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Chapter 3

Inside the park was: a door which lead to a never ending maze which had trapped many people before;a statue of a massive lion made out of marble and an apple tree which had turned blue.Piper continued to explore the place until all of a sudden she heard a creek.At first she ignored it but after it happened a second time she knew she couldn’t just ignore it.She entered the maze and hoped that all went well.After hours of searching,she found the origin of the sound but it wasn’t what she thought it was.No, it wasn’t an animal and it wasn’t the wind,it was just box.Piper stared at the box, picked it up and studied it carefully.She learnt that the box actually had many mechanisms and some of these made the creek she had previously heard.She sprinted to get out the maze only to realise that she couldn’t get out of the maze.

The hidden emporium

The Hidden Emporium

There are many places no-one goes,not even for a dare. The hidden emporium was one of them.

Even though, at each Easter break the emporium was decorated. Even though ,it was delivered food  any time someone managed to find it. Even though ,it made the the best cakes ever.  Even though ,occasionally you could smell freshly baked bread. Even though ,it  was in a terrible state you could find white mice scuttling in.

No one ever entered. All the windows were either blacked out or cracked. No one dared,until Ivy

Chapter one

Ivy had always been curious if the rumours were true. If she could really find the book of memories. One gloomy day, when she was out walking, she stumbled across an alleyway she had never seen before. Ivy was intrigued. Walking along  the narrow alley, she saw it. The hidden emporium. The door’s padlock, that was usually locked,was open. Strangeshe thought to herself. Knocking on the door to see if anyone was home. CREAK! Inside she crept.

It was a strange place to be. Ivy could see rusted robots huddled in a corner making strangled bleeping sounds. She recognised the smell of dead mice since they had an infestation back at home.  Drip drip went the oil off the counter. Near the oil was cake! She took a bite. Bleh! It was dusty and cobwebs covered it. She stepped away from the counter and tripped. Ow! Ivy had landed on a broken broom. The bristles had cut her finger!

Chapter 2

“Bleep,need,bleep,oil,bleep!” yelled a robot to Ivy. She fast walked to the counter to grab the oil. Then she saw it. The book of memories.

“I see you’ve found the book” she turned,there was a man.” My name is Lucas Silver. Keep looking round just don’t touch the book.” Off he went. Ivy just couldn’t resist the temptation so she heaved it up from behind the counter. Flicking through the pages she saw it. A beach. The exact same one she used to go to. AARGH!

She was being sucked in! Ooof! She landed on hard ground. She got up and looked around. It was the beach in the book! It was just how she remembered it. Silvery sand, bright blue ocean and a calm breeze. Sitting back down, she dangled her feet over the edge of the cliff and felt as though she hadn’t a single worry in the world.

The Dreaded Emporium By Poppy H

The Dreaded Emporium Prologue

There are plenty of places that the residents of Darkdale  are always eager to travel to. However, The Dreaded Emporium was completely the opposite.

Even though the smell of sugary sweets attempted to draw the children in, their parents would always drag them away. Even though joyful songs would come out from the ajar windows, frightened fathers ran up to them and slammed the windows shut. Even though stuffed teddies and jigsaws were all lined up on shelves in the display windows and train tracks ran around the building, nobody entered.

Would you like to know the reason why nobody entered? Rumours. Awful rumours ran through Darkdale about a young girl who had once entered The Dreaded Emporium and had never been seen again. Some say you can still feel the presence of her ghost when you walk past the shop. Nobody had dared to enter ever since. Not until Ethel Willows came to town.

Chapter 1- Daring to enter.

Ethel was a very bright 13 year old girl. She always completed her school work and was well behaved. At least that’s what she wanted people to think. From the age of 5, Ethel Willows had been training to be a detective. On her 5th birthday she received an investigation kit from her mother and had been snooping through everyone’s lives since. One rainy day, she was walking along Redwood Road due to the fact that she had a school project to complete. What was the project you ask? To enter The Dreaded Emporium.

Ethel waltzed up to the door and pushed it open with a creak. Oh my goodness! She couldn’t decide where to fix her eyes. It was nothing like it was on the exterior. Outside it was very happy as if it were trying to invite you in but inside it was rather peculiar. Old books covered the shelves. CRASH!

“That can’t be good,” she muttered to herself. Ethel dashed to the back of the shop to discover that the source of the noise was a couple of books falling. She picked them up as saw that they were titled; Ballet Shoes, Little Woman and What Katy Did. Daintily, Ethel stepped over the books and made a dash towards a jar of sweets. She unscrewed the lid and focused her tastebuds on the delicious food in her mouth. Whilst she was trying to enjoy the food she had just devoured, a pungent stench was deeply bothering her. Ethel made her way to the front of the shop to attempt to find what was making the shop reek of something repulsive when she stumbled upon a list. She began to read the names written on the list. Miranda Bell, Katy Bell, Elizabeth Bell. Ethel was about to make a statement aloud when a new name appeared on the list. Ethel Willows.

“I see you’ve found my list of visitors, it’s about time a new one came,” said a voice from behind her. Ethel whipped her hand around so fast that if she had done it any faster her neck would’ve been severely injured. Standing in front of her was a man who looked like he could be in his 50s. A black cat was next to him and it began to shake its head at Ethel.

A curse of destruction

                         A Curse of destruction

Take the fires of rage from a demon in the darkest part of the world

Pinch crimson scales off a blind dwarf’s bag

Mix the strength of the strongest man in the world with a vampire bat’s wing

Rip the claws off a golden eagle

Grate the fang of a basilisk

Pour in the blood of an indestructible toad

Slice green the ear off an all hearing goblin

Steal the sound of a hurricane

Tip in the greed of gold stolen from a dark wizard

Levitate the teeth of an  acromantula to pull off the  sharpest tip

Tear out the eyes of a Minotaur

Collect the reek of brimstone

Command a wasp to give you thier sting

Twist a meteor out of the sky and crush it into atoms

The group of doors by George

Go and open the pewter door,
maybe there is-
and old building site,
a humble house for a little mouse
or a seal hunting for fish.

Go and open the marigold door,
there could be a tin of beans,
your dad’s carrot cake
or even the sunset.

Go and open the parakeet door
perhaps there is a parrot,
an emerald meadow
or a lime tree.

Go and open the pecan door,
there could be a coconut tree,
a herd of meaty cows
or the bark of a lonely tree.

Go and open the pearl door,
maybe there is a cloud of dreams,
a field full of snowy sheep
or even a river of creamy milk.

Go and open the orchid door,
perhaps a field of lavender is waiting for you,
a little bird in its mother’s nest
or even a present waiting for the time.

Go and open the door by Beth

Go and open the door

Go an open the tanned door,
Maybe, there’s golden, lemon canary,
nipping at your golden, dandelion hair.

Go and open the arctic door,
Maybe, there’s a gas fire flame,
burning your denim eyes.

Go and open the midnight door,
Maybe, a shadow will strike at you,
emerging from the dark abyss.

Go an open the apricot door,
Maybe, the ginger smell will waft up your nostrils,
Or the cat, creeping up to your carved pumpkin.

Go and open the walnut door,
Maybe, you will hear a conker coloured dog,
madly barking at the raisin violin.

Go and open the cotton door,
Maybe, a sea of daisies will be covered in frost
Or a creamy cake, covered in pearl sugar,
Or even sea foam, drifting up to your sandy feet

Go and open the door by Anabelle

Go and open the flint door,
Maybe there is seal bouncing on a beach,
A line of pebbles patiently waiting
Or a dolphin splashing in the shadows.

Go and open the heather door,
There might be a field of lavender waving in the wind,
A rare violet bird whistling a tune
Or an amethyst glistening in the sunlight.

Go and open the bluebell door,
Maybe there will be a blue whale in a rocket to Neptune,
A cobalt kite soaring through the evening sky
Or waves crashing in the Pacific Ocean.

Go and open the cotton door,
There may be a flock of sheep settling for a nap,
Doves flapping towards the creamy clouds
Or blinding snow falling on jagged mountains.

Go and open the door by Ricky

Go open the tiger door,
maybe you’ll find habanero peppers waiting to to burn your tongue,
your pet goldfish swimming around in a bowl of water
or excess butter is spread onto toast.

Go open the cotton door,
maybe lightning jump scares you,
goat milk drenches you
or snowflakes are sprinkled onto you.

Go open the mocha door,
maybe brown bears will try and attack you,
chocolate goodness covers you mouth
or even acorns hitting your head.

The Colourful Door By Poppy

Go and open the crimson red door,

maybe there is a cobblestone path of rose petals,

a pool of a soldiers blood

or a field of poppies.

Go and open the pewter door,

perhaps there is a pile of fire ash,

a grey parrot perched on a willow tree

or a mouse nibbling on some cheese.

Go and open the rosewood door,

maybe you’ll see a group of flapping flamingos,

an orchard made out of colourful candy floss

or a sea of blossom falling elegantly to the marble floor.

Go and open the coconut door,

perhaps you’ll see an army of doves charging at you,

a plain sheet of parchment dancing around the room

or a stream of milk running through the area.

Go and open the colourful door,

you’ll definitely find a rainbow just for you.

The doors

My teaching live work

Open the umber door, you could see trees for miles, acorns all around and coconuts being cracked by brown monkeys.

Open the ruby red door, you could see poppies sprouting out of the ground, apples growing from the trees and ribbons flouting above your head.

Open the iron white door, you could see grey wolf’s fur sprinting past, silver grass everywhere and slate beneath your feet.