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The flipper

Bob and Eliza slowly made there way outside the ship and noticed the crew trying to fix the wretched ship. Bored, Eliza decided to head back inside and so did Bob. As they clambered in they suddenly caught a glimps of a flipper trying to make its way in! Bob and Eliza, both with there mouths wide open rushed to see what it was. A penguin!'liza shouted at once. Bob helped it get aboard immediately and gave it a scarf and a hat then quickly warmed it up. ‘Its amazing ‘ exlaimed Bob.

My sky ship

Part 3

My heart skipped a beat as more trees plummeted to the ground. I gazed in horror as a gigantic dragon emerged from the shadows. In the corner of the dragons left wing there was a rip. It came towards me and laid down on the ground. I decided to help the dragon.

Later that day, when I had finished tending to the dragons wounds, I decide to go for a walk around the woods, looking for help. Just then, I saw an old well, I looked inside with hope that there was water in there. To my surprise there was. I chucked the bucket down then, hauled up the water.

Further into the woods I went, then I stumbled across an old, deserted house. I opened the door with a creak and inside was some jars of jam to keep me and the dragon going until we found help. I walked back to the dragon, water and food in hand. We had a feast eating all we could until we both fell fast asleep.

The Land

The ship skimmed across the ground with a thud, finally they had come to stop. The door slid open with ease, Smoky stepped out with Rose following behind.They walked across the snow towards light, coming to a stop to read a sign saying Snowman’s Land. Rose ran towards the first light that she could see, the light flickered in the darkness, then there was a snowball flying towards them at top speed, they new they were in trouble.

A night in nowhere

Cecil and Oakley starred around them  a lime lagoon stood one side of them om the other side was a  dense dark Forrest. Night was knocking on the door. No moon no stars just black the yowl of a Piglon  made Oakley wish she had never gone on the Red Kite.

My sky ship

Part 2

I looked around me everything went past in a blur. I reached into my rucksack and pulled out my wishing stones, I wished that I could be floating peacefully through the air. Normally when the wishing stone works it will glow a shade of jade green, but it didn’t it just stayed the same boring colour of dark grey. 

I stood up and sighed, I thought if I’m going to get home I should have a look around. In the distance, the mountains gleamed with snow like icing sugar.  I could see a path way leading into a darkened forest. Slowly, I walked up the path, the light seemed to be disappearing fast. All of  sudden, there was a CRASH and a row of trees starting tumbling down like dominoes.

The star grazer

No they hadn’t, they were still being followed by the beastes. The children looked up and spotted the three, they told the captain and trembled with terror. The whirling wind was still surrounding them and it let out a breeze of wind making everyone shiver. Suddenly, the dragons let out a enormous blast of fire making the air full of smoke. At that moment, the captain lost  control and the ship started to spin leaving everyone dizzy!

The Star Grazer

Rose soared through the wind with the Pegasus giving her directions, at that moment there was a bang, Rose looked through the megascope and saw a red dragon flying beside the Star Grazer, it was the fire dragon… Smoky (the Pegasus) opened the metal door and flew out whilst Rose returned to her seat putting the air ship into float mode, Smoky returned with a cut on his wing. The dragon had gone.

My shy ship

I am getting ready to go on my sky ship adventure, soaring high above the clouds, in the winters breeze. I am walking into my sky ship, about to take off. I am riding in my ship, it is certainly an adventure.

The clouds are thick, grey and gloomy, getting higher and higher, but at that moment there was a CRASH, a bolt of lightning hit the deck with force causing the ship to start cracking and screeching as it started to fall from the sky. The thunder grew louder and lightning struck all around. I looked at the ground, it was only metres away I close my eyes as the ship started to bump along the ground as the wind became a breeze and the lightning became a distant flash.