The emporium of fun

The emporium of fun 


 Are you bored, stuck at home, can’t go anywhere? Well, come to our emporium of fun. We have many things to do. For example, play with pets, have fun with terrific toys, and much more. Our pet area is filled with animals big and small, this includes bunny’s, unicorns, penguins, dogs, cats and many more! And our toy area includes dolls, footballs and much more to explore. Do not forget our fidget toy shop where there is pop its, peas in a pod, not only that, but there is also a giant pop it walls too! If you buy a pop it, you can get a free glow in the dark pop it too! Also, there is a library filled with so many books to read. Upstairs, there is a café that has an all you can eat area! Make sure to check out our website, just search, for more information and booking tickets. Prices are £2 for children and £3 for adults each.  

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