Information about water goblin

Why is it that water goblins have interested elf whisperes over he years?Perhaps its because water goblins are such a rare form and only a little are known about it. Genuinely water goblins are normally in deep quite secret caves down in water.Which makes it harder to get information about them

it wheres dyed leather blue or cyan cozy clolks and blue steardy boots. Water goblins are really small in fact one of the smallest goblins ever. They have long sharp pointy ears and a really big beard that they can eat. So basically there only blue.

Water goblins normally live in the sea as you could of guessed but they can live near the sea practically they stay there but they can live next to it. There normally really deep dark caves down in the sea like little above where a baby shark can go so your chance of finding one are very low.

The water goblins favourite food is lobster,fish and crab it really loves crab. They show no interest into gold or silver or any other valuable products. This lovely and gentle creature shows no danger to humans at all. Word of warning! Do not approach these creatures as they might lash out in defence if they can’t see.

Our save the goblin campaign has been concerned for many years. These nice creatures are genuinely getting hunted all day scuba divers are trying to kill them please chuck your fish and lobster out at rainy weather.

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