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letter to shark girl

Dear shark girl,



I am writing to you today to persuade you to come back to Sunnyvile to get your education back.my first reason is that your education is getting really bad and you will need to your maths for your future. Your life as shark girl won’t work out as no one really cares about you. and your partner lava boy are getting older by the minute and can’t do as many things as you used to, to build on this concern your education is very bad and you don’t even know how to write a letter.


I would like to point out that, Most sharks are going extinct and that means that your home could go extinct.

On the other hand many people argue that we need superhero’s but you have no purpose in being a superhero because you don’t help save the world. Some people also claim that you have injured quite a few sharks with your fin when you transform into a shark. We all believe that it would be better if you came back home and stayed as a normal human that it would be best.


However, if you stayed as shark girl you could eventually kill quite a lot of sharks because sometimes you don’t know your own strength. You also exercise too much and its bad for your health. That is the reason why you are always tired. Your grades are also dropping drastically. The main reason for this is because all you do in your spare time is swim with the sharks and exercise. You will also need a back-up plan if shark girl fails and to get a new job and that means that you will need your education.


Yours sincerely,

President Willow

dear dipo akinyemi

Dear Dipo Akinyemi


I am writing this message to persuade you to come back home to football.


My first point is for the last few years you were not getting paid enough for 

What you do so we want you to come back to Ayr united because it is much 

Safer I would like to argue that Ayr are losing fans 


I am also concerned that you will not have a power shot if you don’t come now 

You might know how to fight but you don’t know the new referee.


To build on this concern, it is a lot safer to play football than fighting for your 

Life. I would like to point out that lee bullen is angry that Ayr are losing games.

On the other hand we really need you please come back.


Some people claim that you are  a life saver because you donate so much money 

To charity. 


To summarise We need you need to come back ayr are losing fans lee bullen is sad

Without them.


letter to Herobrine

Dear Herobrine,


I am writing to persuade you to quit your tiring life as a superhero and become an amazing supervillain.


My first point is that you can’t stop working as a hero as you need to always be ready to help others but as a villain you only work when you want to and can take as many brakes as you want to.


I would also like to argue that your powerful superpowers are much better suited for being a grate supervillain than for being a superhero.


Furthermore, I am concerned that you are not getting payed nearly as much as you should for saving so many people from deaths grip but as a villain you are payed handsomely for the smallest of deeds so you can live in comfort instead of living in that old apartment that you have rented for so long.


To build on this concern I would like to note that everyone is still scared of you even when you save them and you never get the respect you deserve but when you’re a villain everyone congratulates you for your amazing robbery’s.


I would like to point out that as a hero you never get as much attention as the other hero’s but as a villain your name will be the headline of every newspaper.


Some people claim that you could simply ask the government for more money this would not work as they would just give you a pat on the back and send you out the door.


Although some people suggest all of these solutions, we believe that the only way to get a better pay is to become a powerful supervillain and work alongside the best of the best in the criminal underworld.


However, if the government do somehow catch you they will take your powers from you and give it to a high bidder but if this did happen we would have every criminal bidding for your powers and helping you escape from the hands of the government so you should not be scared of anything to do with being a villain. 


Alternatively, if you are just held in the super prison that sits on shark island we will just have a weak criminal swich spots with you setting you free but some people will say we won’t find someone to swap spots with you.


This is not correct because we would give this person a large sum of money for their help I this operation.


The main reason for this is you will be the best villain in the universe and would likely prop up the crime worlds trade.


We believe this because your superpowers are the best for crime that we have ever seen.


writing to superhero

Dear captain Cae


 I am writing to you today to persuade you to stop fighting crime or join S.H.E.I.D agency.


My first point is you try to help but many people die and our city is crumbling.

I would also like to argue that you are being very reckless and you are not the

Best at controlling your powers. Will either have to sign our contract that you

Have to ask us before you do something drastic or quit altogether. If you don’t

sign this contract and continue fighting crime there will be big consequences. 


On your latest mission it didn’t go according to plan you didn’t think and they got 

away. This is your first time you have ever not caught someone and I’m worried 

your powers are getting too strong for you to handle. You have never Been the same 

since your brother died. We think that your powers could be useful As a DEESCRET FBI 

agent or a spy due to your mind reading, mind control, telekinetic abelites and 

manipulation of technology. 


We think you need a rest and should take a break and think about our offer.

You can keep fighting crime if you sign our contract. A superhero is meant to

Save everybody not just 50-50. The main reason for this is because our city is

Vulnerable. Our city is crumbled and destroyed.


Sincerely S.H.E.I.L agency. 

letter to lava boy

Dear Lava Boy,


I am writing to persuade you to stop using so much Lava to protect the world from climate change.


My first point is that you do not know how to relax and calm down your incredibly strong lava powers. I would also like to argue that your powers are way too strong to control for any hero and that you have trained yourself very well but a little bit too well.


Furthermore, I am concerned that you will injure yourself in your superhero journey ,if you continue.

To build on this concern you and your partner( Shark girl) are getting more useless and useless as the world goes on, you both are getting older by the minute and are almost ready to retire , I would like to point out that some people say you are not really needed in this world anymore .


On the other hand , many people argue that you are an icon but they still say that they do not understand why you are so  dangerous. Some people claim that you have injured their family or them and are not very happy. Although some people suggest , that  we try and find a superhero that has ice powers to take over but I believe that this is not a very good idea .


However, I have tried and have not succeeded . Alternatively, you can stay a hero  just do not use lava as your main power cause it is dangerous and can cause much more climate change which is a huge problem in this present moment  .


This is not correct because you have been trained to use your powers to fight against people and not to control your powers . The main reason for this is because when you were younger there was not a lot of trainers to teach you so you are self-trained hero ,you also started training at a very young age so you did not really understand how to control your powers. 

We believe this because you will become hunted down and get seriously hurt.


To summarise, why not give up your dangerous career and make your world a better place and prevent climate change, protect yourself and others from your dangerous lava powers that you have not learnt how to control.


Yours sincerely, 

President Wright.

dear superhero letter

I  am writing to you the pollution stopper. to give up your superhero life and stop saving people with plants, your step dad takes all the credit and you get none. I would also like to add your failing all your classes and your mum is getting really mad at you! You’ve also been failing French and the thing is you’re your gran and papa are French.


I would like point out your attendance rate for the past year it’s not good. On the other hand, many people argue that your powers are useless. People say they can use your powers better than yourself.


Some people claim that You are trying to help but no one feels safe around you, they all call you a vigilante or a criminal in disguise.


Although some people believe… we suggest however that  you can’t even catch a bad guy with vines your accuracy is terrible. Alternatively, people say your better than the heroes from the comics/movies or that you could be happy and live a normal life.


This is not correct because most people know about your powers even your school bullies and teachers.


The main reason for this is you can be normal and not get bullied by the public and media.


Yours truly sergeant miller.


dear voidster


Dear voidster,


I’m writing to you to persuade you to become a super villain.


My first point is being a hero doesn’t pay well and as a super villain you can work whenever and the heroes are starting to downgrade you and make fun of your abilities and they keep giving you really dangerous jobs that are not suitable for you and were worried you will get gravely injured and when there is no more dangerous jobs they make you clean up the city.


Furthermore I am concerned that you are not making enough friends encase you get injured for someone to look after you. To build this concern we are worried you are burning yourself out too often. We would also like to point out that being a villain is very relaxing and can help destress you after being a hero for 75 years.


On the other hand many people argue that you should stay a hero cause they need you. Some people claim that without you the city would crumble cause you have been helping the police, doctors, firemen and science labs make cures for sicknesses helping burning buildings and help catch villains.


 To build this concern, Although some people suggest that you should stay we believe that you need to give up being a hero and become a villain. However we are aware you are quite lonely and you are quite bored. Alternatively you aren’t making enough money to sustain yourself. We know you really have to take a break of being a hero.


To summarise we don’t want you getting hurt during missions cause you have been taking greater risks and you will make a lot of new friends to talk and work with them and you would make a lot more money.


Yous sincerely Nathan

Letter foe Water Girl

Dear Water Girl,


I am writing to you to persuade you to step down from your role as Water girl.

You are disturbing and destructing the town of Troon.


My first point is that the people of Troon would like a rest from all the screaming

and loud bangs, as well as people getting injured. I would also like to argue that

we are now building a new town hall thanks to your water powers. Did you really

have to build a big ice path along the whole town hall and then melt it? Well you

did and now a lot of people aren’t happy with you. Furthermore, I am concerned

that you need a nice LONG break to sleep as you’ve been up all night and every

night working out how to stop the villain. I also think it would be nice to stop worrying

about Mister ********* as if your hiding he’ll never find you.


To build on this concern, you haven’t been coming to family night. I know you are 

a busy woman but the family just wants to see you. I would also like to point out

that you’re ankle is still broken, but yet you still try to save the day. On the other

hand, many people argue that we need superhero’s more than ever, as there is a

dark hole in the middle of the town that Mister ********* can come out of. Some

people claim that you are the only way for us to survive, but  some other people

claim that if you’re here we’ll all be gone.


Here is what Ellie Spiderbat had to say on the matter, “Water girl is the only way we

can survive we need her.” On the other hand Bob Supercat says “Water girl is ruining 

his town, WE NEED TO STOP HER.” I think maybe you should take a break.


However I miss our superhero days together, but as I’m now the mayor I need to

do what’s right for this town. We are thinking that you can take a nice break for a bit,

but if Mister ********* comes back, you will be allowed  


Yours Sincerely, the Mayor (aka your brother and Fire boy.)

Dear Mr Izuku “Deku” Midoriya,

Dear Mr Izuku “Deku” Midoriya,

I am writing to you today to persuade you to come back to U.A and continue to study here for the next 2 years.


My first point is being a hero is harder now because many have quit because of the impact of the League of Villains.


Furthermore, I am concerned that you have not finished your 3 years at high school so it is illegal to become a hero without a hero’s licence.

To build on this concern you are still only a 1st year so your education has not been perfected.


I would like to point out you are injured and need medical care as soon as possible. On the other hand, many people argue that you are a villain. People say you look like one and are very afraid that you will lure the league to U.A.


Some people claim that you look like a teenager which is true. You cannot be a pro hero just yet.

Although some people suggest that you should be arrested, we believe you deserve a 2nd chance because no one knows what it feels like to be hunted down by All For One,


However, The league is still after you but our brand new U.A barriers will put our school in lockdown and we will be perfectly fine.


Alternatively, if the school is forced to move, there are special gears under the area which can move the school away from there and you will be safe.


However that last part is not true because Shigaraki can easily break the walls but we will not let him.


The main reason for this is because all your friends and family want you to come back so you can live a normal school life again.

We believe this is because they care about you, though this might not convince, you we hope you come back safely.


Sincerely, U.A High School, Japan.

Gordon St Patrick’s Troon

Dear cloudy I am writing to you to give up your risky stunts and tricks so you don’t get hurt as a superhero 

And is that the work you do to make you do more work and so you need to rest and.

Mr clouds always takes all the credit and you don’t ever get credit for helping Aswell and 

Your education is went downhill and if you don’t complete your GCSEs you won’t get a good job and If you

Stop working for Mr cloud you can get a good job. 


And I don’t want you to risk your life doing risky stunts and 

Mr clouds get the fame and you get nothing no fame at all

Some people say that your bad at your job but that’s cos Mr clouds never mentions you in interviews 

Or shows so you get nothing you only get told to do better at your job.


People say that you don’t help Mr clouds and never say good job to him but really do that and

He says I love the fame and brags about the fame to you cloudy and never take any fame

And you’re really good for that job at your age and you don’t really get paid that much you only get 7 pound an hour and its unfair about how Mr cloudy gets paid 18 pound an hour by the government to keep the world safe and you and him do your job very good and you can get that you can get a good job if you quit working for Mr cloudy and then you can go to university and you get an excellent job and that’s what I wanted to argue about.