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Fire unicorn

The fire unicorn live in the sun and is hotter the 2000 Fahrenheit. It can eat, drink and sleep lava and anything hot but it cant drink, sleep or eat water and anything liquidly. It can eat stuff like, peppers, fire, lava, heat and more. It can drink lava, fire, Louisiana Hot Sauce Original and anything that on fire

It is a very rare species and can only be found were there are fires but it is going extinct and there is only 900 you can give money to a charities and you 968347512 to donate 2 or 1 pound to make a different. If you  can find one then you are very lucky.

The sea unicorn


The sea unicorn, which can spit at a  100mph, lives in underwater caves and the darkest depths of the sea bed. This is because it does not like people or other creatures due to it being easily hunted by other unicorns.


The sea unicorn is very frightened by other creatures and doesn’t trust people easily. To relax they collect seashells and pearls  to add to the sandcastles that they make daily. They keep their sandcastles on the beach but some keep them in their homes.


Weirdly the sea unicorn has green skin instead of blue to blend in with seaweed but some have golden scales and only a couple have purple scales the sea unicorn is not a fighter but if it needs to defend it self it can spit a cannonball of water, swim super fast and glide like a  Exocoetidae but the cloud unicorn can effortlessly out fly it and catch up to it for a easy dinner.

Dragon Unicorn

Dragon Unicorn

The Dragon Unicorn is majestic creature and is what the dragon face on Chinese New Year is based on. It has scorching fire coloured scales, a face of terror and poisonous purple tail. Many mistake it for the hearth dragon because of it’s beautiful wings but you can tell it apart as it has roughly the same shape as the average unicorn and it has a horn. It is around 6 metres long 3 metres tall; the second tallest unicorn in the world. Despite it’s colossal body the Dragon Unicorn’s amazing agility allows it to catch it’s prey (including mountain goats and snow leopards) in a matter of milliseconds.

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of Dragon Unicorns live in the Himalayas and the other small fraction of them are in China and scattered across Asian mountains. Even though their life source is fire they still live in the snowy mountains as they were hunted to almost extinction in the sixteen hundreds because of there exotic scales. However they were able to make an extraordinary come-back as it is usual for unicorn mothers to give birth to ten babies every year. To this day they still shy or aggressive towards the presence of humans.


unicorn fact file

The volcano unicorn is a beautiful creature with a delicate horn that is a mini volcano, and when it erupts it dies the fur of the creature bright red. When the lava mixes with water turns in to hot magma. It has hoofs made out of coal and wood that when around fire start to burn and destroys everything it touches. Its main and silky tail are made out of scorching hot fire. You can easily tell the female from the male as their bodies are pure black with streaks of lava running down their bodies. During recent lockdown periods, it has been spotted in more urban areas including a recent bonfire on Warble Road.

The volcano unicorn’s habitat is just as hot as the creature itself and as you may guess is a volcano, Mount Vesuvius to be exact. It is said that the great eruption of 79 Ad was just the mother unicorn giving birth; the volcano unicorn gives birth to hundreds of babies every decade. As deadly as this creature’s home seems it is actually very welcoming, and if its cold out they always have the heating on so you don’t catch a cold. Many people refer to them as the shooting star of the land as they role around while on fire making a shooting star effect, so next time you think you are wishing on a star it might just be the volcano unicorn flying past to say hello.

The volcano unicorns have many hobbies like: juggling, eating fire, drinking tones of hot sauce, lighting fire pits and melting things. These creatures may sound friendly but you must be extremely cautious around them as humans are seen as a threat and when they are threatened they explode with fire and they activate their lasers that can and will destroy anything in their path. Let’s keep these graceful and bold creatures safe for future generations.

The Garden Unicorn By Amelia

The Garden unicorn

The garden unicorn, who has a horn as beautiful as a ray of sunlight, is always nurturing the roses. The beautiful coloured main is amazingly the only main that can save a rose’s life. Every where they walk a trail of flowers are left behind, this happens because their hooves have magical seed in them so everywhere they walk new flowers grow instantly behind them. Their horn has the power to cure any plant in the world.  This unicorn can surprisingly control earthquakes but you don’t want to be near them when they are angry because they can turn you in to a weed and can create earthquakes with a stamp of it’s hoof.

It has pearl white coat as soft as a feather and its horn is a pale pink like the sky when the sun sets. It has a flower wreath around it’s neck. Their main is a creamy white and is filled with different kinds of flowers but sometimes they have no flowers in their main to symbolise they have a close relationship with a human. Their pupils are shaped as roses and the colour of their eyes are commonly pale pink and pale blue but the Queen of Garden Unicorns eyes are golden and her main is pale pink. She has the most beautiful flower in the universe even the flowers from the sun. This queen is rarely ever seen and has a bright glow shining of it’s main.

The diamond unicorn

The diamond unicorn
The diamond unicorn is a part of a very rare species (they really should be left alone). If you intimidate them, they bite and their bite makes them a rare species. The reason why they are very rare is because their bite turns you into a special stone which can sell for over a million pounds. You thought I was done about their super powers, well you are wrong, if they breathe on you it freezes you forever. Some people try to get bitten and then have their friend break them out so they have a lot of money. However, when their friend comes near it freezes them.
Many people believe that they live in the ocean, but some people claim that they live in lava, however this equally could have been a lava unicorn that can turn you into fire. Scientist believe that there are only two to three diamond unicorns with their power in the world and if you are ever lucky enough to see one, remember to keep your distance.

The diet of the unicorn is very specific as it only eats: diamonds mainly (sapphire), and ice. Maybe this is why they have their astonishing power. According to witnesses, they live on Emerald Island. Nevertheless the WFFDU (World Fight for Diamond Unicorns) do not want their positions to be leaked as they are on the brink of extinction.

By Harry Lyle

The fire unicorn

The Fire unicorn…

The fire unicorn is an extremely rare species of unicorn. They are usually found in volcanoes or in piles of ash from eruptions.  When explores came to investigate Pompeii they found many many fire unicorns nesting. Amazingly, these creatures have the ability to breathe fire and destroy many towns, villages etc. Additionally, these beasts have been captured but quickly released as it was believed to be too dangerous.  They are also believed to be very antisocial.


Their appearance

The fire unicorn has wiry fur with the colour of an uncontrollable fire with blends of blues, white and reds. Under the forest of fur lies scales of many colours these shine whenever they fly. Their mane is the colour of blood, is silky as can be and runs all the way down to their back. The horn that sits protrudingly on their heads is covered in a rough layer of skin and around the base are spikes like the ones of a sea urchin. Their hooves are the shape of a volcano. These creatures are usually spotted by their beautiful orange eyes glinting in any light.


Where do they live?

These dangerous beasts are usually sighted in the devastating aftermath of a volcanic eruption or in forest fire clean-ups. The majority live in piles of ash or in the hot magma of volcanoes, yet the minority of the fire beasts live in the fallen trees and burnt branches of forests. They usually make nests to breed their young but when not breeding they live underground.


What do they eat?

The fire unicorns often scavenge for their food. Their diet consists of: ash, pumice stones, lava and magma. Some of these foods can make them aggressive but others can calm them such as magma. They can survive a very long time without eating, due to this they eat 2-3 times a week. As they are the fire unicorn they never drink (as water puts fire out).

These amazing creatures at in danger of becoming extinct as dangerous as they are we need to save them got to #savethefireunicorn to help.


By Eliza grant

The Cloud Pegasus

The cloud Pegasus, who is a rare type of bird and horse, has glimmering scales that shine in the moonlight. His wings are formed by shocks of lightning that sprawls out shocks approximately every 6 seconds.  His eyes glow a glistening white, grey and blue. Generally, most cloud unicorns have a mane that is formed in a lightning bolt but some have tiny clouds. Today we will be exploring this unusual yet rare type of bird.


The cloud unicorn is located on the top of the Karun Kah, here he is invisible to citizens walking past. His unique hobbies are making snow house. If you have a telescope and you have 0.00000000001 chance to sight this magnificent building. Furthermore, cloud unicorns have a special trait when they can walk on clouds; they use this to travel far and wide without wasting energy. They are rarely seen by humans generally the circumstance of this is because the cloud Pegasus is one of the shy species but is brother (the ground unicorn) is loud and you can hear him at night howling.


This shy but rare species is at risk of extinction; if you wish to save this majestic animal you can donate to # ulm (unicorns lives matter) you can call 56891750 to give 1 pound. 1 pound = a new habitat for one cloud unicorn.

The Volcano corn!

The Volcano corn, which is the oldest unicorn, sleeps at the darkest depths of Mount Vesuvius. Surprisingly some people have claimed to see them play in the sea of the Mediterranean  but unfortunately there is not enough proof to support such a claim. Although these creatures seem easy to find it really is not the only times they go out of their volcano is when it is night and if they ever went out in daytime they would constantly keep checking if their predators, water Pegasus, are near.

If you want to find a Volcano corn either way you will have to recognize it first.

The first thing you need to look out for its fur which is made from cooled magma and ash, then you need to find its mane, corn, tail and hooves that is the color of fire and you must look if it has wings because the Volcano corn has no wings while the Lava corn does.

Snow Unicorn

The Snow Unicorn

The snow unicorn, which is a rare species of unicorns, lives in the mountains. Everyday tourist visits their habitat and try to see the beautiful creature but not one person has ever seen a snow unicorn. It is known that there is very few left and if you try to get near them they instantly disappear. No one knows that they are real but the majority of people believe it’s real.


The snow unicorn has eyes that glow, its fur is as white as snow and it has big hooves. You can see the snow unicorn from far away as it is sparkly and it glows in the dark. The unicorns ears are humungous and as big as an elf’s.


The snow unicorn lives in the mountains up at the top of Everest. There are only about 15 snow unicorns alive and are becoming extinct as more and more people are willing to climb up Everest to meet it and attacking. The snow unicorn can sometimes disguise itself in the snow so when there predators come or people are hunting they can’t find it.


The snow unicorns tusks are wide, tall and sharp. This unicorn is the rarest unicorn in the world and is the rarest animal in the world. There is a reward prize if anyone takes a picture with it.