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The great hall

Henry crept into the great hall. It caught his eye. The old oak cobwebbed table sat lonely. with crowns,diamonds emerald rings. But he didn’t care. It sparkled brightly in the flickering candle light ,it almost seemed to call out the cries of children. A sense of forbidden washed over him. But he didn’t care Its rubies round and red could be worth billions but he didn’t care. He wanted the power. The strength. He was greedy. He reached forward and grabbed the worn leather handle. The blade was without a scratch. As if brand new though he new it was decades old. Henry wiped the blade of its dust and looked at his smirking reflection. But some thing was wrong a dark shadow lurched  over him. And this time he did care.

Urban Christmas..

Garroth walked into a winter wonderland and found a mystery door connected to a tree. Slouching over towards the door he slowly put his hand onto the knob and it blew open. His face filled with SHOCK. There were strange looking women and one man… The women were in Kimono’s and the man was in a suit. These people were not ordinary Japanese people oh no. They were urban legends. One woman 8ft tall, one with a never ending neck and one with no legs and many, many, others. They all had different features, usually when it comes to a Holiday time they’re really friendly. Garroth shouldn’t have gotten frightened because they greeted him in for their Christmas dinner! He felt like he trusted them so he ate it.. Little did he know he didnt meet the cook.. And that very night something strange has happened…


As Phill explored the dark mansion he did’t feel good and he started to freak out.He walked up the cracked and eerie stairs he reched the second floor.There was a person.he was sitting in an old rocking chair Phill siad with fear in his throat “Sir are you ok?” The man didn’t respond “Hello sir are you ok?” repeated Phill as he walked towards the man “He’s dead!!” Phill screamed. Phill didn’t know what to do. He dicided to phone the police and he continued on exploring .He got to the third and last floor Phill got a wiff of smoke he opened a door and THE ROOM WAS ON FIRE Phill dashed down the stars and ran out of the mansion in to his care and never cameback.

The School.

As Hanna was walking in a unusual place, as she was walking she came across this school like a abandoned school. Being curious Hanna decided to go into the school. While in the school exploring she found a tiny room, there was scratching and screaming coming from the room. Hanna was curious and decided to go into the tiny room, she was horrified with what she saw, she seen a little girl sitting in a chair screaming, she was going to let the girl free but she vanished. Hanna swore she would never go there again.





The Octopus

Damon walked around the cruise while the dolphins dived around him.Suddenly the ship started to rock side to side,all the people on the ship screamed in horror. An octopus rose from the sea,his tenticls grasped Damon his face went pale as he fell down into the water.


Sophie screaming,the door opening and shutting,ghosts howling, knifes falling from the sky, one hit her face, and she was about to die, opened her eyes it was a dreams so long unicorns it is all a bad dream


People shiviring between the snowy buildings,

Children making snowmen with the  cloud like snow,

Snow flakes landing on children’s toungs,

Cars drifting in the muddy snow.


The Backrooms

Lenny looked around, there was nothing but the stink of old, moist carpets, the madness of mono-yellow, and the blinding light of fluorescent bulbs at maximum hum-buzz. Over 600 million sq. miles of randomly segmented rooms. God save you if you hear something wandering nearby, because it definitely heard you.

spooky Halloween

All kids having so much treats .

Spooky houses everything of.

Laughing trick or treat.

Orange pumpkins  lit up.

All trees blending in the dark.

Everything goes silent.

Fear the monsters in the dark.

Kids laughing everywhere.

Kids and family going out.