The Lava Goblin

Why is it that Lava goblins are amuned to lava ? Could anyone answer that? Well you should already know by now, yes, correct the answer is: because they are made of lava. Lava goblins are very common in Africa due to the heat that beames down at them, although not many people see them due to the fact that their king says they can not leave there homes/volcanoes.

Magic abilities

Lava goblins have all sorts of powers but no one knows what they are, most guesses are likely to be like shooting lava out of there hands or shoots lava out of their eyes.


In the habitat those gentle creatures live in light, glossy volcanos that get struck by lightning one thousand six hundred times a year, but don’t worry they will not get hurt by this, this gives them power and it scares other threatening prediters that lurk around there off.


These shy, hated and poor things was created to be shy and gentle but all of the other goblins like the water goblin, the cave goblin, the library goblin, the space goblin and a load more try to attack the Lava elves but thats why there so nice because the other goblins try but they just get struck by lighting.

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