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The Natural Dragon

Dragon hunters wanted! We, in the city of Lancaster, require urgent aid! It’s too late for Scotforth School and it could be the citizens next unless we acquire a brave hunter! If you want to learn more read on…

The dragons, despite being minuscule, are exceedingly one with nature and they can use it to there despicable advantage. There have been recent events that we believe to have provoked them into attacking us. There is a great reward for anyone managing to drive them out (preferably into the Man City grounds) where they will no longer plague us.

If you do choose to hunt these dragons please contact us at dragonhunters@notmail.bo.uk. The dragons usually feast on elves but have been very hostile towards humans recently (possibly because the elves are far too mischievous for them and seem to enjoy stuffing twigs up their nostrils) and unfortunately there have been many fatalities.

The reward is a bag of eternal pixie dust and a unicorns tail hair strand.

The dragon whisperer

Are you brave enough to be a dragon whisper?Calmer for a dangerous dragon.Can you also protect the town?Is this really a job for you, are you sure?

You will need to:
.calm a beast
.bring equipment
.find the dragon
.be brave

Make sure to sign up now other wise you won’t get the prize!

You will be rewarded:
.the name of the first ever dragon whisper
.You will be payed £35,000 for helping to tame it
.and a trip to the biggest cave EVER!


Dragon from the earth HUNTER NEEDED

Breaking News
This is Saturday night news interrupting your programme for there is a rare and hostile dragon over here in North Whales flying over our town right now!
All citizens of Whales are advised to stay indoors at all times and if you do go outside be very careful until this dragon isn’t flying over us anymore!


Dragon hunters needed
All dragon hunters watching
we need you to either catch,tame or
kill this dangerous creature! You’ll
be rewarded with:£1000000,20 stacks of
golden bars,glory throughout all of North
Whales,2 sacks full of the rare crystal
flowers! Please help!

Provided with
To help you destroy this
magical beast you shall be
provided with:Dragon scale armour
and a dragon scale sword!

WANTED – Dragon Hunter

Do you have the ability to tame the most malicious dragons in the valley.If so keep reading and we will entice you to come be a dragon hunter. Can you creep into a dragons cave and not wake them up.WE NEED YOU ! In return of your hard and dangerous work you will be rewarded.●



●free COVID test

●free hand sanitizers

●free mask

●loads of money and food


●a free castle

If you are up to this call 077789 09274063 and if we don’t answer then come to the foot of dead mountain and leaving a letter saying “dragon hunter” and your phone number.

Wanted dragon hunter

Wanted! Dragon hunter. We need a fit, strong and healthy man or woman to slay the ferocious Mount Everest Dragon. Completion of this difficult feat will include lots of stages:

1. Travel to the top of Mount Everest

2. Survive in the cold

3. Slay the mountain dragon

4. Make your way back safely

As a reward, we will give you all of the following:

£999,999,999, 5 wagons full of gold, a huge castle and a years trip to Australia.

If you are interested, you can meet me in the town hall next to Mount Everest.


The Luna hunter

URGENTLY WANTED!!! A colony of Luna dragons have been discovered to be angered or controlled. A dragon hunter or tamer is desperately needed! There is danger involved so we only take the best of the best. The luna dragon is a VERY dangerous creature once angered (read the article I made last week) and can send foes to sleep and project images in their minds. We will provide the dragon sword and shield and if you manage to slay the dragon or tame it then we will let you keep them , plus the Luna wings and armour. The dragon colony is located in the village of misty air and is destroying it extremely quickly. The Luna dragon is easy to miss as it can camouflage.  Normally it has pale yellow and purple and crystal blue with red eyes. Once the luna dragon attacks, it will turn any liquid into pure poison when angry, and water when calm. Please help us and earn fame and glory or perish trying! sign up today!

The hunter and the dragon.

Residents in a village called Suncaster and seen ruby red wings and diamond blue body and bright yellow tail of the gemstone dragon. The gemstone dragon has been spotted snooping around the town. Stay away from this horrific creature, it will eat you.


Dragon hunter wanted!

Are you the strongest person in town? Because if you are this is the job for you!
We guarantee that if you catch this fire dragon you will receive £100,000 and a car of your choice! If you possess a sword or a bullet proof vest make sure you bring it along. If successful you will be rich and famous good luck! Call now at 04567 43954!



If you are a dragon whisperer or a dragon slayer then come to king Butterpools castle.
You are required to slay or scare the butternut dragon in return of £100,000,000,000 and free breakfast at the kings castle for 70 years. You will be equipped with a iron sword a horse of your choice and a shield. The dragon is 60,000 butters high and looks like a lump of melted margarine. Also the dragon lives in the pit of hell so don’t die and kill the dragon. Oh one last thing no one has scratched it or hurt it, so be the first…