I Would Take

I Would Take.

By Isobel H EPPSA

I would take a shiny, golden, leather glove to climb up walls with.

I would take a reddish-pink, toxic balloon that I can touch creepy things with and they will all go away.

I would take a large, jam jar full of glowing, green fireflies to light the way.

I would take a tea-stained, crumpled map to see where I was heading to.

I would take a brown, leather diary and pen to write down all of the places I’ve been.

I would take a soft, snuggly teddy from my house so I feel at home and relaxed.

I would take a dreamy pot of gold from my hopes and happiness to wish me luck.

I would take a ceramic, beige shell from the beach so I know where my heart is.

I would take a bright, colourful, little budgie to make me laugh when he mimics me.

I would take a vivid blue, turquoise parachute to make me glide like an Eagle searching for its prey.

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