News report! of Hipogriff

We are interupting this channel to report that there is a Hippogriff, if any local residents see this creature make sure to call us as soon as possible. The first sight of the Hippogriff was on the 7th of July when a little girl called Georgie was sleeping and for her birthday the day after but she heard a flapping noice and told her parents straight after  here is the girl speaking now “It was facinating but weird at the same time!”  thanks for the speach Georgie

A teacher called miss Ellie Conroy  said she saw one too but in Radford Semele Primary school whilst marking her classes homework. Well these things are truly everywhere because another local resident called Caitlin saw it too ta.king her by her shoulders and dropping from a amazing  hight of 100 meters and died and was put in a church to be remembered. Thank you for watching todays 10 o clock news

next up is collin the catipiller



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