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My anger poem

My anger is made from
The darkening glare of a wolf
The earth turning into a multiverse
The edge of a lemon
The bite of a king cobra
The bite of a viper

I found it
Trapped inside a dog cage
Crouched in the sea
Crumpled inside a corner of a dark room
Squashed inside a snakes body
Cramped in a humans stomach

This anger can
Kill a monster
Make Mount Everest disappear in a flash
Kill a rhinoceros
Destroy a t-Rex in seconds
Make a football net explode
Make a rugby net go kaboom

If I lost this anger
Even the Mount Kilimanjaro would cry.

The kindness poem

The kindness poem!

My kindness is made from-
the fluffy feeling of a teddy bear,
the warm greeting of Ronaldo,
the candy floss-like clouds,
the smiling leaves on a oak tree,
and the bright red roses.

I found it-
stuck on the edge of a apple bite,
caged in the sewer,
crouched in dirty water,
lying on the ground,
where the rats run round like a rapid car.

This kindness can-
teach other people to be kind,
bring peace to the world,
prise open hearts made of steel,
break Mount Kilimanjaro in half,
and help flowers bloom.

If I lost this kindness-
Even Ben Nevis would cry.


My kindness poem

The kindness poem

My kindness is made from–
Pieces of colourful candy floss,
Rainbows bursting out of the clouds,
Sun shining down on the Earth,
The world of peace,
The universe all cleaned up.

I found it-
Trapped in a crisp packet on the street,
Lost at the end of the world ,
Caged up in the worlds darkest cave,
Pinned down on the grass,
Cornered at the end of the earth.

My kindness can –
Teach other people to be good,
Help people be kind ,
Help the environment ,
Make the world live in peace.

If lost my kindness –
The world would be lonely and gloomy,
And the we would never be in peace.

The happiness poem

The Happiness poem.

Happiness is made from.

The fingertip of love
And the drip of a love potion
The shining sun
And a sprinkle of fun.

I found it – In a bottle berried in the sand of a beautiful beach in Brazil
On a sunny day.

Happiness can be found in

Love and family

All these things we have to appreciate.

The end.

The Star, The Fire and The Book

The star is

as dark as a chocolate bar

like the coal burning

windmills turning.

The fire is

as bright as sunlight

like the sun burning

or thorns swirling

A Lamborghini is

as superior as god be to us

like Ferrari petrol burning

Not eco-friendly.

A book is

as long as a list

like three restaurants menus

is that impressive?

This poem
is as short as a small book,

like those that are remembered

in and out of their books.

The ship of enchantment by Nila

The ship of  enchantment

By Nila

On the ship of enchantment, there lay a Dead Sea under its deck while the glistening moon shone with its glory.

feathers of doves lay on the wooden deck as the abandoned boat floats to the mysterious nowhere.

The plankton was twinkling as the boat was sailed by an apparition.

The music box was the only sound, the lantern was a tiny, dying sun and the passing crows squawking were only a sign of distress.

Celestial chimes were the ships only friend as if it was an abandoned city.

You could hear muttering and whispering of ghosts singing a ballad for eternity as if they were a choir on a stage.

The sea will glisten, and if you listen, you will hear the ship of enchantment sailing as angles surround it.

It will sail till the crack of dawn, and the break of night when you sing to it too.

They say the ship is lost forever in the ocean, never to be found…

The vessel was once happy, but now it has no one to be with and it is sad…

Its salty tears mixed with the ocean, and that’s why it’s so salty…

And you thought you were lonely!

By Nila