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Hagrids Hut

Harry gazed around Hagrids hut in astonishment.On the ceiling, ornate objects balanced like they were defying gravity.The smell of jaw-breaking cookies served with tea wafted up your nose.Adjacent to the table, a crusty carpet lay asleep on the cold hearted floor.Outside the door, a hippogriff called Buckbeack pranced, perfect pumpkins  displayed themselves to people passing and a unique scarecrow waited for unwanted visitors.

The rubbish dump

In the rubbish dump was an old guitar lying on the ground waiting to be played again.The guitar  had ripped up stickers all over it.

The guitar all off a sudden started playing a little song.


The windmill

The ninja sneaked through the abandoned windmill . On the roof ,he could see many cobwebs  scattered across every space. To one side, shattered glass crumbled under foot.

Under the pile of wood sat a knife ready to start mayhem. Behind the ninja, stood a man ready for a fight.

The enchanted forest


The Enchanted Forest 


Deep in the enchanted forest were magical and mythical creatures but here they were real. There were unicorns, fairies/pixies mermaids, gryphons and phoenix’s. Also there were centaurs, elf’s and goblins. Unfortunately, there were some dark and evil animals such as: ghosts, witches, dementors, dragons and pirates. One morning, the centaurs and unicorns woke up the whole forest. All of a sudden, the woods started to shake, the wind blew the pixie trees and the small fairies tumbled down. Were they alright? However, they weren’t the only creatures falling. Everything in the forest fell (including the animals). What was happening? Without warning, the animals stopped because they heard a familiar voice saying “hello, i’m Back. I want the whole forest so leave or suffer the consequences!” Shouted the creatures biggest enemy. It was the evil master who wants the whole forest to himself. Every year he tried to take it from them. “We will never give you our forest because it’s our home!” Shouted back a brave unicorn. The whole place was falling to pieces in seconds. They were all panicking. The trees were all tumbling on the crumbling floor. Underneath the muddy floor was lots of soil which was sucking up the animals. In between the bushes were thorns and spiky branches poking the magical animals fur. Will the magical creatures survive and keep their land? What was going to happen?


Laura stared round the old rusty park, she ran toward the abandoned truck, Crack! the door crashes down the floor, BANG! The play ground falls down , should I investigate? Going inside the abandoned  truck.


The park

The wind whistled through the old and hollow oak trees, as the blueberries ripened in the thorn bushes. The apples begin to rot among the mud and grass, and the swings start to squeak every time a lonely person  sits on it. The slide gets more boring every single time somebody slides down, the slippery grass swayed in the cool breeze.


Air raid shelter

Patrick curled up in a ball in the corner of the air raid shelter. Above him, soil fell from the ceiling. Beside Patrick, men screamed as bombs bashed on the sad surface. Out of the mist, planes flew freely across the shadowed sky. High above, German planes dreadfully dropped bombs on innocent cities.



Peter peered into the ebony night. Waves splashed against the back of the lighthouse . Birds  flew over the sea while rocks shot into the ocean from towering cliffs. Lightning slashed. Peter rushed inside but instead of seeing his bed on the ground something else replaced it. Could it be?

The abandoned school by George

John wondered around the abandoned school. On the cracking ceiling, cobwebs moved in the darkness. Adjacent to him, he could see a blackboard rotting. The air smelt of mist, that’s been lingering forever. As he came closer to cafeteria hall, John found something. It was the very thing he was looking for.”The keys!”John said to himself.


Bombs fell above him. Aitch was in the air raid shelter, shivering in fear. Dead body’s surrounded him. Suddenly, a German plane landed nearby.He gasped , three men stepped out , Aitch quickly hid in a nearby wardrobe.What would happen next?He shut the door ,he crouched and didn’t dare to breathe. As the Germans entered they opened the door and found him. What was he going to do?