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The Possessed Gorm Village

The Possessed Gorm Village

At the break of dawn, the shivering rabbits wasted no time to leave. They had to stay one step ahead of the Gorm. It was late winter. Like miniature cannonballs, snow fell. Icicles shimmered like priceless gems. The breeze was bitter, which made the rabbits fluffy brown fur feel useless.

As morning ascended, the band of knackered rabbits made out the silhouette of the gates of the abandoned Gorm village. It would take at least all morning, somehow it didn’t show up on the map.

“But why can’t we just avoid it?” mumbled Mackle.

“If we got there’ll be rest and food,” replied Macky in a bossy tone.

“Yippee,” cheered the young rabbit, who was shattered.

By sunset, the starving rabbits made it, seeking a rotten trapdoor embedded beneath the hair-raising walls. Then it spoke in a mysterious tone. Here’s what it said.

“Intruder here. You must enter with the right answer. What hides? Murder? Sneaks partner with death?”

“Dark,” they said, having heard of this riddle. It swung open. They stepped in. They seemed to be in a rotting cellar. The air was filled with the smell of ancient skeletons. Like a building that had been built by a five year old, eroded ornaments were stacked upon each other.  Cobwebs hung from the ceiling clinging on for dear life. Luckily, Macky found a good hiding place beneath a rickety chair that had been stacked precariously. Outside, the wind howled in rage. Inside, the rabbits quivered.

Milliseconds later, a swoosh could be heard then came a clink of iron. The silhouette of a figure emerged. Mackle nearly screamed in horror but he just managed to stop himself. It got bigger. The lights went out and then the door clicked open. There was a scream. Death had caught up to them.

The Gnome Nightmare Tower

Chapter 2

Early that morning, the trio of rabbits spent no time thinking of what they were doing – no time at all. It was the middle of winter. Like bullets raining over your head, snow rained down. The wind whistled wildly. It was freezing, but they had no time to spare. They still had courage and hope to venture on.

As morning advanced, Lily, Luca and Lucia could make out a silhouette in the far distance of the Gnome Nightmare Tower. Unfortunately, they their mystical journey had 3 hours left, judging by the map.

“That tower better not have any of the G-G-G-G-Gorm in it,” stammered Lily (the youngest), who was hopping faster than usual.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure the Gorm won’t be there,” replied Lucia.

“Oooo OK,” answered Lily, who was still hopping faster than usual.

By midnight, the exhausted rabbits had reached The Gnome Nightmare Tower, finding a metal grid with loose screws bent into a rustic, ancient ladder, which had white paint peeling off and a handle bent towards them. They quickly opened the grid and hopped down….Cobwebs lingered in the corner. It was a dungeon! Glass was scattered on the dusty, stone cold floor, windows were caged with bars and the ceiling was covered with wet tissues that had cold water dripping slowly like a clock ticking every minute. Wooden crates hid underneath the bed with broken springs and a stripy cover with what seemed to smell and look like coffee stains on it.

Watching and listening to every word the young rabbits said, a gnome glared at them as they looked around. The gnome was perched on a wooden plank with a brick covered with meal worms. It had missing limbs. Half of its face had rotted and its arm had a worm with red veins poking out of the deep, dark holes.

It was moments later they heard a clang – a door maybe? A shadow was spotted behind the door. The three rabbits quickly jumped under the bed to hide. The shadow moved into the room and stopped.

“Shhh!” hushed Luca. Beating like a drum, their hearts pounded inside. So many questions rushed to their heads. What was this shadow? Was it someone to save them? Their ears bolted up! Staring and watching. What could happen next?

Question Poem

What are heavy? The Titanic sinking into the storm, a flying car from Switzerland and an Irish leprechaun at the end of the rainbow with a pot of gold.

What are light? A peacock’s feather falling in the sunset, a bug crawling in its habitat and a mouse when criticising your house.

What are rough? A rock from the Great Pyramid, a metal pole bent six times and rocky bones from a giant’s body.

What are smooth? A pen lid made in England, a pointy piece of flint from the Stone Age and a beach ball that hasn’t been popped.

Grandad on Halloween

What are rough? The sharp spikes of a porcupine and sand running though you fingers on Blackpool beach.

What are smooth? A coulourfull, bright peacock feather found in Blackpool zoo, a smooth pebble found at Lytham beach and a pillows on a beautiful, freshly made bed.

What are naughty? A screaming baby eating my homework and a pup pulling on its emarld green lead.

What are well behaved? Someone doing their homework like asked and a sausage dog not pulling on its lead.

What are lonely? A cat on the street waiting for grubs, a piece of paper all alone not being used and a page from a book that has been ripped out of the book.

What are cruel? My Grandad on Halloween that dose not give sweets out and a robber at night that steels my money.

I have never

I have never eaten a hammer head shark, but I have eaten salmon on a Wednesday night.

I have never swam on the rusty, red Mars, but I have swam a whole length of a pool in Corfu.

I have never climbed the rusty, red Blackpool tower, but I slid down a cold silver pole at Bamber Bridge Park.

I have never seen a Bull shark fly, but I have seen a dolphin dive into the water.

I have never but I have…

I have never climbed up a rollercoaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but I have lunged up my carpeted stairs at home.

I have never met Robert, Downey, Junior, in his Ironman suit but I have met someone who has dressed up like him at a theme park.

I have never wrestled someone in a ring but I have yelled at someone at Bamber Bridge Park for kicking my ball far away.

I have never…

I have never eaten a silly slimy octopus from the South Seas, but I have eaten a tarantula hidden in the depths.

I have never robbed a perilous platinum vault for the coca-cola recipe, but I have stolen a Twix bar from my kitchen.

I have never seen a cheeky leprechaun with his gold smoking, but I have seen a man buying fake gold from a sketchy shop.

I have never been stung by an African venomous scorpion as angry as a Rhino, but I have been attacked by a Wasp in my bedroom.

I have never seen a perilous phoenix flying over Mount Everest, but I have walked a dog through dog kennel woods.

I have never

I have never eaten a small black hairy tarantula in Thailand, but I have eaten a steak at Pinocchio’s on Friday.


I have never stepped foot on the surface of the Moon, but I have clambered up a rock at Gregson Green park.


I have never seen a slimy alien on Mars, but I have seen revolting moss on a Mountain.


I have never seen a majestic rainbow circling the Earth, but I have seen a string of lights on a downfall  gambling machine.

I have never

I have never been to Wembley Stadium in London, but I have played at Bamber Bridge Park.

I have never see King Kong, but I have seen a gorilla swinging off a ragged rope at Blackpool zoo.

I have never munched on a slimy octopus at a Brazilian beach, but I have eaten a big mac Mc Donalds.

I have never been on the words tallest ride in Japan, but I have been on the Pepsi Max ride in Blackpool.

I have never ridden an old wooden pirate ship, but I have been on a pirate ship ride at Lego Land.

I have never walked moon’s surface, but I have looked at it from my bed room with my black and white telescope.

I have never with Thomas

I have never eaten a very large hairy spider, but I have gobbled a small millipede in a lolly in town at Lancaster.

I have never eaten Sushi, but I have eaten KFC on my bed while watching Netflix.

I have never swam in the Pacific ocean while running/swimming away from the Meg, but I have caught a fish.

I have never met Tommyinit in Minecraft, but I have seen him in a YouTube video.

I have never eaten slimy noodles in China, but I have eaten them at my home.

I have never eaten an octopus at Lidl on a Giraffe, but I have eaten shrimps.

I have never stole a brand new apple watch, but my stepsister has stole a 4-inch plank of wood – it was returned- when she was very young.

I have never ran a marathon, but I have ran in sports day.