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The Star Unicorn

The Stars Unicorn

The star unicorn is a very rare specie which had been seen only by one person, which is called Natalie Harper.

Natalie told us more about the unicorn, she said it had a horn, which had the same colour as the moon, also it has a black tail, black hair and it has a white skin.

Also Natalie says that all over its body it has fragments of stars.

This unicorn can be seen at night and it lives in caves that are in mountains and this unicorn eats insects.

We don’t know yet if this unicorn is dangerous or not.

We recommend that if you see one of these, do not come close to it and call the police. 

For now Natalie has only seen one but we don’t know if there’s more star unicorns.

Where Do Ideas Come From?

You can find them on a muffin,
Or in the fur of a puffin.

The North Sea,
Your Granny’s tea.

An ice cream cone,
The app on your phone.

The back of your car,
Near a cookie jar.

On a crane,
In a plane.

Under your bed,
In your head!

What are/is

What are unheard? A barn owl on the hunt and a fox’s footsteps.
What are heard? The London road at night and a car beeping it’s horn.

What is easily hurt? The heart of an adopted child thinking they can’t be loved.
What is easily unhurt? The heart of a cruel parent knowing they’re doing wrong.

What is popular? A person with lots of friends that can be terrible or kind.
What is unpopular? A person with not many friends but kind, loving friends.

I have never…..but I have….

I have never been to the sun
but I have felt like it when i went to Cyprus.

I have never gone to bed in my clothes
but I have worn my pyjamas to school.

I have never jumped on the surface of the moon
but I have jumped on a trampoline in a trampoline park.

I have never

I have never sailed in a boat on the road

but I have driven in my dad’s car.

I’ve never owned a dog

but I’ve played with a dog .

I’ve never eaten onions

but I have eaten gherkins.

I’ve never been to the moon

but I have been to Orpington.

What I have done

I have never ridden on a sharks back,

but in pony rides I have no lack.

I have never written a very good book,

 but I like reading them in a cosy nook.

I have never leaped from star to star,

but I have jumped at the idea of a chocolate bar.

I have never jumped over Hadrian’s wall,

but I try to grow up to my friends who are tall.

I have never had a drink of poison,

 but I drink water for a reason.

 I have never seen a unicorn,

 but I watch them while eating popcorn.

 I have never been in a prison,

but I peer through bars to see if our cake is risen.

 I have never met an octopus,

but I myself have a very cute puss.

I have never ……..

I’ve never been on a boat

but I have been on a plane.


I have never eaten a spider

but I have eaten chicken.


I have never seen COVID

but I have seen people affected by it.


I have never seen a PS6

but I do have a PS5.



What I have done

I’ve never beaten van Djk

but I have beaten the defend in my football club.

I have not ran the 100 metres

but I have try to beat my friend in running.

I have not eaten sushi

but I have eaten chicken .

I have not made a game but

I have played lots of games


I Have Not But I Have

I have never walked across the whole world,
But I have hiked 15 kilometres in a forest near Sutton.

I have never swum across the Pacific Ocean,
But I have paddled 10 metres across Wavelengths’ swimming pool.

I have never flown on a spaceship to Mars,
But I have read a lot about the planet.

I have never proved that aliens exist,
But I have always thought they do.

I have never seen the Northern Star in the night sky,
But I have gazed at a lot of stars that look alike to it.

I have never invented an engine that can go faster than the speed of light,
But I have assembled a solar powered robot.

I have never hunted a fire dragon,
But I have swatted at a fly in my kitchen.

I have never talked on a television show,
But I have always talked a lot.

I have never made a poem better than Pie Corbett’s,
But I have made pretty good ones!