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The coral corn is a super rare breed of unicorn which lives within the sea. However, it has many personalities that makes it very unique! One of it’s unique skills are it is the only unicorn that live in the sea. Within lockdown, the coral corn has been threatened millions of times by fisherman who are trying to murder their fish friends. Even though people may threaten them, they surprisingly are still really friendly. In fact they are the most friendly beasts!

Coral corns make their nests in a massive underwater ravine which is disguised by glamorous pieces of coral and all of the fish swimming pass. Only 23 people have been lucky enough to have spotted the creature. Sadly, coral corn’s have been slowly disappearing and many are wondering are they going to be extinct. By the time of reading this maybe the beasts have been extinct. The creatures have been some of the most protected creatures ever, because of their horn, so it would be odd if they were extinct! Tell me what you think. Do you think they have been extinct?

unicorn by m.n

the nature pegasus is the most rare of all

it is as strong as a tiger

and as big as a bull

it lives half on land and half  in the rivers

when hunters come his skin turners to a stick like body




where do you get ideas

Delve into a deep muddy bog

or in a crack of a fallen log


Gather them from under a stone

find them in a message on a phone.


Search among the trees with a dog

or even on your morning jog.





The Dragon makes toast.

The dragons teeth where black like space, “Why?” I asked myself.

Its breath was stinky like a bonfire thats been burning for years. “Why? “I asked myself.

Smoke filled the air and i found it hard to see like fog on a rainy day. “why?” I asked myself.

Why! because the dragon burnt my toast.

what are?

what are strong? an ogre

what are week? a snail going to the other side of a field .


what are dangers? a lion after being attracted.

what are kind? a robin and and a dog.

Should Shadow shifters be hunted.

There has been much discussion whether or not to hunt shadow shifters and keep them away from humans.

Some people believe that they should be hunted because they can shapeshift and sneak into people’s houses and steal their valuables. Furthermore, they can transform into a small objects, animals and sneak into vaults.

On the other hand, the vast majority think  that they shouldn’t be hunted due to the friendly creatures they usually are and the fact that they don’t normally steal, rob houses and banks. Also, they are a great help to the town by being able to get to places others can not.

Having listened to the evidence/arguments we believe they should be hunted because they are a great threat to humans and their belongings and if we banned these  creatures from the town, people wouldn’t have to worry at night that their belongings have been stolen.

Should dragons be hunted

Dragons should be hunted because they can burn the city down and could kill people and step on them, they can even break houses, towers mostly the hole city could be destroyed by dragons and people will be scared of the dragons and the mischieves dragons living in the sky but we cant see them on the mis of clouds also they can pounce from the sky and take animals from farms.