . So don’t get scared that it going out in the morning because it out at night only.

It like the sound of the bird sing it song in the morning.

Ahmed The Giant

​Would you be able to recognise a male Ahmed Giant if you saw one? In fact, they arent very similar to the large majority of giants. They have short stoutes legs, a bushy beard, big nose, pointed ears, a baldcut, a natural talent to be bad at football and a natural pull for double big mac’s from mcdonalds. ​Some say, If you make friends with this giant, he’ll give
you a ride in his magical taxi and fly you across the globe and take you to his corner shop for an outdated chicken sandwich by 3 years! The Ahmed giant mainly lives in solitary groups, they are very friendly to humans and their diet consists of spicy curry, chicken wraps, sandwich and rice.


The Ahmed giant if you saw one he will take you in his taxi he looks like has glasses has a bushy beard.and if he’s feeling even more nice he’ll give you a chicken sandwich from his corner shop 3 years.he lives in his corner shop.They love pizza

The forest giant

The haribel monster what hides in the woods in the day. And when is night he comes out and when he gets seen he attacks.

At night he eats but when the sun is coming out he goes and hides and know one can not find him.

When he gets seen he will run or he will attack and kill. He is a rear person to find and there is a praise to how ever finds him and reports the find they will get 10,000 pounds.

The king of the sea

The sea giant the king of the sea.

The sea giant’s habitat is in the sea, it eats and see weed and fish.
They also have gills and they are also similar to sharks, accept they have hands

They grab there prey and shove into the sea they normally grab about 5-13 people and shove them in his mouth, by nature they also crunch all the bones and don’t leave a single bone, because the bones give them energy.

They also play with some crabs in the ocean as they are very precious to the sea giants.
Make sure not to disturb them at night time or else you’ll be there evening snack.

They can be tempted by people playing with the sea giants but most of the time if it’s a child then they won’t hurt them if there lucky enough.

The sea giants are gargantuan too there babies are also Humongous!

Some say if you become friends with this creature he will turn you into a sea giant. And the history is from 569BC – 2022.

And that’s all the information about the sea giant.

The water giant

Would you recognise a water giant if it had 4 legs, 2 heads and 8 arms? The main feature of this giant is the fact it is clear and you can see it from a mile away and like most giants they can blend into it’s surroundings. They also like to eat steak,mince meat and human flesh it can devour all of these things and more, it lives in caves sometimes underground and maybe just maybe in a garden house. Everyone is petrified of this giant and no one likes to get anywhere near this giant unless they want to die! But there is one weakness to this giant and it’s rats.

The female of this giant
The female version of this giant can peel skin,it can’t eat steak but it can only eat chicken for meat or if it wants a human being. This female can not come inside of caves it can’t go underground and it can go into garden houses, the reason why it doesn’t go into caves or goes underground because it is claustrophobic. It also doesn’t like the water it needs to drink it but it can’t go into the sea or even in a pool. It is alergic to the chlorine and hates the ocean because it gets scared of sharks, killer whales and fish. It loves roaming around the streets around the town. By nature they are very indistinguishable from trees and bushes. This giant has a weakness which is dogs so if you own a dog you are safe from this giant. The most amazing thing about this giant is it can can jump up to the sky. How can I forget the looks, it looks like the male but has 10 arms, 8 legs,2 heads and a huge body.

The river giant dragon

On a Sunday morning we went to the river suddenly a river dragon we legged it than it started to run after us splashing us with water from his giant face with worm water it was so fun and he is so friendly and nice however they can also be tempted by the famous dragon the fire dragon it’s favourite food is a worm bowl off soups like tomato or chicken soup and a worm cup of tea .

This giant dragon lives in the rivers and the worm sea water it does not hurt anyone if you see him once be kind to him and he will not hurt you at all he is really fun and if you be nice to him he will splash you with his worm water.