You are poem

You are a marvellous meet at the ball  in the breeze.

You are a lazy lion waiting for a wild boar’f blood.

You are a angry apple that has bin taken over by a wiggle worm.

You are a humble heroic hero flying through the sky.

You are a dinosaur tail strong and brave.

You are a lost cat lost in the cold breeze.

You are wooden plank being fixed by a hammer.

You are a brown penny being dropped into a pool of warm water.

You are a lime leaf spinning on the wet surfers.

You are a meaty golden meat balls shone dazzling in the yellow crispy sun.

You are a dancing pen in night sky diving in with shiny star.

You are a smart student netting strait on all your grades and leaning lots of new things.

You are a curios cloud floating in the breeze.

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