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Shadow of the Woods

In the small city of Spreak, it was a night of clapping thunder and pouring rain from up above. Andy was camping out in Ecstatic Forest, to the east of Spreak. He was comfortably sitting in his warm tent cooking an appetising soup filled with citrus fruits and berries.  He had also discovered a better way to collect water to drink. He’d construct a bowl or cup out of wood, paper or stone, and collect the rainwater in the bowl or cup. Andy was doing that very activity when he saw something move in the distance. “Nah, probably just a leaf,” Andy’s mind exclaimed., and continued eating his soup  and collecting rain water. He turned around to put the empty soup pot in the tent, but that “thing” he thought was a leaf edged closer. That’s when Andy realised that something was lurking in the distance about one hundred meters or so away.

Andy did a 360° turn again, and the figure got even closer! This wasn’t going to end well- he had to run! Andy sprinted as fast as he could towards Spreak, but unfortunately there was a large stone in the way so he had no choice but to run to Wallson Town which was another nearby town. Andy attempted to find a nearby citizen, but because it was dark everybody was asleep in their comfy beds at home. Andy could clearly see the strange figure now- it had crimson feet with copper toenails,  ruby skin as thick as a book, and three multicoloured eyes that were slowly orbiting around a green nose. It roared with all its might, and woke up the local residents in a flash. Now the monster was charging a a colossal beam that was gradually becoming larger and larger, and Andy braced himself for the dangers he was about to face. The beam was fully charged… “THREE, TWO, ONE, BOOM-“


The Silhouette

One morning James had got up at 8AM like always and he had gone over to the window to see what it was like outside . It was bright and warm like always but he saw something unnerving . A black bulldog at the end of his garden . He recognised it at once as a death omen a warning like the grim reaper knocking at his door . He blinked and it was gone . He was frightened but would not let it stop him living his life .

He got dressed as normal then went down stairs and had breakfast he said “goodbye “ to his mum and stroked his puppy Spark one last time then departed for school . James was weary always keeping an eye out during the school day then after like always he played football in the park with his friends .

When he got home he saw his mum on the sofa watching tv he suspected Spark had just got back from a walk as she wore a thick coat of mud and his mum said “ did you hear the news their is a storm coming “!. James rushed toward the window and saw a great big group of dark clouds coming their way .

3 hours later and after a bath for Spark . James heard Spark barking in the loft while thunder was clapping outside every so often . When James reaches the top of the stairs of the attic he heard Spark  right next to him barking at the window then Bang ! There was a flash of lightning and saw the silhouette of a man a tall man with a knife but it was only sprint second and then Bang! He was gone . A shiver ran down James spine…

The mysterious school

Olivia was nervous because she was changing schools,and she didn’t want to lose her friends.She didn’t have another option.She was angry with her mum,but she knew it wasn’t her fault.That night she didn’t eat anything and her mother entered her room “Why didn’t you eat something honey?”“I um I’m not hungry”said Olivia”“Oh come on honey,eat something”Please mum just leave!”.

The next day was her first day of school.She had made friends,but when she was in her class doing her work the lights went off and everything was silent she couldn’t see nothing when      “Boom                                                                                                                                                                 the lights were on again but there was nothing and no one.It was like no one existed,only her.


EYES By the Epic SFD Student

Eyes all he could see was eyes in the mirrors so he decided not to as it only occurred yesterday after that incident… Joe didn’t know if he was going insane or if he was alright and it was just a nightmare but.. this didn’t feel like a nightmare it feels real, He has to find help or otherwise he might pass it down or worse but he needed to find solutions, he tried medicine, treatment, but no doctor could help him. Then the menacing Shadow arrived “uh oh” he whispered.


Steve ran into his class and apologised for being late while looking at his polished brown shoes and apologised again . Then he fell silent and waited for the head teacher to come .

One minuet later in came a fat man . He had a massive smile and looked as old as the crumbaling school he ran . “Okay let’s get this started shall we “ he said . As Mr Jones talked to the parent almost looking embarrassed he looked down all through out the meeting at his shoes and thought why did I not just give him detention .

By the end Mr Jones had sorted it out by using his power it was good he was good at persuasion and talking to people but he was terrible at discussing his stench then Steve apologised for using his time and scuttled out the room .

Mrs KitKat

Paolo hastily ran into Sir Francis Drake Primary, his curly hair swaying as the wind blowed against him. He could hear Mrs KitKat, the new science teacher, explaining how to coat chocolate over biscuits.

As Paolo slowly opened the old wooden door, it creaked so loud that everybody’s heads turned to face him.”Sorry I’m late Mrs KitKat.” Jordan could see that the teacher wasn’t smiling, nor was she frowning. “Jordan Smith, I would like to know why you are coming in at 12:30, but later. Since I asked everyone to name all the ingredients in kikats and they all said no, I have no choice but to force you to do it. “ Jordan was so shocked by this all the hairs on his head went up. “Uh, okay.” Then he started. From milk to cocoa butter, cocoa mass to whey powder and finally he reached the end three hours later. The sky was pitch black and it was 3:30. “School is over! Make sure to do your homework!” the teacher shouted.

Jordan ambled out the school, crying and moaning.”I’m never coming back to this place again!” He mumbled.


Outside it was tremendous it was blowing it was so annoying I when’t outside for 1 minuit not even  more like 1 second the wind blowed me inside I had to play bord games with my brother we played monopoly,cludo,snap we done an 1000 peace Lego/ Harry Potter puzzl . I whent to still the same but with thunder I felt like crying but I didn’t I whent to sleep . I woke up happy I looked outside it was a miracle…… sike still happing


The mysterious rainbow

A boy called Michael was in his bedroom,seconds later a rainbow appears.So many people have told Michael that in the end of a rainbow there is gold,he have never believed tho.But he decide to go.When he was close to the end of the rainbow he could see the gold…                                 When he was closer and closer he could see goblins protecting the gold.He was thinking that if he gets closer they will attack him so he stay there.Seconds later he sees a spider and                   “Aaaaaaa” Michael yelled. The goblins surround him.Scared,terrified,exhausted he close his eyes.Seconds later he heard some weird noises.He opened his eyes and he sees the goblins giving him the gold…

The cold

Jack is a football coach. He trains under 11 at a park called Birmingham park. To his surprise there was a snow storm a big one it  covered the whole park.Jack was calm but the kids was screaming Jack told them to get under the tree.Jack and all the kids was trapped under the tree.They had no coat or hat.”Help” Help” one of the kids shouted.Jacks phone was in his car but he cant go. Jack is 6ft2 brown hair blue eyes. All the kids was shouting so Jack said stop!They tryed to get some sleep but it was to cold and some kids kept getting frost bites.It was snowing the whole week. No food only water they wonder how they are going to get out or when they are going to get out.

Secret door

In the house Max tried to open the door. “Don’t open that door!”Shouted Alexa.Then in no time Max opened the secret door Then Alexa hid away from the secret door “It was a tiger!Max shouted he ran to the park and “Alexa was still in the house!”Said Max. Alexa tried to finish.After, that she called Max on the phone he asked why? Alexa said “ There is no time to talk about it ask the tiger. “Fine.”said Max.