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A giant dragon

Once upon a time there was a really big ship that has lots of weapons to scare of really big dragons that live in the dark mist.

They are going to a really dark and weird place that has louds of rocks and so many caves with sleeping dragons in them so that is why you have to be so quite.

Air ship dcrash

Jack and Jake was asleep suddenly they wake up the piolet. ‘What wrong’ shouted Jack ‘the air craft is falling down’ said the piolet. Jake looked down ‘we are’ said Jack. 54321 crash !!!!!!!!!! ‘Where are we’ said Jack in  the most dangerous forest in the world said Jake. What’s that sound said Jake I don’t know said Jack.





Sky ship landing

Manny started to drive the boat taking turns with every captain. The sky was very windy on Friday evening without a warning birds crashed into the sky-ship flag. Crew mates were in shock. Suddenly, captain Jack stepped out the underground kitchen and began to shout at the crewmates. Manny was done with his shift of driving the boat, it was someone’s  else turn, someone who didn’t seem to be on the sky-ship.

The dragons take over.

Scarlett and Maya looked around they saw colorful plants coming from the ground, lots of different types of dragons like kind and mean ones and lots of different colors and they also saw lots of other magical creatures. Scarlett and Maya were terrified! They looked around and saw that there air ship had activated a portal to the our normal people through. All of the magical creatures were getting  through! O NO! The dragons started burning down houses!


the skyship landing

once there was two girls name maya and polly they were on a trip to the skyship and so polly yelled, hurry up maya we dont want to be late to the skyship said polly maya said ok im nearly done, said maya. polly was saling to the skying in a boat maya went to get some snacks for polly and herself then poly screamed a evil devil eye cast on the fish under the sea maya was frightend when the evil devil eye cast was gone it was night time by then maya and polly went under the boat to sleep. then in the morning polly went saling again the a couple of hours ago they reached the skyship the jumped of the boat and went to the skyship maya was saling in the skyship while polly had a nap then two minuet later polly woke up she called maya but maya didnt respond polly went to look maya wasent there she was gone but it was a dream so polly woke up the told maya al about the dream maya said nobody take one of us away. a year later the skyship was too old it was broken hey both sank at the sea and they was never found again.

balloon crash

Once upon a time there was a air ship always surrounded by  balloons but one day something went terribly wrong. Jacob and Jack were terrified when they saw lightning crash in the distance. Suddenly, a great bolt of lightning hit the balloons. Then Jack and Jacob jumped out of their bodies, as they where so scared. Suddenly they hit the ground!




The horrifying monster

Once upon a time there were  two little girls and they were called Ella and Alexa. They were going on a peaceful trip to a lovely place called Egypt. It was a lovely place and you could  go out when ever you wanted because there was barely any people there. That is why it is very peaceful.

When they got there it was very nice and they loved it there so much, they  even went fossil hunting.

haunted gymnastic hub.

One stormy night Maria and her mad brother named Jackson went on a dangerous journey to a haunted gymnastic hub. Maria brought a poisonous spray to catch fierce monsters. Jackson bought a magical book titled ‘Navigation for beginners’. When they arrived at the mysterious gymnastics  hub it looked strange. They had  a scary  feeling they were being stalked.

When they got inside they saw a crystal ball sitting on the floor like a unwanted ,scared turtle.

The freighting air ship

There once was a ship floating across the sky and 2 boys named Jeff and Bob. One day  they received a letter to sign and it was for a journey on a sky ship they were amazed. The next day they went on the ship. It was  was called the sky shiner. It was colossal.