Stargrazer Adventure Tick Off List

Stargrazer Adventure Tick Off List


Wizard electric stick to capture Sky Eagles into the spiderweb-like nets – tick!

A Fire Sword to scare skeletons with lighting bolts into the Underworld – got!

Some magic potion to gather my unstoppable goblin army – tick!

A dreamlike leash to turn the dragon into a flying machine – I need!

The red polished stone to teleport me to the ground whenever I want – tick!

Amazing Binoculars to look for the ancient stars in the mysterious night sky  – check!

A flying, silver motorbike – The Wyvern- with a magical map to teleport me wherever I want – tick!

Two funny imps and two kind genies, to save me from deadly danger – got!

Harry Potter’s deadly wand to defeat Voldemort – I’ve got!

Enchanted, blue and gold carpet to take me to see King Tut – tick!

Small leaves of spinach to make me the strongest in the world – yuck!

A bottle of pineapple juice to cover me with a shield of the toughest stones – yes!


A friend called Flops.

Now I’m ready to go.




By Kajetan  from St Joseph’s Whitnash

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