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The Banister Children by Evie

Flash! went the lightning, as they were playing in their castle. To their surprise, the chainsaw was not longer to be found, but as soon as they were about to give up… #

Neither of them had cut the banister before, and they knew there would be no trouble.

The Haunted Story by Gustas

On a freezing, soggy day, there was an empty old house.  Inside the creaky house were antique clocks. There was thunder as loud as massive drums banging. Alex felt tingles like the bugs of spirits crawling up on his skin.

The Basement By Alexis

Jeff heard screaming from the basement. He didn’t care. Ten minutes went and it was louder this time,  with other suspicious noises. Really worried now,  he opened the door and descended the dark, cobwebbed, broken stairs. 

The Machete by JackD

The lightning struck, everything went cold. Geoffrey was shocked when he saw the machete in the cupboard he knew he was forbidden to enter. Covered in blood and guts, it dripped as he picked it up.

The storm by Poppy

It was a stormy and cold  night at Thrower Castle. The storm  crashed through the window.  It’s been raining  all night long. The  rain poured  through the window, where the wooden frame didn’t fit the glass.

The Castle by JackC

One cold, starless night in Briton Castle, people were scurrying to get out of the pouring rain. They were trying to find fire and they were hungry. Sitting around the gold, red fire, they started to dry, as they looked around the big, shadowy room.

The Homework by Jemma

To Susan’s surprise, she noticed that she had forgotten to finish the rest of her sentence when she was doing her homework. She was so worried that she couldn’t sleep. It was going to be a hard day at school tomorrow.

The glowing orb by May

“Turn around quickly!  You’ll love this!” exclaimed a high pitched scream. A mysterious glowing orb sat in the corner. It grew bigger and bigger until it sucked up the light from the room until none was left.