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What is

What is easily lost?
A friendship between two people, the back of a diamond earring and a small white dummy for a baby.

What is delicate?
A white and grey fluffy feather, a human’s beating heart and a shard of sharp, fragile glass.

What is fast?
A huge shark swimming in the briny blue ocean water.

Question Poem

What are strong?

A bond between friends and the metallic ,magnetic steel.

What are hot?
Summer sun at its full glance and a chicken dinner ready on the table.

What are small?

A blackbird’s orange beak and a sweet little babies’s first front tooth.

What is loud?

A drummer drumming a dull drum ,a stranger yell and the bombs from Ukraine firing at Russia.
What is cold?

The glistening ,glamorous icicle shining in the dark sun.

What is delicate?

A glistening glass ,a happy heart and a delicate ,crisp autumn leave.

What is thin?

A young tree’s trunk ,the thin strings of cotton wool and a lovely ,little ladies’ soft ,smooth hair.

What is shiny?

A golden  glistening and glamorous medal won at the Olympics.

What is memorable?

A holiday to a magnificent place such as Niagra Falls.

What is fast?

A falcon diving in the big , blue sea and a cheetah racing to chatch it’s prey.































What is ?

What is heavy?

A London bus going to see Big Ben and the weight of sadness on your shoulders.

What is large ?
A green jungle with monkeys swinging from tree to tree and a big beautiful mansion were a princesses lives.

What is strong ?

A friendship between 2 besties and a swipe of a polar bear’s paw.

What is thin?

a white smooth sharp pease of paper with a beautiful picture and a brown leaf falling to the ground waiting to be picked up.

What is delicate?

A glittering glass, a rapidly beating heart and a fragile autumn leaf.

Maisie and Jessie

Question poem.

What is heavy ?A bright red tractor ploughing a yellow field and earth and water revolving around the sun.

What is small?little child’s bright pink teddy bear and a cute dog playing with a ball .

What is cold?A beautiful glittering icicle shining in the sun and snow flakes falling like a shard of glass.

What is delicate?A giant piece of glass falling from a window and a tiny petals of a flower.


What is?

What is strong?

The hudge muscular Rock Dwain Gonson eating ten paincacs ,three eggs,5 pesis of ham all for his brecfast .

What is smelly?

The strong smell of dog  POO on the bottom of a child’s shoe.

What is heavy?

The tremendous hot planet of Mars and Big Ben standing h the middle of busy London.

What is deadly ?

The sun is a ball of fire it rays are like lasers.

What is poem?

What is heavy?

The tremendous red hot planet of Mars and. Big Ben standing in the middle of busy London.

What is strong?

The strong smell of dog poo on the bottom of a child’s shoe.

What is deadly?

The sun is a ball of fire it’s rays are like lasers




Question poem

What is smooth? The pebbles on the golden Sandy beach.

What are cold? The whistling wind blowing the dust from the ground into our eyes.

What is small? The flea that’s lost in the lion’s mane and a mouse all alone in a field.

What is small? A baby’s first tooth that falls out.

What is empty? Our tummy’s when we don’t eat much food and when there’s no food left in the cold fridge.

Question Poem

What is small? A grey mouse sleeping in the palm of my hand and me when no -one hears me.

What is fast?

A black spotted cheetah sprinting after there pray and my heart pounding when I’m exited.

What is hot?

Brown crispy chicken right out of the oven.

what is empty?

your rumbling hungry tummy when it’s dinner time and my heart when I can’t find love.

what is loud?

The electric drum banging from the children  music room my heart breathing when I start a new school. 


What is

What is hot ? A flame of rage and a scrumptious roast.

What are small? A lightning fast  silver ant and the sound of  a ping pong ball hitting the table.

What are fast ? A majestic Cheetah racing across the savannah.

What are heavy? Deep blue water and a tempting secret.

What is?

What is heavy? A red London bus speeding down Baker Street and our class bouncing on a giant red trampoline.

What is cold? A snowflake dancing through the chilly evening breeze and a bright blue ice lolly Strait from the freezer.

What is thin? A long strand of spaghetti and a staedtler pencil in the middle of a classroom.

What is shiny? A glistening glass full of apple juice and an IPad screen.

What is pretty? A girl with beautiful long hair and the astonishing sea in the Bahamas

What is lonely? A lost dog trying to find his home and a beetle on it’s back with nobody there.