The Haunted place

I was in a train station I think,it looked abandoned no escape it wasn’t a dream it felt real, there was a hammer I picked it up and there was stairs, there was a room and i opened the door and there was skulls, bones and blood i screamed “AAAAAAAHHHHHH,” I went on the rails and “THERE WAS A TRAIN!” it was coming for me I said “oh come on!” It hit me I somehow came in a house this was not any ordinary house it looked like my house I shouted “MOM DAD ANYONE HERE?” I came back to that train station but i was some  where else in the station i remember that letter i saw a letter about Emma Lithers and she was missing and that’s kind of the same letter but it says DON’T LOOK BACK! The door was locked i tried open it but there was no hope T..TH..THE DOOR OPENED BY ITSELF i got scared but this time there were vents but it was blocked with wooden sticks with my hammer i broke the sticks and went in the vents and then it leaded me to a room and i climbed on the ladder and there was more vents it leaded me to a hall way and there was three doors i tried opening two they were both locked i opened the third it worked then i saw her fully white with blood the lights came off they turned back on and she disappeared and there was a person in think place so i found a yellow key went to the door opened it with the key and it disappeared, there was switches i could only switch one it said control room 1, I predicted that a door would open because in the movies that happens but this is real life, I asked “WHAT DO YOU EVEN WANT FROM ME?” i went back to the three doors i tried opening one of them and one of them opened “FULL OF BLOOD!” I shouted, there was a secret passage however i didn’t want to dare to go in there but i did and in blood it said “look behind you,” i was shivering and i looked back,i saw a tall creepy mannequin staring at me. there was more vents i followed them and this time it lead me to long hall way. I saw another vent I ran to it , as i was running to it I found this note so i put it in my pocket and went to the vent “nooo!” I yelled I droped my note down it … Then I saw a face a creep face i looked closer “Boo!” yelled the voies

“Hi, Im Pennywise, Do u wont your note back ”

“yes I do ”

“There u go ”

SNAP …. and penny ate him alive .!!!!!!

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