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How to look after a baby unicorn!

How to look after a baby Unicorn By Lexi

Have you just found a baby unicorn? Are you wondering how to look after it? Well here you go!

What you need: a cozy home, a soft blanket, some fresh water, some yummy food and love and kindness.

What to do:

First, make sure you have a comfy, cozy home and some fresh water and moist yummy leaves and flowers.

Next, provide lots of love and kindness and make sure your pet is happy, healthy and loved. Remember to ask your parents if your aloud it if your not make sure it  is safe, happy, and loved in a different family.

After that, exercise your pet daily and remember to have fun as well! Pets need exercise just like us. Do fun but healthy exercises and don’t warn your pet out to much!

Also, don’t forget to give your unicorn a name and have a lot of play time because it will get sad, upset and lonely.

Finally, give your pet a lovely bed time story and calm it down and sooth it before bed. Otherwise it will go crazy. Make sure you groom it but don’t brush to hard.

How to look after a baby goblin

Have you been given a baby goblin here is some key points for beginners on how to look after a baby goblin.ENJOY!

What you need:a soft blanket(white),goblin food,horse shoes,old clothes(ripped),a big room and kindness and love.

What to do:First,set up in a big room a white fluffy blanket with the food and water bowl on either side of the blanket.Make sure food and water is always an option because goblins can get hungry at any time of day or night.

Next,I know what you are thinking why in the world would you need a horse shoe for a goblin!But goblins find plying with a horse shoe really enjoyable!They also enjoy playing with string.Then for bath time(only baths)it likes bubble bath the most.Also, you must dress it is carefully with old and ripped clothes(very smelly).Finally, make sure to clean up its poo or it goes really smelly(really bad).









How to look after a baby yeti

How to look after a baby yeti

Have u ever been made to look after a yeti and don’t know what your doing?if you are then your in luck! Just follow these tips

What you need:Ice cubes,snow,a dark room,pillow

What to do:

First, create a cold icey room for your yeti so that it won’t get hot or burn.

Next, put down a bowl of ice for your yeti to drink/eat never give it human food because it will become poorly.

Then, build a pillow fort  yeti’s love pillow forts as it reminds them of being in the mountains.

Also, yeti’s do not like attention this causes them to scream like a goat and run around like a headless chicken.

After that, yetis love to dance and groove around this gives them trust in you however if u have a bad taste in music  they will attack your face.

Later on, your yeti will need a cool icy name because if u give it a name like poppy it will stare a forever and let’s say you don’t want that.

Finally, put your yeti to sleep in the fridge don’t worry your food is safe they don’t like human food remember.

Good luck with tips! I hope these help.

How to look after a baby dino

How to look after a baby Dino by Daniel .o

Have you  been given a baby dino this is how to look after it.

First,make a home for your dino.

Next, make a bed for your dino with a blanket.

Then,give it food and water otherwise it will starve.

Also,make sure you spend time with your dino because if you don’t it will eat you.

After that,teach your dino to hunt.

Later on,teach your dino to clean itself.

Finally,when it’s old enough let it into the wild(when it’s 6 years old).

How to look after a baby unicorn

How to look after a baby unicorn

Have you just been given a baby unicorn but you have no idea how to take care of it?

What you need:

A house


Grass, leaves and plants (for its diet)

A comfortable bed and blanket

What to do:

First, make a enclosed space so that your baby unicorn can’t break out and get lost.

Next, start creating the bed for your unicorn so he can get comfy.

Then, start making your unicorn feel at home so it doesn’t feel sad and lonely.

Also, make sure you fill up their water bowl every day before it wakes up because baby unicorns get thirsty very easily.

After that, take it outside for 30 minutes per day so it can relax, but make sure there’s no other animals or it’ll run off.

Later on, make sure to play with it so it doesn’t get sad.

Finally, sing a song and play the radio because they love music they might even dance for you.

How to look after a baby unicorn by casey

How to look after a baby unicorn by Casey

Do you have a baby unicorn if you do do you know how to take care of it .

What you need: sugar, water, blankets, cotton candy, brush, cardboard,lead

First, pick a nice name for your baby unicorn.

Next, get cardboard and make it in a bed shape and put blankets over.

Then, get water and sugar and mix together and get cotton candy cotton candy is the food.

Also, don’t let the unicorn have grass it can kill it.

After that, take your unicorn on it daily walk unicorn like the lakes.

Finally put it in bed and let it rest  before going to bed brush it

How to train your baby fire dragon

How to look after your baby fire dragon.By kallum

First, you will need a dragon home or maybe a little hut that has food, water and a fire extinguisher because he/she can be a bit crazy.Make sure you have more than 6 metres in your house of garden because you will need to help him/she to be able to fly.

Then, you will need a fire to give him some energy to fly.If its eyes go red calm him down.

Next, when it is blue take him outside to the park or forest.Finally, you should have a new best friend forever.

Thank you for reading.

Chapter 1

One day in the sunny heat of the African desert. A grey rhino called Hamlet and  his best friend Gertrude the robin thought they could go on an adventure together to find Hamlets ancient ancestors ceros (horn)

They both peaked there bags and Gertrude hoped onto Hamlet and they set off through the desert together. There journey was far but they kept each other company. Most of the time Gertrude was fast asleep on Hamlets back.

They finally arrived in a jungle with plenty of rivers to drink from luckily for Hamlet. There was even some places you couldn’t even walk through there was that many trees , ivy, bushes and leaves you have to push yourself through even random branches sticking out everywhere.


Chapter 3 run!!!

I legged it over rocks and Jumped over bracken so it didn’t choke my feet.
I could hear the goats breath as I tumbled over rocks and scraped my knees they were poring with blood.
The gate that was at the bottom of the hills was so close I jumped over the fence and scrambled up the tree.

While the goat smashed the gate open and started to well try to smash the the tree down but because I’m a sloth I’m extremely good at clinging to a branch so evenchaly  he gave up.

Then there was a huge craaaaaaaack and the branch gave way…

The goat grabed me by my leg but I had a tack tick I ticketed him under his chin.
So he let me go and I ran then around the corner and there was a waterfall with Cristal clear water!!!

Chapter 3

In the blink of an eye, all of the nature to fall and Berry can hear noises like bang , bink and  bump he was never so scared as then. 3 hours later Berry needed to leave the bushes and he sore his friend dear and his name was Max he was DEAD ! A fear seconds later he started running not knowing  we’re he is and he was terrified.


On the way to the mountains he pushed his face into flowers and hie nose wase full of powder . He herd buzzing buzz, cars ,polis cars and a lot of bears he had an amazing plan to talk to the bears but on the other side it might end in a fight…


It wasn’t humans it was a howl full of baby bunnies he didn’t know what to do so he helps them . He got the bunnies out after an 1 hour and he rescued them and returned them to their mother and she gave a map and a bag of carrots and a word to help him rite his enemy’s.