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The electrical Dragon by Samiul

There are many types of dragons, but the most friendliest dragon is an electric dragon. Has anyone seen an electrical dragon? You’ll find out! Nothing is friendlier than the electrical dragon.

What the electrical dragon looks like.

The electrical dragon’s body has an electrical blue colour and it has a blue curly pattern.This allows it to camouflage in the night sky .They have electrifying eyes which help them to hear their prey from 10 miles away. Their wings are medium sized because it helps them fly at great speed.

Where the electrical dragons live.

The electrical dragon lives in the mountains of Norway because it camouflages them at night and their prey will never hear them coming. Normally, they hide in caves, which gives them a glow which looks like crystals.Making it easy to spot.

Are they dangerous?

They are friendly dragons but if you come too close you’ll be electrified. However, they are very protective of their eggs and if anything tries to steal them, the dragon shoots out an electrified fire-ball that electrifies you, also it will break your bones into tiny pieces.

The shadow

Luna silently crept across the abandoned hospital. In the corner of her eye, she saw a shadow run past her. She was horrified Luna heard the window howl. She couldn’t believe it. She looked behind her and there was another shadow.She freaked out.after a while,Luna had a rest from all that stress. when she woke up the room changed…

It was like someone moved her when she was asleep.Luna thought”did the shadow move her?”she found a note and it said welcome Luna rubes her eyes and it wasn’t a dream. Luna ran home, as soon as she saw the note. On her way she saw the shadow again…

The haunted school, By Masiyat

Lisa was trapped in her school, she tried the door’s but nothing worked. She could hear computer’s cracking like glass. Lisa could see a shadow that she recognised  but she heard a whisper coming from a door. She  sprinted  to the door and opened it. Lisa had never been in this room. Slowly, Lisa took a deep  breath and moved her self  to the door but the door shut right in front of her.

One minute passed, the room was  getting colder. At the back of  the room Lisa spotted a scary spooky skeleton. She heard  another  computer crash. The rain started and a storm appeared, the room got darker. Lisa could hear a voice outside the door.  She felt  tired and hungry. The noise grew louder. What is it? Who are you? Lisa now thought it was a bad idea to enter the room. Was it the shadow? Lisa’s stomach began to churn. The banging  got louder and louder. It started to sound like an aeroplane engine. Then as quick as a flash,  it stopped. All Lisa could hear was the ticking of the clock on the wall.

The haunted hospital by Karan

Penelope followed Ralph into the haunted hospital, when they got to the entrance the door opened itself even though there was no electricity. It was like someone was inside. They crept inside because the had a mission to give a special medicine to the human zombies so they can turn back into normal humans.

They carried on walking, they tried to be as silent as they can but with every step the floor board screeched. There was cob webs all over the hospital. The door was creaking. That would normally mean there was someone else other then Ralph or Penelope. They didn’t care so they carried on. One of the doors were locked. They could hear creaking behind them.

Evil Alex by Asiya

Daisy was in a forest and there were trees whispering to her and she was scared.  A  butterfly went onto her nose and she started to chase it and it led to a  chamber. Suddenly, the butterfly turned into a boy. She was shocked. He was the same age as a her. They both had explored the whole chamber. The next day Daisy asked him his name and his name was Alex.

One day Daisy was alone and  she saw a dark shadow and in the corner of the forest she went closer and it was just Alex and she told him that he scared her but the same happened ever day. She became suspicions everyday, but when she came back one day she heard evil laughing from Alex.

the spooky dark cave by Irfa

Rosy dashed into a spooky dark cave. She walked in the cave. She saw a spooky monster dancing with the other monsters.  She was nervous. She quietly walked by tiptoeing. Rosy heard whats happening, with the monsters. They were fighting about cake.

She tiptoed behind the monsters. Then the bight yellow shine of the sun came in her eyes, she can not open her eyes. Her eyes were closing. She was alive. Then she saw a scary green tree, they were alive too. She ran to her home. It was so long, but the trees were following her.

The Voice that Spoke By HUmna

Licca stumbled across the woods. Soon she saw a weird building that had moss all over it. She was very eager to see what was inside of the building. So she decided to go in. As she opened the door it creaked suspiciously. Licca was shivering so badly, but she wanted to see more.

Soon, she heard a CRASH and a THUMP. A cold shiver rushed down her spine. She was horrified! ( still a bit baffled to where the sound came from) She then found a secret laboratory, so she decided to open the door ” KILL KILL INTRUDER!” Yelled a voice. Licca saw two robots marching towards her! Quickly, she slammed the door shut. She was panting like crazy! As soon as she got her breath back she heard a voice from behind. ” Well Well Well ” purred the voice.

The haunted house part 2 by Karan

As the devil ran around the room in his black jacket, red t-shirt and orange bottoms, Kevin got dizzier and dizzier. The devil didn’t care that Kevin was dizzy so he carried on. Because Kevin was so dizzy he fell down for a rest. The devil had a evil grin on his face. He stopped and sat down. The devil was thinking of atrocious ways of trapping Kevin in the under world forever!

Kevin got up and tried to run away. It was no use because all the doors and windows were locked. He was very brave but he was afraid of the devil. Kevin’s jeans and white jacket was dirty.

MOSE by Humna

Licca Chan slowly crept through the mall and started to do her mission. 
She had to steal the most EXPENSIVE Louie Viton bag . You see, she works 
for MOSH ( Masters of Stealing Headquarters ) and she has to do a REALLY
bad mission. Almost... nobody can do it. She then scrambled around the mall
looking for Louie Viton. She saw a Cafe. Her appetite was a little bit empty 
so she decided to go in for a little bite. She sat on a nice marble table 
and wore her hood ( Just for a disguise ) so nobody suspected her. 

Soon her BIGGEST enemy came ( whose name was Maya ) strutted in but then
got her hair tangled in one of the door handles. Soon Licca could take it 
no more and burst out a laugh but immediately closed her mouth so she did 
not blow her cover. Maya growled and tugged and pulled but it was no use .
Luckily she was a softie so she politely asked one of the waitresses and 
they got it out. Soon a familiar face came and it was Licca's brother Enaro 
Soon Licca saw Enaro with Maya. She was furious!


The Jealous friend by Wafa

Galaxy, went to the park and sat on a bench. She wore a plain purple shirt with light blue jeans and has shiny brown hair. Galaxy was looking at the modern night sky. She picked up flowers from the floor and skipped along the path. On the way she met her best friend.

Luna was Galaxy’s best friend. They liked the same things, but one day Luna saw Galaxy with someone else and during that day Galaxy ignored Luna and played with Layla instead. Luna was furious and upset at the same time about what had happened during that day that she stomped on in a sulk.