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Entering the Emporium By Humna

Kinako had always been curious and her sister  ( named Kauro ) had always warned her about the world and what was beyond the reefs. One morning, when Kinako was walking down Perch road, she saw something abnormal.

In the big busted brown brick wall, Kinako saw a white door, covered in layers of snowflakes, as cold as a dog’s nose, with a handle shaped like a Phoenix’s head and body. Gently, she turned the handle and it creaked open.

As she went in, it was filled with wondrous things she wanted to feel and touch, to one side a bowl of diamonds, emeralds and obsidian glistened appealingly in the sunset, it’s colours glittering like gems. On one counter, she saw china dolls singing, roses running away from a watering can and bamboo sticks swinging from the ceiling, like she was in a forest.

” I see you have found my book of marvels ,” boomed a voice. It was as deep as an old, boozy cake that had been sitting in the fridge for 9 weeks. Kinako dropped her mouth open, in total fear. She ran out!

chapter 1

Alexa had always been curious and her father had often warned her that it would lead to trouble . One sunny afternoon, she was walking down and saw something unusual. In the stone wall, there was a new door which had a metal handle shaped like a red heart. Carefully, she twisted it and it squeaked open and Alexa peeped through the door.                                                                                                                                                                                                          She opened the door and saw silver nets, golden magic shoes  shining under the light making it seem as if the ceiling was shooting down shiny shooting stars falling down on the ground.                                                                     

chapter 1 the creepy emporium

Jackson had always been curious  and his 12 year old brother Ty never let him  go to don’t go to Elf rock road it will lead to danger as no one came out alive. One sunny day, he saw something different as he strolled down Elf . In the metal wall, there was a rusty broken wooden door.  The door handle was shaped like an eagles body.

Jackson slowly walked in and saw a slimy chandelier, a grandfather clock dancing up and down and under the table, there was a chunky chocolate sleeping and snoring as loud as cars engine starting .

“I see you found my book of  monsters” hissed the owner.  Jackson flinched and he closed book quickly and looked at the owners dark night eyes  and rusty white snow hair.

Chapter 1:Lola meets an owner By Simran

Lola had always been curious and her Aunt warned her about going down Star road. One sunny  afternoon, while she was skipping down Star road  Lola saw something that haunted her. In the scarlet red door, there was a that had red ruby spikes, and was filled with roses.The rubies were shaped like diamond shimmering. Carefully, she twisted the door handle, and the door squeaked, as Lola peeked inside.

To one side, lovely Lola  could see shiny silver and glittery golden coins in a row ; a multicoloured  rainbow smiling as small as a creative compass needle; and a beautiful bird cage covered in real rainbow lovely leafs which is made of glittery golden dazzling diamonds.

“I see you found my book of my sparkly pictures,”whispered a voice. Lola shivered as she read a line from the book, she closed the book and look up at the owners dark blue beady eyes.

The Galaxy Emporium: chapter 1

James had always been curious and his father always told him to never go down Mr Giordmaina road. One sunny afternoon, James found himself going down Mr Giordmaina road and saw something that haunted him.

In the wooden wall, there was an ancient teal blue door which had spikes that looked like the trails of a shooting star. The metal handle was shaped like the Queen’s crown. Slowly, James twisted the crown shaped handle and the door suddenly pushed itself open and James peaked inside.

To the left side of the room of magic, James saw a bone white grandfather clock ticking as fast as lightning, a bright yellow light bulb shining as bright as the sun, and an ancient maroon book lying on the talking table. In the right corner, James saw a pair of gold magic shoes that looked like Mo Farah’s sprinting shoes. In front of him, he saw a marshmallow that shouted “eat me!” eagerly, a ball kicking itself into a goal, and a spell book of wonders.

“I see you found my spell book of wonders,”murmured a deep voice. James shook in fear, closed the spell book, and looked up at the owners blood red eyes.

chapter 1 the mysterious door

Mira had always been curious and her grandma had always said never go snooping into other peoples business. One stormy evening, Mira was walking down Apple Avenue and saw something she had never seen before. Mira saw a aqua door with eyes as sparkly as a golden bar. The handle was in the shape of a panthers tail, and when she opened the door it sounded like a person shrieking with fear.

To the right side, Mira could see a humans body lying on the floor sleeping, as if they were dead bodies, a book shelf full of trophies which were as shiny as the sun, and a doughnut dog running rampage over a cat bone. To the left side, a row of animal heads which look like they’re howling with fear, and a mannequin holding a handbag which have knifes ready to be used.

“I see you’ve found my book of spells.”murmured the book “no no no down here” all of a sudden some smoke comes and Mira see’s the owner but he is as small as a ant.

Treasure by Varujan

I would take the sound of,

a pencil fighting in a pencil case which is as loud as a box bursting,

smashing eggs hitting hard solid rocks,

and screaming gorillas smashing apples.


I would take,

a magic drink that makes you as fast as a flash,

and a super speed flash costume with a lot of power,

also a bats wing which are as large as a elephant’s ears.


I would see,

a dragon spider with 20 legs crawling at a jungle,

and lighting for it’s webs,

and a frog jumping up and down on the puddles.


I would smell,

a chicken frying inside a burning hot oven,

and a spicy hot sauce,

also a stinky burp.


I would take

I would take the sound of a,

Lion screaming at an eager elephant,

a humming horn which is as loud as a truck’s engine,

and a blue whale yawning in the Pacific Ocean.


I can see

a Tsunami heading for the ocean shore,

floppy fishes dancing away,

and slippy salmons getting eaten by ravenous ravens


I  can hear a,

Volcano rumbling like a cliff crashing down,

a crazy comet trembling down in the seeking sea,

and a mad meteor stomping houses down.


I would take a,

a howling house as noisy as a siren,

a huge hedgehog as large as the Eiffel tower,

and a slimy snail slithering down a pole.

poem thats lovley

I would take the sound of,                                                                                                                                                     a deadly dinosaur roaring down the street,                                                                                                                      the bumble bees buzzing while collecting honey,                                                                                                          a lion shrieking with pain while eating bones.

I would take the sight of,                                                                                                                                                      a eagle’s eye view from a house on a cliff,                                                                                                                         a seagull spinning in the air as fast as a round about,                                                                                                    a pigeon sitting on the top of the hotel roof having a calm day.

I would take  the touch of ,                                                                                                                                                   a bear hunting for prey and eating bones,                                                                                                                        a wolf passing terrified trees,                                                                                                                                            a traffic light hitting cars that pass the red light.

I would

I would take the sound of a,

tornado sprinting around as fast as as the speed of light,

a squirrel taking to me in a squeaking sound,

a bar magnet with the same poles attracting,

I would take the smell of,

red rose resting in the sun,

Chocolate cooking away,

and cream cake resting in the window sill

I would take



















a magical book whatever you want it will give you it,