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Your’e never too young to die

Tim sat at the desk of the office at the to floor of the C.I.A , pondering about how nobody had guessed this was the top secret office of one of the most well renowned spying corps on the planet. ” I don’t want to go.” He whispered. ” Timothy , your’e never too young to die…

Merry Christmas

One cold Sunday morning, a little boy called Oakley decided to go out side and play in the snow. It was December so Christmas lights were up and presents were rapped it was the best time of year.

The maze murder

The boy named Matt Nathan marched into the maze boasting to his friends about he is going too do it first . Little did he know that’s where it was waiting with it’s chainsaw full of blood and it was Mr Nathan waiting to murder his son !




Make way for murder

The cliff-side was full of rocks and rubble , it was a hard walk especially at night. The sea smashed against the rock  as rain lashed down on the man. He had a very suspicious feeling he was being watched… shhoof! an anasthetic dart shot through the air , hitting him in the back. He fell to the floor. Another man came out of the thick grass, holding a dart gun. Slowly, he rolled the lifeless body off the cliff. Tim Shaw was never seen again…

Winter Wonderland

George went out to play in the snow. He slid across the ice as his coat flew behind like a cape. The snow fell like cotton balls. He went inside and got a warm hot chocolate it steamed as George rested the hot cup on his cold icy face. A fluffy blanket rapped around him as he squeezed his teddy bear. The fire crackled, the Christmas lights sparkled the jolly music played peacefully as all felt calm. George looked out his window and saw a snowman staring at him in the distance. He could hear the carolers singing warmth filled his heart.

My shed.

In my shed there is a bucket inside is water, next to the bucket was a body but not alone the stone cold murderer himself holding the weapon was with him, was he regretting his decision? We will never know because I was his next victim.


Mary glanced around the forest and heard someone shouting but no one was around her. They shouted again this time louder they shouted ” Come out come out were every you are.”. Then suddenly, someone started singing ” La la la la la la.” but really creepily then people started emerging out of the bushes with weapons ready to attack. She thought she was safe but she was wrong…

Haunted house

John gazed at the top of the massive mansion where a glimmering chandeliers hung. As a black cat stared at John as the desk shook and then the chandeliers fell as john only just survived  as the chandelier dinted the floor then the cat ran rushing after him, then the desk fell as well the table the house was torn to peace’s. Oh no,” john screamed

than a voice said “OH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY HOUSE!”

“What have I done ?” John mumbled

then the voice screamed “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU FILFY LITTLE RAT!”

“Ok i’ll get out.” John exclaimed.


Emma wondered around the shed looking for sum tea cups for her mums tea party and fell onto a box Emma looked inside and there was a …MASSIVE SPIDER.