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the chicken shop

The chicken shop.  

Are you bored of eating chicken and getting fat? Well if you want to get more fat, come to the chicken shop. There’s chicken toys, food to get fat. Eat the mega chicken it cost 100,100,100 pence, the first bite you get super fat.  

The best chicken slice is the skinny chicken and you get skinny. It has only chicken!!!!! 


The wonder enporium

The wonder emporium

In this magnificent store you would feel like you’ve only been there for a few  moments when you’ve been there for hours. This has an inside Rollar coaster, a football pitch,lolly pops and loads of footballs. you should come because:

.It is fun and enjoyable

.you get half of

This shop has been rated 5 star  so come on over to the wonder emporium people have sent us:

.Wow this shop is amazing.

.So cool the rides are epic.

.I wish it was my house.


So if you free come to the wonder emporium.


THE wonder shop come to my wonder shop the best shop in town 

We have every Thing anything in the world Rc cars, bikes,toys,phones 

We have clothes, girl nails, hammer, laptops key chains so came down 

We have anything you want to come to buy something get one get one free 

The newest thing out is a glow in the dark pop it 

And rainbow and glow pen fidget spinner   just call 

02   and peas in a pod search the  


The new store in town :)

Are you sick and tired of the same old face masks? Well by the best looking today right now!                     You should definitely  by some now in a pack of four and is  50% off every time you buy. 🙂                         Come to the best buy thousands of orders already you should order to.                                                     Best features made :                                                                                                                                                               

  • Any color style and size 
  • Pick up and deliver 
  • Can bin any  time of day 
  • Is not useful from 24 hours+ 

The emporium of fun

The emporium of fun 


 Are you bored, stuck at home, can’t go anywhere? Well, come to our emporium of fun. We have many things to do. For example, play with pets, have fun with terrific toys, and much more. Our pet area is filled with animals big and small, this includes bunny’s, unicorns, penguins, dogs, cats and many more! And our toy area includes dolls, footballs and much more to explore. Do not forget our fidget toy shop where there is pop its, peas in a pod, not only that, but there is also a giant pop it walls too! If you buy a pop it, you can get a free glow in the dark pop it too! Also, there is a library filled with so many books to read. Upstairs, there is a café that has an all you can eat area! Make sure to check out our website, just search, pet.emporium.uk for more information and booking tickets. Prices are £2 for children and £3 for adults each.  

summer vibes Emporium



Summer Vibes Emporium 

Come to my shop there is purple butterflies in golden cages  

And a book like a person reading the story to you. There will be a zoo full of weird zoo animals like a green panda and a multicolored monkey color changing bag we also have a restraint that sells chocolate cake and fruits that are actually 

Are sweets like for carrots are a carrot cake and like a peach tuns to a peach cake it is only 1p there is different glue colors to a clock that ticks upside down automatic robot hover so you better come to summer vibes emporium and every Finck in this shop is free. 

The emporium

 The magic shop      




This boy went to the magic shop he went inside and said WOW loock at this he went to go buy a masive baby pouder and crisp piza nice and crispy and wen he toock a bite he fellt magic in hes mouth he  went home and said that was my favorite shop ever. 

the imporioum

Come to my emporium shop it fun but weirdthere a roller coaster in the corner a slide on top of the shop foot shaped football rocks flower resin lavender. Everything cheap to expensive. 

  • Birthday area 
  • Adult room 
  • Children room 
  • restaurant 


There a makeup room a movie room an icecream room sushi room and a slushi room a dress up room stone age clothes fishtank desing your own shoes and clothes hair dye face mask go kart games. 

 Lonely Vibes Emporium 

 Lonely Vibes Emporium 

Are you annoyed by people in the mall? Then we have the right place for you, come to the Lonely Vibes Emporium here we sell Chicken wings, Aesthetic lights, L.e.d lights and everything you could thing of! We have a disco and a indoor swimming pool and the best thing, A COTTON CANDY MASHINE! We have a restaurant and we sell all the best food there and it all cost really cheap you could buy ten plates of food and you will only spend, £19 YES £19! Come now it will make you have the time of your life! 

The Emporium

The magical emporium   

Come to our magical emporium play go karts buy are amazing toy racing cars and try are races with racing car   there customized you pick what you can chose color it any color up to red blue lime green also you can customize your shoes and take them home for free take a goat cart home Aswell for free  you chose your Coler of your goat cart today buy tickets of magicalemporium’gimail.com