Visit the Magic Emporium

Are you always bored of a plain weekend? Do you need something new and exciting in life? Would you be interested in the magic emporium? If so, why not come join us at the magic emporium and experience things you cant imagine, also this is all half price and kids go free.

Magical Magnificent Mysteries await! Yes, we include:

Magic jewelry that you would of never seen before,                                                                                                    Cosy bedrooms that make you fall asleep in a minute,                                                                                             Life changing wonders

After a day of amazement take a peek at our wonderful gift shop and buy more than you can carry! Don’t be the only one to miss this once in a life time opportunity. We will provide:

any dreams that you’ve wished for,                                                                                                                                objects and creatures yet to be discovered,                                                                                                                  also kids club

you wont regret this trip because its been rated 5stars from every celeb that comes here.

we are open weekdays and Sundays from 10.00am – and close at 7.30pm,                                                           find us just of the m5 on Patly street, Gothinto, GH3 9ds,

we are waiting to see you.

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