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The three sisters

After the sisters set up for the night and went to sleep, they woke up and set off straight away after they found out that the gorm was close by. So what they decided that they would travel to skull scurry’s cave. As they traveled up the hill it was getting darker and darker, then Jane new they would be there soon.

After about 10 minutes of silence the sisters finally approached a small Mound, then they saw their destination. Scull scurry’s cave. They went inside the cave and got stared at by the goblins that lived there. Inside the cave, it was dark and dinghy. Outside the cave, it was stormy and dark. Beyond the darkness the heavens were open and the sky had a gold cloud in the sky.

Finally after a hour of exploring they settled down to sleep. After Lucy and Susan fell asleep Jane out up from the middle of them, Carefull not to wake them, and walked off. Soon Jane heared a voice, she had a bad feeling about this place so she went to take a look. The voice velt familiar but it was not. Jane was scared, scared torcher life.

Chapter 2 the wolf’s den

Minnie, Jack and Tom had started there journey, the first place they were supposed to pass was the wolf’s den. They started walking and first they passed a river and then they climbed a hill after that they walked across a tiny bridge next they entered the forest and soon saw the entrance to the wolf’s den. “Here we are the wolf’s den” said Jack. They entered the wolf’s den and  every single wolf was asleep. ” We need to be quiet” whispered Minnie. ” Obviously” groaned Tom. They tiptoed past the first wolf, then tiptoed past the second wolf, they then tiptoed past the third wolf, as they passed each wolf there tiptoe turned into a walk and there walk turned into a jog and then there jog tuned into a run.

Tom very clumsily fell over one of the wolf’s paws and woke up the entire pack of wolf’s. “TOM” shouted Jack and Minnie. They ran out of the wolf’s den as fast as they could, they got out of the wolf’s den very easily. ” I guess because we just woke them up they didn’t have the energy to run after us” said Jack. ” I guess we should camp out here” suggested minnie. They all agreed, set up the tents and went to sleep. In the middle of the night Jack woke up because he felt breathing on his face. It was a wolf. Jack screamed and Minnie and Tom woke up. ” I guess they decided to come after us now!” Shouted Tom and they all ran away.

The shadow, chapter 2

The shadow, chapter 2

Amy didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t pull free from the chains binding her wrists and ankles to the wall but she had to escape this place before the shadow destroyed it. A man came in, he unlocked her chains silently and shoved her through a nearby door she hadn’t noticed before. It led into another dark room. She was then ordered by another man to stand still until he came back. When they left, Amy immediately spotted a hatch in the ceiling. She scrambled up the damp wall and through the hatch into a kind of living room.

She opened another door in the living room into the forest she had been in the day before. She sprinted away from the terrible place and found a pile of soft leaves and moss. She slept. In the middle of the night she woke up to the sound of howling wind and slicing sounds. What was making these strange noises?

The cryptex

Chapter 1

Sophie ran through the halls of the Lourve.she wanted to go home. She walked past a warehouse and heard voices. There were men gathered around a table talking about about a box. One of the men turned around and saw Sophie. He yelled something in French and Sophie’s world went black.

Sophie woke up she was inside a black car and she heard more voices. The car stopped the door opened and Sophie ran out. She didn’t look back. She ran and ran. Sophie realised she was at the airport and buying a ticket to Rome. In five minutes she was on a plane. Three hour later she was in Rome in the hotel looking at the she that she stole from the man when she ran into him. It was a puzzle box.

Later that night Sophie heard a noise. Footsteps. In her room. She heard scratching and squeeking. Sophie got up and turned on the lights and saw a drone with a pre recorded video. She played it. On the video was the man and before he started speaking Sophie turned off he video.

Free sepernt

Chris saw and heard the awful racket that she made and saw the open breeze and ran away from the three headed snake. They ran for hours and hours traveling east untill they found a big ,tall steep hill. As sage and Chris got to the top of the hill they saw a log den which was big enough for them to both sleep in! Sage ran to the bed to go to sleep because they both have been running for 9 hours since 3.23pm after they saw that Vicious monster they both sat down and drifted of to sleep after the long terrifying day!

Pipkins safe again.

The poor rabbit thought all hope was gone. But he finally saw something that he was so pleased to see his two brothers with a trident and poked them. They ran further in the palace the back doors automatically opened they were free the hid in a nearby cave. Now they were safe. Or were they…

The three sisters

Chapter 1 The journey begins

One day there were 3 sisters, the eldest, Jane the middle, Susan and the youngest Lucy. There parents past over a year ago in the war against the centors as people haven’t treated them with respect. The eldest, Jane had the responsibility of taking care of Susan and Lucy. Susan made sure the house was clean, lucy went round the house hugging her doll that she named Diana (after their late mother) and Jane sat up in her room constantly with the same book.

One day, Jane came running downstairs in the afternoon and told her sisters that they needed to get their things together and they will leave in five minutes. They were both worried so they did what they were asked emideatly.

Once everyone got their things together and left the house. Jane then explained all that she had read and retrieve a map from out of her bag. She traced her finger along the willowing woods, skulls curry cave, mooting vocalist and finally uphill heaven. She said we need to go here, the journey will take a week at the least to arrive at our destination.

They set of immediately and went in a sprint. After several hours of Chit chat they had reached willowing wood.

The Shadow

The shadow

It was time. The time that meant everyone must journey to distant places. Amy was prepared and eager to leave, she pulled her bag on and rushed across the field outside her home. She ran and ran, not daring to look behind her for fear of seeing it. Only when she entered the dark forest did she stop and take a breath. Suddenly a cold,black mist filled the area around Amy.

Amy stumbled through the trees with the moon glowing like a speck of light in the darkness. She was scared and kept hearing a woosh of cool wind but still didn’t dare to look behind her. Amy suddenly saw a clearing and a welcoming fire, she rushed towards it and collapsed next to the campfire, she fell to sleep as soon as her head touched the dirt.

When Amy woke up, she was not in the forest she had been in the day before. She had shackles around her wrists and ankles. Amy looked around and realised she was in some sort of basement, she called out for help, and again, and again. Suddenly someone opened a door behind her, “Shut up, girl or else…” He slammed the door and walked up some stone steps. Amy was worried. What would she do?


Free sepernt

Chris and Sage ran  to the door but the buildings that have fallen from the eathquake had already blocked the entrance “how will we escape this eathquake now?” said Sage. Suddenly the ground started to shake even more. A glimpse of a head started to appear from from the cracks in the ground then two heads started to stare at them “SAGE” said Chris Sage’s head twisted to his in fear! They saw  three heads sticking out of  the floor boards with blood dripping of its sharp teeth. Sage saw an axe by the door she picked it up and sliced the wall open to escape the second they could!

The ugly duckling

Chapter1 – The first journey

Long ago, there were triplets their names were Jack (the oldest child)  Joyce (the middle child) and Jake (the youngest child). They were having to flee their homes because of a ugly massive duckling that wanted to destroy everything in its path.