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Breaking News

Breaking News

New species of dragon has been spotted by local MP Tod Turner. He has named it the Formula A Dragon or the FAU for short. He spotted it at the race track near his home. It flashes blue and green so can be seen very easily. This is the fist one of it’s kind. Quills down it’s spines that glint in the sun. It can ran 100 MPH   and is 8 feet tall. The horns on its head could be worth billions but it is not yet known if they are worth that much. Some scientist think form the picture that the horn is made out of uranium. That’s all for now. Join me at 7 PM today for more. 

We Need You Dragon hunters!!!!

Attention dragon hunters,

a Micro Camo dragon has been spotted in London under a  pile of chocolate bars in Mr Weirdos chocolate factory. We need help, a riot of children are currently screaming ‘WE WAN’T CHOCOLTE!’ Please enter at 0801 213 or go to our website https://Dragonfinder.co.uk

But remember these dragons can blend into animals so keep an eye out at zoo’s and animals around you.

Your Reward Guarantee

  • A £1,000,000!
  • A Tesla model X!
  • A 10,000 Amazon gift card!
  • Guarantee life supply of Mr Weirdo’s Chocolate Bars (the best ones!)
  • 10% off your next eBay purchase

Remember call 0801 213 or go to https://Dragonfinder.co.uk

Dragon hunting letter

Are you currently reaching for an available job? Do you have an acquaintance with a strange or unique creature such as; a mysterious monster, dinosaurs or dragons? If so, read on because you can understand the importance of this position and how you can make a change.

To achieve the position of a beast hunter you will need:

  • Explorer shorts, coat and shirt (£15-£35)
  • Gripped boots (£50)
  • Large Backpack (£30)
  • Special nets and weapons (£5-£130)
  • Beginners Guide to beast hunting (£6.85)

Some prices may vary.

If you are willing enough to join this opportunity you will be accompanied by a band of (good) dwarves, who will help you on your journey across the world. If you have any questions visit our web page, WWW.beasthuntofficial.co.uk. Reward will be a pot of gold and £745. Thank you for reading the advert.

The Beast

Do you have the ability to train dragons? Can you calm all the dangerous  and murdering beasts? Does the prospect of whispering into a dragons shell – like ear not scare you? Can your softly spoken words help to get rid of our valley of paper clipping dragon. If you feel that this is the job for you, you will be expected to:

  • Travel our quest;
  • Seek out the vile worm;
  • Tame the beast;
  • Or scare it away;

We will reward you with:

  • A sack of water berries, gathered from a Phoenix’s nest;
  • The promise of a free trip to the Netherlands where you may taste the cool waters of life;
  • Plus the bonus of a full breakfast for the rest of your life.

You are guaranteed the protection of a band of a dozen trusty dwarves. If you are interested in helping our village, please contact us  by leaving a message at the foot of the Printer of silence, marked ‘ Dragon Job’.


Don’t miss out.

Paper Dragon

There are many breeds of dragons and one of the most intriguing is the Paper Dragon. It is a very rare breed because it is known for blending in with other objects.

Would you be able to recognise a Paper Dragon if you saw one? In fact, they are very similar to the large majority of dragons. Like most dragons, they have a long tail, the body of a horse and excellent eyesight. They have a great white, thick texture and they have hair that shines when the printer light comes on. However, some have been spotted with a black tip on there tail. This allows them to blend into piles of paper and to strole around while the printer it on. Furthermore, they have amazing teeth made of diamonds and a tail made of a paper scroll. The main feature of the paper dragon, is its brilliant sense of  when someone is going to change the paper so it jumps on the back of the pile. Amazingly, they scatter flakes of paper as they move along. The paper dragon lives in a printer paper tray and his diet is very slim, all they eat is paper. They drink ink.

The paper dragon has a job just like a human, there job is to keep the ink tray full and the paper tray full.


Popcorn dragons

Popcorn dragons egg look like an over sized peace of popcorn. But the adult dragons look like one bit of popcorn. They smell sweet or even salty. When they hatch their egg heats up and explodes.

You will find them in big movie theatres or corn fields where they feel most at home. Never try to eat one as it will give you a nip on the tongue.

Did you know that the older they get the bigger they are?


Rose scrambled through the back-gate as she felt a breeze it was like a spider crawled down her spine ; Rose had a creepy feeling that someone was following her.

Little did she know that feeling was real. Suddenly ,Rose hid behind the bush and found out that the most wanted prisoner was following her but what would he want with her. She is just a normal girl or was she.

Rose ran home but the prisoner kept on following her so she sprinted to the police-station and burst in; no one was there so she ran around the whole town it was like Rose was living in a nightmare she panicked and panicked everyone was gone she was the only person left she asked herself  “WHY ME?”.

The lost friend

Waves bash against the haunted light house, lightning strikes shreds the boy’s skin peeling like a banana peel. sally screamed ‘NO JOHN’, she hobbled over the struck body.

she knew something was wrong ,she panicked and took a lot of breaths  sally remembered that  there might be some one to help me so she pushed her self up the hill with strength and positivity in that she can make it up and her brother will keep going as well  but then a terrible thing happened as they were half way John passed away here heart shrivelled like a dead flower.

she  knew that she had to carry on, blood curdled in her body as she stepped forward. It felt that  the rain was screaming at her. Bang, lightning struck falling, flying            //DEAD//



Lighting striges twice

wind lashed violently, the wanted man in black scurried franticly towards the haunted mansion. The gates opened on their own and lighting struct and thunder BOOMED…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The wanted man in black hurried into the haunted mansion before the guards saw him he said to the man ”one please” and he gave him fake money. As he was not near the wall a guard saw him and he looked at him and he was a were wolf.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        He ran outside and the cops were there he was arrested and send to prison.                                                                                                                                                                                      

The Visator

Wind lashed the windows. The door bell rang. Jack went to the door. Thunder struck, showing red eyes, a red nose, curly orange hair and pale white skin. Grabbing his coat Jack opened the back door, he jumped over the stream in his garden, and into the woods behind his garden. He ran as fast as he could, tripping over roots. Thunder struck. CRASH another flash of lightning erupted. Jack looked back the monster had gone he ran home trying not to trip on the undergrowth.