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How To Look After A Fire Dragon By Mikolaj

Are you bored of going outside doing nothing? If so, go to our dragon hatchery to claim your very own dragon!

What You Need: A dragon whistle, plenty of meat, a dragons house, water gun and a face mask.

What You Do: First, you build your dragons home ( which has to be fire proof) and decorate it with red or black colours so your fire dragon will feel like home. And inside its den it has to be at least 124 degrees.

Then you have to roam it free so it could stretch out its wings when it flies. But do not worry you have a dragon whistle one simple whistle and your fire dragon will instantly come back to you.

You necessity need a water gun just in case if your fire dragon will be out of hand. You just need to pull the string which is covering the hole and aim then shoot at the dragon and it will fast as wind calm down and that is when you need a gas mask. Because when you shot at the dragon a lot of smoke will come out of the fire dragon and there is no way that you will breath through the smoke.

The dragons mealtime can sometimes be very very dangerous so listen carefully and you wont be the fire dragons next meal: First, collect 5 chickens 10 cows and if you are lucky enough you could get 2 birds. Next, you put all of the animals on a large flat rock. Then kill all of the animals and put them in the stone oven. Keep them there for at least 30 mins. After that, put the animals in front of  your fire dragons den. Finally, run as far as you can as a result your dragon will think you are the food too!

How to Look After an Ocean Dragon by Millie

Have you ever thought about keeping an ocean dragon as a pet? If so, purchase one at the ocean animals centre. This will be a great animal for company!

However, an ocean dragon isn’t the most pleasant of creatures and they can be a lot of work. You will need to follow these instructions to make sure your dragon doesn’t become a flooding nuisance.

What you need:a water whistle, tracking collar, lots of fresh seaweed and salmon slices and a pond for your baby dragon, as it grows this pond will need to be enlarged.

What you do:

  • Your dragon will swim freely during the day. Furthermore, at mealtimes blow the whistle and the dragon will come back to you, even from a far away river.
  • A tracking collar is essential as you will know where your dragon is at all times (making sure it stays out of trouble) this can be activated by any device, download the app ‘track my dragon’ and insert the code on the collar.
  • Mealtimes can be nerve racking as your dragon can act up any second, follow these instructions to have the perfect meal with your dragon.
  • First buy the freshest seaweed strips in stock and top up your basket with a load of salmon ready to carefully slice the salmon and wrap it with the seaweed.
  • Next, lay your dragons meal on a large rock beside the pond.
  • After that, fill a bucket with newly cleaned water and place it next to the rock.
  • Finally, retreat slowly to a safe distance before using your whistle.
  • When you know your dragon is eating safely,  you can enter your house. This way you won’t be mistaken for its meal.
  • Keep your dragon in a simple pond in a quiet area in your garden. You can hire a pond to be built in at ponds from http://www.dragons.com if you are unsure of your dragon’s size. These dragons must be kept outside at all times as they are known for causing floors to become slippery.
  • These dragons aren’t just a game. They are a lot more serious and if these instructions aren’t followed then you will end up with many injuries. They need a lot of company as they get lonely very easily.
  • A final note of caution. Ocean dragons are very good at flooding areas unexpectedly. These animals aren’t predictable and you need to take care. I would recommend getting your house built a few feet higher before they get to the age of 5.

How to Look After a Lochness Monster

How to Look After a Lochness Monster

Have you ever wanted to enjoy fun with a mythical beast? If so, go to the lake cabin and get yourself a Lochness Monster. You won’t regret it.

What you need: a collar, a big inside lake, plenty of food and drinks, built in warp hole and a bell.

What you do.

  • At first, your pet Lochness Monster will get extremely bored and start a tantrum. However, you can use the bell and it will calm down. This means that it knows it’s in a safe place.
  • Next is the collar, the Lochness Monster doesn’t really mind unless it is a soft collar. So we recommend a chain or a metal strip. When it’s having fun it may fiddle too hard and break it. Therefore, you must keep a spare and replace it every month.


       Food and drinks.

  • Firstly, go inside the lake and search for seaweed and salt water.
  • Next, give the Lochness Monster the food and drinks.
  • Finally, calm with  the bell after it finishes.   

The reason that you must feed it quickly is that it can get angry and cause bad things if it is not fed.

Warning, if your Lochness Monster is injured, help it with glass crystals to heal because inside them is a strong power of healing.

This Lochness Monster is free and it can live forever but one final word, don’t let it near other mythical beasts because it can end badly.

How to take care of a hippogriff

Is your dream to house a unique pet ?Do you really want to parent a baby mythical creature? If so pick up a baby hippogriff from your local hatchery. You will never find yourself bored again.

Although it is fun taking care of a hippogriff,  it’s is extremely dangerous. If you are up to the challenge read on to find out more.

What you will need : a hippogriffs calling horn , lots of the finest food (ferrets work best)and  a special designed harness and lead.

What you do:

Your new joy, will roam around your house but it will come to the sound of the hippogriff calling horn and they will come to you no matter where you are. Hippogriff have immaculate hearing, so even if they were so far away from you they will come flying to you in an instant.

The Dagger Spider

How to tame a Dagger Spider

Would you ever want to keep an eight legged pet? The Dagger Spider is hard to keep because it can slash through its bars.

What you need: an indestructible cage, dagger proof gauntlets and unbreakable leash.

What you need to know

1) This spider is very deadly if not treated well. The spider is very happy with exercising toys. These include a tiny treadmill and eight 100 gram weights.

2) At meal times you feed him sardines and the Dagger Spider chops the sardines into centimetre cubes

The last thing, make sure that the Dagger Spider is asleep and can not escape otherwise it could kill you!



How to look after a Phoenix

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a magical unique pet? If so contact the unique animals zoo and purchase your very own Phoenix.

On the other hand, Phoenix’s need a lot of care as they need lots of recourses to keep it happy and healthy otherwise it will immediately become ill and moody. Alternatively, these instructions can guide you on how to look after a Phoenix.

What you need: a den, food and drink, a hoop, water and a ball (about the size of a football)

What you need to do:                                                                                                                              

Your phoenix will want space for it to live in, move around in and use the fire power it has. So, the first thing you need to do is prepare a comfortable spacious den for it to live in. Make sure to fill it in with an area of ash for it to sleep, play, relax and rebirth into. Also, create a small puddle area just in case it sets fire; this will only happen if it has a cold or a temperature.

Additionally, hang up hoops in the air for it to shoot fire into, the ball is to help it practise it’s aim and to make fireballs for its entertainment and to stop it from getting bored otherwise it will set fire to things and can become extremely dangerous.

Furthermore, you must feed it every two hours. You can feed it smaller birds, berries and crumbs of coal to help fuel their fire within. You can give it spring water from a waterfall for it to drink.

Phoenix’s are magical creatures and are very unique. They are a pet that last forever; they die once they become ill and old and burst into fire and are magically reborn from the ashes. They can breath fire and have tears of healing power and can heal anything!

WARNING- Phoenix’s have fire powers therefore they can accidentally set fire to places or objects!

Please purchase this amazing, magical, unique Phooenix to never be bored, never be lonely and have the coolest pet in the world!!!

The Forest Unicorn

The forest unicorn has lake blue eyes which can detect if an animal is hurt, it also has leaf like fur so it can camouflage from their predators. The main feature of this unicorn is that it has a horn covered in ivy which can  revive any plant so it will live another life. The unicorn can only do this once to a plant otherwise the unicorns life will get a little bit shorter. The forest unicorn knows if it has already revived a plant because their  horn will glow blue. If you find one keep it a secret do not tell anyone otherwise the unicorn slayers will come and take the unicorn and you rarely see them again. Next time you spot one make sure to feed it buttercups it’s way heathier for them than sunflowers. NEVR EVER keep them in captivity or the worst will happen to YOU!!!!

The Forest Pegasus by Millie

The Forest Pegasus is the rarest unicorn left on earth, only 100 of these creatures have been hunted and there’s over 1000 left. These magical creatures can be found within the depths of The Forest of Dean, they roam around in the dead of night and spend the day resting in their dens.

These Pegasus have the ability to camouflage into anything or any colour. They have sharp hooves weaved with smooth twigs, firm oak leaves from the fines to oak trees and a beautiful dust mane that shimmers in the moonlight.

The Forest Pegasus eats only the rarest mint leaves, which are only visible to them, giving them strength and making their wings relax. The Pegasus search for these in a group to make their powers stronger if threatened.

When these rare creatures are threatened, they form a group by a loud screech. If they have to do this, they are extremely aggressively and there’s a low chance you will be left alone. These Pegasus are not always aggressive. If they are treated well, they are very loyal and they are extremely gentle creatures.

They have a power that enables them to grow thorn bushes at a rapid speed injuring the predators. Another ability is that they can launch mud balls at anything, causing it to knock to the ground at a hard force.

The Storm Pegasus

The Storm Pegasus is a rare type of flying horse and lives in a tower on top of a rocky  mountain. He breathes out wind and some days, when he gets angry, it can form a tornado. It is sensitive and angry and it also gets mad when you touch it.

It has rocky wings, galaxy eyes and has a wind circle around its torso with rocks and pebbles levitating next to it. It likes rocks, mud and salt water when he visits the ocean.

The Storm Pegasus loves to annoy others and collect shiny stones for its children, it follows stormy clouds, higher than 100ft, and waits for it to thunder.


The Ocean Pegasus

The ocean Pegasus is a very rare creature which lives in the Pacific Ocean. Which can be a dangerous place to live in. It is also hard to find food. This magical creature can create a large whirlpool at any moment.

This creature has a tall sharp horn and a mesmerising blue body and big wide water wings, as well as an ice cold mane.

Furthermore, the ocean Pegasus is one of the most courageous creatures on the planet it saves lots of young Pegasi in trouble. Also, it can amazingly fly up to 50 feet in the air.