Rose scrambled through the back-gate as she felt a breeze it was like a spider crawled down her spine ; Rose had a creepy feeling that someone was following her.

Little did she know that feeling was real. Suddenly ,Rose hid behind the bush and found out that the most wanted prisoner was following her but what would he want with her. She is just a normal girl or was she.

Rose ran home but the prisoner kept on following her so she sprinted to the police-station and burst in; no one was there so she ran around the whole town it was like Rose was living in a nightmare she panicked and panicked everyone was gone she was the only person left she asked herself  “WHY ME?”.

One Response to “WHY ME?”

  1. I like the idea of her saying why me and the words are great! Next time i would not use her name as much,instead use pronouns.Well done!

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