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Running, heart pounding, Elsie ran for her life. She entered a room she had never seen before. It was filled will boxes and crates all painted with some sort  symbol. All of a sudden, she heard a noise that sounded like scraping. She could only make out a small box in the corner of the room. It was rattling and shaking, but she had no time to worry about that she ran to the opposite corner and ducked behind a box. She could her them coming. She thought about what she could do.  


 Then she had an idea, she ran upstairs and there was a small trap door. As she opened it, and an black cat jumped out. She fell back and cut her hand. Then she pulled a little ribbon out of her pocket and wrapped it round. Then she said ” It came in handy after all. ” She jumped in and locked it. Luckily there was a red torch she turned it on. Then the trap door opened ” No I will never go with you, ” she screamed. Then she asked her self is this the end?

Blood Lake forest by Anamar

I am Sofia. I love to explore ,but my mum is really strict.I can’t do anything without my knowing. I hate it wait I used to hate it. But after I went to Blood Lake forest all by my self I don’t mind it anymore.Wait I should probably tell you about it. So I thought I was stealth and tried to sneak out but forgot the fifth step was annoyingly creaky.”Sofia”my mum called . I was sure she would ground me.I was so done for. “Yes mum” I replied stupidly. Now this chat goes on for a while. I’ll just skip a bit. Now let’s skip ten minutes of me persuading my mum to let me out of this boring, old house. Dang it she said no. Now back to the story. I clambered up the stairs, sprinted into my room and slammed the door. Five minutes later I climbed down the drain pipe, out of my window and leaped on to the pavement.

I was on my way to Blood Lake forest when I heard something. It sounded like hisses. I just ignored it. I walked then jogged then walked. Finally I arrived there. I walked through some blossom trees.  I just didn’t get why it was called Blood Lake forest. I found a beautiful spot. It had flowers,blossom trees and a glittering lake. There was a beautiful sun. The sun was shining so brightly I could barely look at it. I tried to look for some unicorns but didn’t find any.

half an hour later I felt tiered. My body was shutting down, my eyes were starting to close and I was drifting off to a totally complete different world. I finally fell asleep. I had an amazing dream of butterflies, rainbows and unicorns. My dream was going amazingly until something interrupted it all. This nasty blood like rotten breath whispered in my ear. My right eye was curious. All of a sudden, my right eye opened. I suddenly let out a loud screech. I opened both my eyes . I could see the flowers has turned into skulls, the sun was black, the blossom trees had turned into shrivelled old trees but the worst part was the lake. It turned into blood infested water. Something let out a hiss. I turned around to see something long, green and scaly behind me. I ran.

I kept running for 5 minutes. I finally decided to take two right turns. I lost whatever it was. I was thinking on how my mum was so over protective to keep me safe. I was so scared.

I had finally arrived home. I climbed up the drain pipe up to my room. I was safe. I had got away from whatever it was. Five years past and I moved out. I haven’t heard the hiss in…. wait what’s that hiss oh no. It’s back. Ahhhhh….

The grades by Sammi

Adam, who was a young boy with dark hair as dark as the midnight sky, angrily opened his houses door. He sat on the living room sofa (trying not to talk to anyone)   he went over what had happened at school, it was unbelievable.He could not believe he got the worst grade in the school of him.


A little bit later his sister (eve) came in she opened the door happily as she had just got the greatest score in the school.She said “hey look who got the best score me.”

The Unknown Figure By Hamza TJS

Amber shed more and more tears by the second. Her tears were equivalent to the rain, at first it was subtle, then it began to pelt heavily. She was sitting beside her local theatre on Turnfurlong Road. Every time she peered into the main room she recollected memories of her parents. But they were gone now, and so was the theatre, ever since the civil war it had been closed. More tears began to trickle down her face and onto the slippery pavement. At this point, she didn’t know the difference between her tears and the rain when they were dropping onto the ground.


She didn’t want to get any wetter from the rain, so she got up and decided to find another place to stay. But as soon as she did so, she instantaneously heard harsh footsteps coming from down the road.Fear stroked her spine and she began to shudder in fright. She was so horror-struck that she was unable to move. The mysterious figure began to reach closer and closer to Amber. Before she knew it, another noise came from behind her, and the mysterious figure had disappeared. But this time, the other ‘unknown individual’ was much closer to her. Amber paused. She felt something on her shoulder, something clinging onto her very tightly. She looked beside her and screamed in terror. The predator had found its prey…

The eye of the eagle

There was a boy called jake he has daunting devastating eyes that glare children that’s why he sits in his friends house all day but one day he was going home through the cobble stone alleyway a old friend had  transformed up on the floor tile he was petrified then something grabbed him from behind him.I wonder what it was?

Bloodway Forest

Stealthily, I crept down the stairs, dodging the fourth step in case it creaked. At the bottom, I came to a halt but all that I heard was silence. In case your wondering, I’m Tia and my adoptive parents won’t let me go to an amazing forest. Anyway back to the story, I looked around frantically, looking for an escape of some sort. Soon enough, I spotted a paper white, modern door and decided to approach it. I slowly opened the door. Outside, it was scattered with trees, bushes and different kinds of wildlife.

A couple minutes later, I found my way to Bloodway Forest. I found an opening which was covered in vines with all sorts of flowers on. I moved the vines out of the way and inside tall trees towered overhead and sunlight filtered through the branches, casting ebony shadows. At one side of the forest, was a glittering stream and a few bees buzzed busily. I sat on a patch of emerald green grass. My mind couldn’t help bring back the memory of when I first saw the dark purple, scaley dragon. Soon enough, my head switched off and I drifted of to sleep, dreaming of crystal towers, witches and wizards and dragons. Which made a little movie in my head.

Later, I woke up with a start. The sun had already set and dusk was rising. The sun has slipped behind the trees, casting charred shadows across the tangled branches. I shivered. I heard the sound of a twig snap in the distance. Someone or something was moving towards me! I squinted my eyes, there was a vague silhouette heading towards me. It was a bloodstained head, blood drooled out of the eyes and mouth. I shrieked as loud as I could.

With my dreams of dragons left behind, I ran as fast as I could. Branches whipped at my face and brambles tore at my feet. My heart thudded as I ran. I was sure I could hear something behind me. I soon came to the end of Bloodway Forest. There was a busy road in front of me, cars zoomed past, making a gust of wind slime my cheek. I looked at the forest, it was completely silent.

I ran home. Shaking all the way there, I never went there again. Until 5 years later, there was a school field trip to Bloodway Forest.

Hangman’s waterfall

Jakob slowly opened the door and slumped onto his chair with his fist on his cheek. “Morning Jakob your just in time for you’re daily fraction sheet.”

“Great”groaned Jakob.Mr Kane droaned on and on and on about fractions and how they are so important . Jacob pretend to listen while recapping what had happed on Sunday and how he had saw it.Jacob wanted to go to hangman’s waterfall after school to see if he can spot it again.

School had Finally finished so Jakob could slip out the gate and go to Hangman’s waterfall . Twenty minutes later and Jakob was at the waterfall . He took a blanket and a small pillow to school to take with him ,along with some haribo’s and a chocolate bar . The view was amazing ,it had black sparkly rocks all over the waterfall and green plants with pretty pink flower on . Jakob waited and waited and waited. What Jakob was waiting for , was the purple tailed lizard he had seen last Sunday  morning .Jakob slowly slowed one eye then the other,soon he was fast asleep . Jakob lay there for twenty minutes when something tickles his leg . He opened one eye then jumped up and fell into the waterfall . There were horrible big monsters crawling all over him. Jakob put his head on a black rock and fell  unconscious . how will he  escape now?!…

At home Jakobs mum was panicking like crazy , she was tapping the floor with her foot. She started to mumble to herself what if?What if he doesn’t return ? What if he is in danger?. Clutching a pain in her left hand she started to click it click click click. As The lightning slithered through the sky pouncing at the clouds, The Thunder Roared ferociously. Jacob dad was tapping at his keyboard ,biting his pen lid and shuffling around on his chair.

It has been two whole hours since the police had found Jacob. He never went there again.that was until now……..

Mr Johnson by Oskar

Mr Johnson’s legs were completely out of fuel. His bones and body were immensely broken. His skin shook as he searched for energy to carry on his way. Just then, somebody walked past him and smiled, he didn’t smile back. All that he gave is a look of his ragged face and white bristles.

The Stranger by Bella

The frost hung like a pigeons white feathers as they dropped to the floor from the trees high above me. Street lights flickered. Echoes of people could be heard, animals screeched and my heart thudded loudly.

From beyond the moon, unexpectedly I saw a strange man moving beneath my window. I heard a noise. Who was this man? The only thing to be seen was his big, black, furry coat. I shivered. I wondered where had this strange bang come from? Why was this man here and where had he come from? It was starting to get confusing. The strange noises echoed in my ear and from that day on, they continued…

The Man by Freya@Emporium

The storm howled in the misty sky. Screaming in the house below, graveyards shook. My heart beat quickened. I shuddered. Who was that?

Far away I noticed a figure coming towards me. Whoever it was they carried a parcel. They shuffled across the path keeping their distance from others not wanting to be seen. An eye flickered, I could not believe my eyes, it was him! The man with the long black coat, who I’d seen yesterday.