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The Everest Unicorn

The Everest unicorn, which is one of the most powerful unicorns in the world, lives on top of Mount Everest. Almost all Everest unicorns are nearly extinct so unicornologists and climbers go on top of Mount Everest once every year to give them food and water. Surprisingly, unicornologists found out that there are so many Everest unicorns in the universe on different planets. They also found out that there is a word on their foot that says evil. On the other hand, unicornologists found a sentence saying if we do not get what we want we will blow up the universe and then they will travel to a different universe. Due to the lockdown they are not getting what they want and the universe is near its end.

The Sea Unicorn by Masiyat

The sea unicorn, is the most dangerous unicorn in the world . Many people believe that the unicorn has caused over 9 million deaths. They live in sinister places so they  can capture humans. Experts have failed to find the unicorn to experiment . Unfortunately, experts have died when they have touched the blue, shimmering and spiky body, the body includes venom. Despite all the deaths nobody knows much about the sea unicorn. 


The Rabbit unicorn by Wafa

The rabbit unicorn is one of the rarest unicorns in the world. Every weekend, Scientists  try to gather a glimpse of research about the rabbit unicorn. One of the most popular discoveries is the rabbit unicorn has saved millions of rabbits lives. Unfortunately, some unicorns risked their lives to save the rabbits. which means some rabbit unicorns died. On the other hand, because of the virus no rabbits have been in danger because they don’t leave their house and their safe. 

Where can you gather ideas? Hammaad

Seek them in the newspaper,I am a finder on the internet.


Delve for them on the internet,it shows me everything on the planet.


 Search for them in wikipedia,there you’ll see idea you can use.


You can get some ideas from scientists who are specialists to us.


You can gather ideas from a book if you look you will get information.

Where can you gather ideas? Safiul

I can gather them at moonlight.

But they leave at sunlight 

I can capture them talking to a spirit box

But a fox took the spirit box.

I can seek their energy. 

But a person was peeking at me so he can see.

I can gather them at a haunted house.

But the house haunted me instead.