The Arctic Goblin

Why is it that arctic goblin have interested goblin whisperers over the years ? Maybe its because they live in the Arctic and its really cold in the Arctic so you would need a lot special equipment and a lot of money for the trip .

What Do They Look Like?

Arctic goblins are often mistaken for a very unpleasant type of goblin because they are 6.9 feet tall and are one of the largest goblins in the world they wear ear muffs a blue jacket and backpack also they have white frost bitten skin . Finally, they have fluffy white legs and blue ****** hair

Where Do They Live?

Arctic goblins live in igloos outside snowball dodgeball arena’s where Arctic goblins play against the frost goblins in the stadium every day . Their igloos are normally built in side of snow hills and rarely made of ice blocks.


There has been a debait for many years if the Arctic goblin was vegetarian but in 2018 there was a picture of it eating fish. They usually hunt in large groups some even hunt in groups of 100! Their favourite games are really similar to ours like ice football or snow dodgeball. Arctic goblins can also be very creative some even build their own snow dodgeball stadiums.

Our Save The Arctic Goblin Campaign

Would you keep an Arctic goblin as a pet? I would. If you want to join the save the Arctic goblin campaign feel free and donate if you want to keep the species alive. We’re trying to get 100000$ so we can pay for the government to protect the Arctic goblin because there are only 3000 of them left in the world. If you want to join or donate type this in



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