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The Secret Room

Pedro gazed into his mother’s room cautiously.  He saw three lit candles on top of a small coffee table. He  smelt the sweet scent of burning candles. He could hear the crackling of flames. On top of an antique cabinet he saw a large, wooden box covered in cobwebs. He could hear a mysterious squealing coming from the box. He carefully crept towards it….

The crashed car

Peter peered into the crashed blue car; no one was in it. On the right was Blake`s forest, on the left there was the recent blue car.  Black smoke came from the front. Inside the blue car there were old newspapers and junk in the back. There were guns, poison, saws, chainsaws and a knife. Straightaway, Peter knew who the blue car belonged to.   Le Oxe, the killer. He heard leaves crunching behind him –  it was Le Oxe.


Cassidy peered into her sister’s cupboard. Beneath her feet was sand. A wave of heat came out and blew across her face. Beside her, was a beach  blanket.  She ran outside of  the cupboard, it was slightly off the wall but she could not see a beach .  How did my sister do it?

The Abandoned Room .

Jeff stared gobsmacked into his brothers room. Green,slimy substances puddled everywhere and bright blue lights twinkled like stars. There were gaping holes in the floor, which was  made of weak, crumbling wood. With a blinding flash of purple there was silence! In the damp ,dark corner Jeff spotted a portal.  It was dark red and dripping blood …

The ring

Alayna peered into her sister’s room. Beside her was a set of drawers . On top of them was a diary that she’d never seen before. She decided to open it. Inside there was a ring that glowed in the dark; she placed the ring on her little finger. To her right, was a wardrobe, she went inside and saw a door. She opened the door and there was a tunnel leading somewhere. Where could it go?…

His brother’s room

Timmy looked into his brother’s room. On the wall there were candles casting mysterious shadows. There seemed to be surprises everywhere he looked. Underneath his toes was a woolly carpet, woolly like a sheep’s fleece. Deep within the fireplace was a box, a wooden box made of birch. Within the box was a teeny tiny key. What was the key for? Timmy noticed on the candle holder there was a small padlock. Would the key fit the lock? What would it unlock?

The room

Tony looked into his brother room and stared. He saw on top of his desk fireworks. His room was half white and half red. He found a creepy teddy bear on the floor, He threw it out of the window and it came back like a boomerang landing on his brothers king size bed. Under the bed he found a box, with a sign saying “DO NOT OPEN!”


The room

Alex peered into her mum’s room.To her right,there was a desk full of files and books.To her left,there was her bed full of dirty clothes she had to wash when she gets back.In the middle of her room,there is a walk-in closet.She opened the door and saw a box a shoe box.Pretty normal right? No,because when you pick you see a tunnel leading to a torture chamber.In the torture chamber,there was a dead body it was her dad…

The park

Caiden squinted,  into his dad’s office he could see a suitcase in the middle of the room what could be inside?

Caiden slowly opened the dark door he carefully approached  the suitcase he bent down to figure out that the suitcase was full of masks ,money , guns .What has his dad done ? did he rob ?Caiden silently moved  the suitcase under his bunk  bed and covered it with his  black  bed sheets he couldn’t tell anyone …

Where’s her step sister?

Shannon stared into her step sister’s room. On the floor -in the middle of the room- there was a small desk with one flickering candle that looked as bright as the twinkling stars outside. Beside it, there was a bright red pen and dark green post it notes. On the ceiling, there were five star shaped stickers that were as black as the night sky. Under the bed, she saw an empty match box and she could smell the melted candle wax. Where was her step sister?