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I have never…

I Have Never …

I have never been down a water slide as tall as radio city tower

but I have slid down the stairs on a pillow.


I have never ridden an elephant

but I have ridden a Donkey and a Shetland pony.


I have never placed my hand across a stripy tiger

but I have stroked a border terrier and a husky.


I have never ridden on a cloud

but I have  been on an aeroplane to Florida.


I have never leaped over Formby Sea

but I have jumped over a puddle in the forest.


I have never climbed Mount Everest

but I have stumbled up Parbold Hill.


I have never held a hairy tarantula

but I have held a cute, tiny puppy.


I Have Never…

I’ve never …


I’ve never  heard a furious lion growl while chasing it’s prey.

But I’ve  heard my dog moan.


I’ve never seen a Pegasus flap it’s beautiful  wings.

But I’ve seen my friends groan and their shoulders slump.


I’ve never caught a discus in Greece from a cyclops.

But I’ve played fetch with my pugaleir Elsie.


I’ve never  jumped  wildly over  mount Everest.

But I’ve jumped over a pebble at Penmon beach.


I’ve never ridden a dragon breathing red hot fire.

But I’ve ridden my funny dads shoulders.


I’ve never walked along Hadrians wall.

But I’ve visited Conwy castle.

I have never…




I have never tasted a wild zebra

but I have eaten a scrumptious snail in France.


I have never befriended an ugly and hideous goblin

but I’ve become friends with my dog Molly.


I have never gone to the freezing North Pole

but I’ve went to furious France!


I have never jumped over a rapid sea

but I’ve jumped over a puddle.


I’ve never walked 1000 miles

but I’ve biked 50 long miles.


I have never carried the queen’s crown

but I’ve carried my handwriting pen.


I have never been to the London eye

but I’ve gone to Flamingo Land.

I have never.

I have never, swam from china all the way back to London.

But I have, swam to the floor of a 20m pool at park pool at the age of six.

I have never, owned a 17,2 hand bay horse.

But I have, helped out my friend Katy every Saturday morning at 10:00 in the morning with her horses.

I have never, ate an avacado.

But I have, ate a yummy green apple.

I have never, galloped the most expensive horse across a long sandy beach during sunset.

But I have, fell onto a horses neck.

I have never, cantered bareback on a horse.

But I have, cantered on a saddled horse.

I have never, visited a desert.

But I have, visited turkey on a holiday.

I have never, competed at an horse racing competition.

But I have, watched the horse racing competition at point to point.

I have never…

I have never picked a poisonous flower that make your skin turn blue in the rainforest.

But I have picked blackberries at my grandads farm with my gran.

I have never battled a Tasmanian Devil in the countryside.

But I have battled my pet rats when they steal my food of my plate.

I have never had a sleepy sloth on my shoulders while I climbed a huge jungle tree.

But I have had a yucky cricket jump on my shoulder while going on a walk with my gran.

I have never jumped on a huge bouncy mushrooms .

But I have jumped on huge stepping stones in cold water on holiday.

I have never gone on holiday to Italy with my pet hamster and gone scuba diving in the tropical ocean.

But I have gone on holiday with my gran and grandad and gone swimming.

I have never

I have never seen an UFO coming down on the world but
I have seen my bunny eat salad very gently.


I have never seen a monster wedding but

I have been in Poland for my cosine wedding


I haven’t swam over the dark ocean but

I have swung on a giant swing at Robin wood.


I haven’t held a big T-Rex but

I have held a lots of Beatles in my garden.


I haven’t seen an alien trying to capture me but

I go to 3 school Primary,Polish,st Anne’s.




I have never

I never have taken part in the new moon Artemis by NASA,

But I have ran across boulders on the sea side.

I never had ran 20 mph up Mount Everest,

But I have ridden my bike around the block.

I have never sky dived above the atmosphere while eating Dino nuggets,

But I have played tag while in a kayak.

I have never seen the ancient dinosaurs as they look for their prey,

But I have built a 14+ Lego set.

I have never wandered through the wild Amazon rainforest.

But I have seen the royal guards of the English queen Elizabeth.

i have never,i have

I haven’t held a baby tiger but I have held my hamster bobalina

I haven’t tasted a guiepig in Spain but I have tasted a burger from McDonald’

I have to jump off a aeroplane but I have jumped on a bouncy castle

I have never seen a flying dog But I have seen a flying Blackbird

I have captured a chimpanzee but I have caught a beautiful butterfly in the palm of my hand


I have never, I have.

I have never visited the Queen at Buckingham Palace

but I have visited my great grandad in Liverpool.

I have never cuddled a sloth in the Amazon rainforest.

but I have held a baby yellow chick in school.

I have never climbed Kilamanjaro in Africa.

But I have climbed on top of the bike shed.

I have never tasted a lambs heart

but I have tasted Nutella on toast in my kitchen.

I have never seen a rainbow unicorn.

but I have seen my mum’s soft loving smile.