Molly and Alice

You are a  perfect ,pretty, palomino pony cantering through a field with your herd.

Your freinds with a small  setland pony that is as tiny as a bunny.                                                  Your also freinds with a  shire horse who is gigantic and extremely helpful on a farm.



12 Responses to “Molly and Alice”

  1. Love the alliteration! What about another word for gigantic?

  2. 1) The alliteration in your first line is amazing.
    2) Can you think of another word for ‘tiny’?
    3) Remember the ‘ie’ and ‘ei’ rule.

  3. Very good, just needs a few grammar fixes.

  4. Love this poem keep up all the good work good luck

  5. This post is very caring and sweet. Very nice

  6. 1) I like how you based the poem on a theme (ponies) and how you named them.
    2) Do you know a lot about ponies?
    3) Maybe you could add a few more sentences.

  7. 1. I like the fact that you name what species of animals it was e.g. Shetland pony.
    2. Could you use more some adjectives?
    3. Maybe find a better adjective for small.

  8. Hi, I love your use of words especially gigantic and cantering

  9. This poem is really good.I am looking forward to new poems. I like the fact that the poem is describing the pony as being perfect and pretty. She can add more detail about the farm . Why is the pony cantering through a field ? Where is it going .

  10. This poem is talking about a pony and it’s talking about the pony being pretty and the pony lives in a field. She is saying nice things about pony that I like . Where was the pony going?

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