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The Adventure

The dragon took them down to the ground. They were in a forest and a big one too.

John got his mini dagger out slicing the grass while they went. Jack at the far back was itching his hand every nanosecond because he has hayfever. John heard a noise and he shouted “RUN” Jack at the back was now at the front but not for long. He got his long hair stuck on one of the branches John came over and snapped the branch in half while a half bear half minotaur half lion half human ran at us. Jack opened his big jacket and got out his bottles of water to share.

Tony & Crusty’s adventure contd…by Rocco


“Let’s return to the skyship” commanded captain Crusty, realizing that the sun was slowly falling asleep and the pale grey moon appeared in the sky. 

He knew they would have taken about 25 minutes to walk back so they decided to approach immediately.


Eventually, the darkness came all around them, the pale moon became a majestic bright big balloon that lit their way.

Tony and Crusty had just approached their skyship when they heard an unusual sound coming from the engine, the exact same sound they experienced when they landed.


Episode 3 – ‘New Crew Member’ 


Tony, who was the first to panic so much that his heart bounced as loudly as the drumsticks during a rock concert, backed away and hid in the cockpit but Crusty bravely hurried down to the engine area to check from what or who that noise came from and if it could have done any damage.


Crusty’s heart sank, it was a baby dragon! His eyes were as blue as the Pacific Ocean’s water and the skin was as rough as an Hawaiian volcano’s rock. Shockingly, he was trapped in the engine. His little legs were twisted around the chain belt and his wings had inflamed little holes due to the high temperature. The baby dragon was really hurt so Crusty helped him up and carried him to the First Aid cabin of their skyship. He was very concerned about his bruises and he asked Tony to get him some bandages.


Chapter 3

The Dragon landed on the edge of the nest and in a shakey  voice said, “My baby has disappeared while I was out hunting can you help me find her?” Cautiously Lucy shouted up to the dragon, “Of course we will help you.” Alfie and the crew slowly came out of their hiding places. The dragon answered,”Thank you for offering to help you can ride on my back to search.” So they all climbed onto the dragons back. “What does your baby look like?” Lucy shouted to the dragon. The dragon exclaimed, “She looks like me but quite smaller.” After a while some other dragons came and attacked the crew for they had not had anything to eat for about 2 weeks. The dragon they were riding on said “By the way my name is Emily and those other dragons will want to eat you so lets fly into the forest.” Down Emily flew but the other dragons still followed. “I will hold them off you keep searching I will join you when they stop attacking. So Lucy, Alfie and the crew went to find the baby.

Escape the Cyberman

Penny squealed and ran away as soon as she heard the voice. The tall, steel person was emerging from the darkness.  They could now see a body with a metal C on its chest. Sheldon also backed away, but wasn’t as scared as Penny. They saw a gun built on to its hand, the robot shot a long, bright laser and said loudly “I AM A CYBERMAN! YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!”  Penny screamed and they both ran out of the temple. It was very windy, and dust blew off from the building.  They looked back and the wind revealed a giant C, the same as the cyberman’s. Penny was running to the airship, her long black hair thrown back by the vicious wind.

Sheldon was throwing anything he could find at the cyberman but it was no use. Penny jumped onto the airship, and looked through the shelves and found a  book of robots. She looked for cybermen. “Sheldon listen to this!” Penny said through the walk-in talkie. “A cyberman’s biggest weakness is magnets!” Penny read from the book. “Good to know!” Sheldon shouted back, and he hurried to the ship to find a magnet. Sheldon looked in the dusty storage room for magnets, scratching his crazy, ginger hair. He eventually found a magnet, and looked for the cyberman to aim the magnet at the robot. When he couldn’t find it, he walked back into the

Super Skyship part 3

“Hello?” said Bailey shivering.

Bailey whispered to Chris “Is he nice?”

Chris shrugged.

Bailey went in the cave and said “Chris come see this.”

Chris walked in and roared.

In English: We have to get it to safety…

Chapter 2

Lucy and Alfie barely made it on board the ship. After days of flying the captain shouted, “we’re coming into landing!” Lucy looked over the side of the ship. The landscape took her breath away there were dragons and flying horses in the sky. On the land there were unicorns, foxes and owls. The children were so busy looking down that they didn’t realise that they had landed in a dragon’s nest. They only noticed when the captain shouted “Everyone get out and push! We have landed in a dragons nest!” Lucy and Alfie exchanged alarmed glances. Then Alfie exclaimed “Quick Lucy! We need to get out and push, the dragon may come back any moment!” Just then the children heard wing beats, huge loud wing beats. Lucy shouted, “the dragon is coming back, everyone hide!

Steel nightmares

The Airship was falling and falling. Sheldon and Penny had found that the airship was diving towards a big patch of rocky ground. CRACK! Went the airship, it crash landed straight on the sharp, deadly rocks. Sheldon was the first to look around, he saw the remains of what looked like an ancient city. “ Woah look at this!” Said Sheldon. Penny looked around and also saw the destruction, there were cracked houses and burnt down churches.

The building which caught Sheldon and Penny’s eye was the temple, it was the only building which was in tact. It must have been the kings temple because it was covered in gold and jewels, with a giant tower on top. They walked inside, the walls were covered with dark green vines. Sheldon stared at the old rusty armour stands, decorated on the armour were ancient, dusty jewels gleaming a tiny bit in the dim light.  Though Penny frozen, was staring at complete darkness. “What’s wrong Penny?” Said Sheldon calmly. “I think there is something in the darkness. “ whispered a worried Penny. Then they both saw a steel hand emerging from the darkness, and they heard one word from the steel warrior… delete!

by Ben

Episode 2 – The Landing

Suddenly, the Sky ship rapidly descended towards a small remote island. Captain Simon shouted to Tom and Bert asking them if they had touched the control panel. The miniature palm trees got bigger and bigger as Tom, Bert and Captain Simon braced themselves for heavy impact.THUUUUD!

The trio slowly opened their eyes to find… they had crash landed and were precariously balancing across the coconut palm tree tops. Below them was a terrifying 20 feet drop to a bed of fine white sand. Tom fearfully asked Captain Simon, ‘How will we get down?’                                                             ‘Fear not’ replied Captain Simon, ‘I have a rope ladder we can use.’  Tom and Bert helped Captain Simon attach the rope ladder to the outer rim of the Sky ship and bemused they watched it unravel to the ground. Just as Tom was swinging his leg over to climb down, a loud horn sound rang out; in  shock, Tom leapt back in. What on earth was that?


The landing of the Sky ship

After the sky ship crashed to the ground in the middle of the day,Ruby saw a big scary looking dragon as tall as the BFG, The huge dragon came stomping towards her.Ruby didn’t know what to do she was in the middle of nowhere, there was just mountains and dark caves around her. All of a sudden a loud roar came echoing from the mountains and the ground beneath her was shaking. Ruby started to run as fast as she could the dragon wasn’t far behind her. Suddenly Ruby tripped over a rock and before she new it she was in a dark cave she could see nothing but grey clouds not even a glimpse of the bright sun, it was as if she was dreaming but no, this was actually real. Ruby felt sick she was stuck. She felt as if she was being hung upside down!

Super Skyship part 2

“Hold on we’re about to land!!”

Bailey and Chris held on tight.

Chris roared something that Bailey didn’t understand.

Bailey then questioned Chris and said ” Chris why is there food everywhere?”

Chris shrugged,

Bailey asked ” Why are we here?”

Chris roared.

In English: There’s chips for trees and chocolate monkeys who seem not to like bananas.

Bailey exclaimed ” There’s a mountain as small as a cat.”

Bailey said ” I hear something…”