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The Magical Gallery by Anand

Visit The Magical Gallery


Are you interested in glass statues? Are you ever bored during holidays? If so, why not visit the magical gallery and see if this is better than your holidays. If it is, you have to visit the magical gallery which is better than the beach. Your dreams can come true.


We provide the best quality you’ve ever seen. Your trip to this magical gallery will give you everything you want. This gallery can give you a silver, gold and diamond statue.


You have to visit now. This is the best gallery you will want to stay here for a year. This first day you come here this will be your best day ever.


You will love this because some celebrities love this if celebrities love it you will because celebrities are humans and you are a human.


  • Just at town
  •  Guarantee free
  •  Behind a shop


“What a fantastic trip” said a millionaire


We offer hand made glass ornaments and we offer hand made glass statues and glass food.


Don’t forget: glass golden statues, impossible experiences and life changes.


Guarantee you will get a silver or gold statue any size you want.


Leap to the gallery, don’t forget the gallery.


At the corner leamington spa CV23 4LL 2:30 to 9:30

Wonderfull World by Jessicay4

Are you interested in food? Is your life in need of some fun? Are you tired 

of siblings being annoying? If so visit my wonderful world an have amazing 



Magical miraculous memories await! Yes we offer:


. free rides 

. fancy food

. and a fun time 


People will do anything to come, ‘’ hop to our shop and shop till you drop .‘’

So don’t miss out on the trip. Visit now and have a wonderful time. We can private 

experience of.


. anything you can imagine

. food and drinks yet to be created

. and a fabulous experience


You won’t regret coming here for a second at wonderful world you won’t have

time to. 


What an amazing experience, said Mrs Woolly Sheep.


  1. Prizes for going in the haunted house
  2. It’s one pennie 
  3. You will have great time


. We’re open on weekends and we open at 9.00am and close at 7.00pm


. Find us on M54 on Nacho Street. Woshing, JB5 9AD.


Visit us on our website for more details on the wonderfullworld.co.uk.

Visit The Puppy World

  Visit the puppy world


Do you need some entertaimment to cheer you up?                                                               

If so, come and visit Puppy World now. We provide a magical day. Treat yourself to an amazing day in the dog room. You will never forget this day.


We offer:

  • Free food for chlidren under the age 14
  • Lots of prizes


“I had the best time ever because they have everything you need”said Thor.


We offer:

1)Tasty food 

2)Talking dogs

3)Magical dog food


Don’t miss out on the free trips, the golden table and the spinning rooms Magical memories will be made.


Find us at Weather Road between 08.30am-9.50pm. website

Puppyworld.com .

Visit Farm land

Are you bored at home and you want to have fun?

If so come visit the farm land

We provide five star rated room service in the hotels.


Visit now for chocolate. Treat yourself to magic.


You won’t regret it because there is so much stuff that will make you happy:

1 easy to find our place because it’s in the town centre.

2 It’s free for kids.

3 free entry for adults to


“This is the best trip that you will be on!” said Mrs M.

We offer T-shirts ,sweets for the little ones and toys.

Don’t miss out on: room service for free, mind-blowing experience and prizes that are low.

Kids go free for the teddy bears prices for excitement.

Hop to our shop! Shop till you pop! Awaiting animals above you.


We are open on weekends and Tuesdays  from 2.00am to 9.00pm find us just off the M20 on storley street ,weathering, GH2 9ps.

Visit The Golden Garage

Are you interested in fabulous flying cars? If so, come here and have as much fun as you want.


Bring your dreams and experiences and you’ll have the best time in the world.


We provide a 10 STAR RATING!!!!!! With amazing quality things.


VISIT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To treat yourself to a flying car!!!!!!!!.Your family will be blown out of the water.You won’t regret this.


This is what one of the most famous celebrities said”What a brilliant experience””El primo”


We offer anything your heart desires: Flying cars and fabulous food. DON’T MISS OUT ON OUR DAILY DEALS AND BARGAINS!!!!!!!!!




Don’t miss out on :Hiring a new car:Meet the celebrity and adults go FREE!!!!


You’ll guarantee to get free money and a lifetime guarantee of fun. Outstanding, awesome activities, Hippity Hop Shop To Our Shop


We’re open from Friday to Sunday 6pm to 6pm the following day.

Find us Just off the M17 on Finley Road Whitnash postcode TO7 1HE.  

Visit the Emporium of Excitement by Jane D

Are you worried your kids find you boring? Fed up of trying to impress them? If so, the Emporium of Excitement is the place for you. After one trip to our shop we guarantee you will be coming back every day.


Come and get your brilliant bedazzling brown brew today!


We offer:


1). Free entry for all ages

2). A lifetime supply of tea

3). Tailor made tea just for you because your happiness is our top priority


Visit now to catch up on a lifetime supply of fun.


“ Going to the Emporium of Excitement was the best experience of my life!” said Mr Tim Brown.


Our motto is: Buy some tea, and you’ll go free!


Find us at 4 Oak Street  CV36  9LF.


Our opening times are:

Mon – Thur  09:00 – 20:00

Friday    07:00 – 22:00

Sat – Sun   10:00 – 16:00


Our online shop is: @emporiumofexcitement.com  


Visit the magical museum

Are you interested in a golden statue of anyone you want? Does your life need a change.If so,why shouldn’t you visit the magicalmuseum@.co.uk and also its only one pound per person to enter for the best place in the universe.You’re guaranteed to get your money back if you don’t like it but you probably will like it.


We have:

1 the tallest roller coaster in the world

2 a time machine

3 a gem that sells for 100000 pounds but in our museum it’s only 100.


You won’t regret it because we have a tree taller than the moon that you can climb and we have exited,enchanted eagles flying around non stop.


“ A brilliant place you should definitely visit,” said Mr Leon.


1 you can amazing prizes like a mansion

2 there’s a special play area for your kids.


We are open on all weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7am to 11am.

Find us at sir toby belch drive, pk3 5xc.


Visit The Mythical Mansion by Riana Y4

Are you interested in elves and fairies? If so, why not visit the Mythical Mansion. We provide the best services. If you want something astonishing then come.


Visit now for the best experience of elves and fairies.


     We offer:


  • A fancy car
  • Comics and magazines
  • Fast service, you won’t be waiting long.


Your family will be blown away with the wonders we have. Come to our shop and don’t stop and fly for free fairies.We can provide you the experience of :


  • The secrets of the world
  • The rooms of magical mysteries
  • Real elves and fairies


You won’t regret anything. Our staff will make sure you’re satisfied.


“ This is the most amazing, wonderful place ever!” said Mrs Richard.


  1. Daily prizes
  2. You get £5 every week
  3. Kids under 10 get free toys


Open Monday to Saturday 9am to 7pm.


Sunday 9am to 4pm.


Find us at Cranley Street CV24 6LF.

Visit the magic world by Isla y.4

Have you seen hat-wearing fish? Are you interested? If so, come to the magic world. A trip to the shop will blow your  mind! You will never frown again! 


Visit now with our 2 week offer to see great white shark. Treat yourself to a trip to our world. You won’t regret our new monkey exhibit.


All the positives are:

  • Except for the tickets it’s all free.
  • It’s great that at the ticket store you get your money back.
  • In the centre there are amazing food stands.


“ That was absolutely amazing!” exclaimed David Walliams after his visit.


Don’t miss out on: 

Exhibits with feeding seals, bananas/crazy experiences and forever creative dreams.


FREE Lunch for everyone in the family!!


Exciting and inviting amazing blue sharks.


We are open on Saturdays,Fridays and Sundays, 6:30am to 9:30pm. Find us off the M46 at Bobby street. Postcode, CV33X4QUV.


The change room by Caelen y4

Are you interested in football? If so, come to the change room and have a look around.Come here to find the best football gear you could imagine.


Fantastic football gear awaits. Yes we offer:


  • Full sized goals
  • Football boots of any size
  • Keeper bags


For a day of amazement, Come to our shop and buy whatever you want! Don’t be that one person that quit football. Visit now and treat yourself. Don’t miss out:


  • Massive bargains
  • Magical door
  • Mini football pitch


You wont regret coming to our shop.


“The best place I’ve ever been to” said B.Timmothy


  1. Prizes for kids
  2. Kids get a discount
  3. Lifetime guarantee of amazement


  • We are open from Monday to Friday from 11:00 AM to 09:30 PM.
  • You find us at Human Street, CV3123V
  • Visit our website for more detail @thechangeroom.co.uk and our phone number is 07634439711.