Ten things needed for a skyship Journey

  1. A bright, hot pink, huge lunchbox filled with a feast fit for a King, to give you the speed and energy to move as quickly as a mouse.
  2. A mysterious luminous, shining shooting star, that can grant unlimited amounts of wishes in times of desperation.
  3. A massive white sparkling great white sharks tooth, mistaken for a dagger, as sharp as a starts point to kill enemies.
  4. An old, dusty torn map, with the directions to a secret land, to find the legendary treasure of the Island of Wonder.
  5. A shiny, metal cage with a monkey as cheeky as a baby, to distract the outrageous dragons.
  6. A round, smooth grey tin, full of bright yellow, fruity banana biscuits , to munch on and distract hungry enemies.
  7. A magical wig to wear that makes you invisible when danger is near.
  8. Some wooly warm clothes in case the Skyship starts to freeze, when wearing them they will instantly become warm and cozy.
  9. A magical air freshener that smells of banana’s, to make a lilac iridescent shield that only you can see. This will protect you from mortal enemies.
  10. A spikey green dragon plant, which can make a fierce bubblegum dragon to defend you with giant bubbles made from blueberry gum. To activate the plant you have to say the magic words Abracadabra bubblegum dragon!

By Alice – St Anne’s Primary

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