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Question Poem

What is small? A grey mouse sleeping in the palm of my hand and me when no -one hears me.

What is fast?

A black spotted cheetah sprinting after there pray and my heart pounding when I’m exited.

What is hot?

Brown crispy chicken right out of the oven.

what is empty?

your rumbling hungry tummy when it’s dinner time and my heart when I can’t find love.

what is loud?

The electric drum banging from the children  music room my heart breathing when I start a new school.


Question poem.

What are silent?
A sneaky lion as it creeps towards its prey and a enormous colourful as it floats up into the sky.
What is loud?                                                            A deadly thunderstorm waiting to strike and a rumbling volcano about to erupt.
 What is strong?
A bright orange brick, a long metal rod and a friendly bond that will never break.

What is small?
A tiny diamond earring in the palm of my hand and a little brow mouse running around in a box.

What is fast?
A yellow lightning bolt as it falls to the ground, a Cheetah running a race as fast as it can and a colossal wave speeding towards the beach.

What is fragile?
A shard of reflective glass and the beautiful petal of a delicate flower.

Question Poem

What is hot???

Brown crispy chicken right out  the oven🐔🐔🐔

What is small???

A grey mouse sleeping in the palm of my hand and me when no one hears me 🐀🐀🐀

What is fast???

A black spotey cheater sprinting after there pray and my hart pounding when am excited

What is empty???
your rummbulimg hungry tum tum tummy when it’s diner time and my hart when I can’t find❤️❤️❤️

What is loud???

The Electric drums heading for one the kids class room  and my hart so warm




Question poem

What are hot?
Burning sand beneath my toes and a crispy chips fresh from the oven.

What are loud?
A daring thunderstorm coming towards the beautiful,sunny beach and a rocket about to take off into space.

What are frail?
A glittering glass and a fragile icicle hanging from the top of a colossal tree.

What is cold?
The bitter wind blowing across the cold town,a freezing snowball melting in my hand.

What is small?
A grey mouse sleeping on the floor, unheard and unseen.

What is easily lost?
A diamond ring, the back of an earring and a precious friend.

Snowy white dragon.

The snowy white dragon has white scales down it’s back,golden eyes and massive wings.Theses dangerous creatures are usually found in the north of the Artic. Interestingly, the snowy white dragon is faster than the peregrine

  falcon.Many people believe that they are from Africa.However,they are from the north of the Artic.


A  unicorn has been flying around the city  to destroy London, so make shore you lock all doors i repeat lock all doors and windows. A local man saw the unicorn, this means it is still out there! Earlier this evening three baby unicorn hached in the creepy abandon house they throw out the old things  a man was walking he called 999 service pick up the phone and said hello how may i help you i got hurt by a baby unicorn on the lose  THEY WENT TO THE HOSPITLE


we are intrupting this program to worn you that a dragon has escaped the S.W.A.T are telling you to go to the valley the millitery are on stand by.

News report! of Hipogriff

We are interupting this channel to report that there is a Hippogriff, if any local residents see this creature make sure to call us as soon as possible. The first sight of the Hippogriff was on the 7th of July when a little girl called Georgie was sleeping and for her birthday the day after but she heard a flapping noice and told her parents straight after  here is the girl speaking now “It was facinating but weird at the same time!”  thanks for the speach Georgie

A teacher called miss Ellie Conroy  said she saw one too but in Radford Semele Primary school whilst marking her classes homework. Well these things are truly everywhere because another local resident called Caitlin saw it too ta.king her by her shoulders and dropping from a amazing  hight of 100 meters and died and was put in a church to be remembered. Thank you for watching todays 10 o clock news

next up is collin the catipiller




We are interrupting this programme because in New York city there has been a ghost spotted. The ghost is known as slime-muncher or marshmellow man. Call the ghost busters if you sight the ghost as they will trap them in a secret location.