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Shadow fax the sky-ship

They landed with a thump. Harry was scared. He never thought they would crash. Ed could see terror in his eyes as they got out of the wrecked ship. Once Ed saw a tree moving he suddenly knew where they were. Fangorn. Where the entra live.
The trees towered over the sky-ship like a stone giant. The leaves cast dark, gloomy shadows over the ground. Ed peered round a tree only to find that he was clinging to the leg of an entra. Ed recognized this entra from a legend that his father told him, it was Burntwood. He was huge. The biggest of the entra . His legs were tall with big clumps of moss growing on them and his arms were as long as a truck.
Harry and Ed froze where they stood. The Inky black sky surrounded them, the glow of its two moons lit up the trees and entra. One entra took a step forward and Harry and Ed started to run.

The Ghost Rider

The Ghost Rider

Usually, Scarlet enjoyed travelling in the air, but today was not that day. Scarlet was biting her lip whilst she looked up at her brother Josh, who hung off the ship’s ropes, and he was as happy as ever, laughing and smiling. They had left their home town of Queen’s Lynn about three weeks ago. They should have reached their destination by now, but they got knocked off course by a violent storm.

At that moment, some Devil Owls, who were the most dangerous and terrifying creatures in the sky, forcefully bashed against the sky ship, causing it to rock from side-to-side. Josh saw five of them come out of a black and red, storm cloud and dark matter was being spat out of the owls’ mouths towards the Ghost Rider. Scarlet was freaking out and struggled to regain control of the unmanageable ship. Tilt after tilt, the owls disappeared and everyone went silent. Scarlet’s hands slipped off the wheel, causing the ship to tilt and quickly tumble down towards the land below.

“Get ready to land!” Scarlet yelled.

A second later, the ship dipped down into the very deep sky and moved very fast past the clouds. Then, Josh found a random lever which he decided to pull. All of a sudden, the sky ship was floating in the mid-air and they softly descended to solid ground. They had managed to escape the Devil Owls.

Scarlett stared in horror as the city rushed up to meet them. They were tilting ever downwards to what looked like an aichent, destroyed city. Scarlett struggled control the tiller trying her best to steer the Ghost RIder towards an open space on one of the buildings by josh’s side. Scarlett stood clutching a grappling iron, fending off a strange, flying creature from the skin of the balloon. Its huge talons tore into the covering and sliced an irreparable tear.

All around them loomed destroyed towers. One must have been looked appeared to be crumbled to death. Infront of them They had found a mossy, hidden doorway inside one of the towers was huge empty. The colossal windows had been completely shattered during the apocalypse.  in a far corner there was a very towering old looking statue of the mayor that used to run the city. The place itself was lonely, boring and dull, they found no one in the city they only found undead people wondering aimlessly in a trance. Scarlett thought the place was haunted … she was right! They rushed back to the Ghost rider to just figure out what they are going to do next. the people had left some random materials and some weapons! they heard a strange noise … they all went frozen still and speechless.

The Celty

It hurt. His eyes hurt. They stung and his body felt itchy. “Soft?” He thought. He was right. Instead of landing in the capital, they were somewhere MUCH worse. Dragon Dunes. Dragon Dunes was a place full of black sand, volcanoes, and oppression. Everywhere you looked there was creeping movement as dragons writhed over each other blood thirsty monsters, slithering, sensing, salivating in their unending quest for nourishment. The heat crept up against meas if it were a person. You could also smell the burnt ashes of dead bodies, it reeked. “Eren, Hawk, we should probably get walking since Dragon Dunes is most famous for the weather drop at night.” 

They walked miles before reaching a small, discreet village. The moon was about to fall beneath the horizon as the trio arrived. Cobblestone houses lined either side of the cramped lane, barely distinguishable from each in the meagre light cast by the dim gas-lamps dotted here and thereA small pond sat in the middle of the town with fire frogs hopping about. As Mikasa bent down to touch the glistening water, a voice cried out,” Get down and don’t move!” They were threatening them.    

Skyship – Part 2

Susan scratched her head and shouted for Tom, “Tom! Tom! Tom, where are you?!”

“Over here Susan,” yelped Tom

“Tom, we need to get out of here before it collapses.”

Susan sprinted to the deck, but Tom was limping behind her. “Susan we are going to have to jump!” They held hands and jumped off, landing in the woods.

“Tom are you alright, you were limping?” questioned Susan. She lifted up his trousers a bit and saw blood. “You’re bleeding Tom, I need to put a bandage around it.”

As Susan took care of Tom’s damaged leg, Tom looked around their surroundings, concerned they weren’t safe staying on the unstable ship.

“Susie….we really need to find out where we are.”

Tom and Susan stared at the land in front of them; the air was dry and the wind was still. They noticed the sun was nearly falling out of their sight. It was time to find safety. The only noise that could be heard was the rattling of the ship parts breaking. Linking arms, the friends walked forward.

There were millions of giant oak trees as tall as houses and as wide as buses. Magical mushrooms glowing as bright as lights and spitting out some kind of unknown purple dust. There were bushes with shiny red berries, which when eaten give you night vision. Tom knew this from survival books. Loads of sharp pointy grass grew in the direction of the sun, alongside thin leaves that were bright apple-green which would never fall off the tree, even if you pulled with all your might.

“We must be at Gonegoo Forest, we mustn’t stay too long,” Tom told Susan.

Susan looked at him concerned. Without speaking she nodded.

They started making a campfire; the billowing smoke reminded Tom of his Mum’s bad cooking back at home. The warm flames directed the miniature flying Bingles from them. Bingles were microscopic deadly bugs like mosquitoes but more violent and only coming out at night. In the distance, a bang startled them, a storm rolling over the bumpy snow drenched mountains and they knew Haders would come out, so they hid under a tree and got some rest.


Chapter 2 – Crash Landing

“She’s going down!” roared Captain Prescott, as he hung off the side of the balloon trying to close the hole. Next to him pulling the rope tighter to close the hole was Jamie. “Grab the wheel and drop the anchor!” screamed Jamie. Jack looked around to see who he was talking to, but quickly realised there was no one behind him. He would have to land it!
Chapter 2
Jack ran straight towards the ship’s wheel, petrified as he looked forward. The sky ship was heading straight towards the jagged mountains that possessed the ruins of perished sky ships from previous dragon encounters. He could hear the roars of the dragons echoing around the mountains like ghostly shrieks. This is when he knew he had to alter the direction of their fate. Jack looked around and saw a clearing in a forest that looked like long grass. He could see the notorious Red River, famous for it’s red colour that resembled the blood from souls of those that had died on the island. He turned the wheel as heavily as he could towards the clearing. Instantly, the sky ship abruptly flew towards the clearing leaving the dragon behind. Jamie and Captain Prescott were holding onto the balloon by the ends of their fingernails as the sky ship whistled and fizzled as the balloon lost air. The cold air from the fast descent tingled Jack’s nose and fingers.
The sky ship hit the ground.
There was silence.
Jack opened his eyes. He could feel a gentle breeze on his face. The storm had gone and in the orange sky he could see five massive planets, two moons and the sun setting in the distance. He pinched himself to make sure he was still alive. He clambered to the stern of the ship and peered over the side. The blades of grass were actual blades, sharp enough to slice you in half with a simple touch. He felt something grab his shoulder. He turned around hoping it was not some mythical creature about to eat his flesh. “You alright lad?” asked Captain Prescott. “A fine landing there bro!” said a thankful Jamie.

Forever Eternity

For now, the Eternity crew had managed to hide from the dragons.
With caution, they actioned the periscope to be able to see what dangers were above them as they were fully aware of the deadly danger of red-hot molten lava below them. They spotted the beastly creatures flying and roaming around, one false move and that would be the end of them. Feeling so desperate alongside the intense pressure of their situation, Amber and Hope were more determined than ever to get out of this hellish world that was tormenting them. They had to think fast; they had to come up with a plan; this was it. Lucky would fly to the top of the volcano and chirp if there was enough of a clear area in sight. When the dragons were enough distance away, Hope would leave a trail of dragon food they kept in the back of the sky ship and cause a diversion by catapulting the food in the opposite direction, hopefully giving them enough time to ease the sky ship from its hiding place.
If they could just get to the next volcano, and the next, they might be able to make it. The sun was setting and soon the stars would be shining. Would it be a full moon…?

They had just a few hours left to make it to the next star and moon alignment this was really their only chance and time was ticking away.

Completed Story

As landing commenced, the members sat in shock, slowly drifting down to the bottom, swaying side to side in the cool breeze of Island Kazuko. Lindy rushed over, peering over the side of the boat, turning her gaze to the large scaly beast sat in a large, thick net hanging onto a rusty old hook, though it seemed to have stayed on well for a long time.

The crew scrambled out, their heads dizzying. Although Grandpa Joe was doing alright, as he joyfully laughed,

‘’ Well, wasn’t that a roller coaster! What fun! I have not had fun like that in YEARS! ‘’

The others didn’t think so, though they had seemed to recover quickly, because they were soon rushing over to the edge of the large, rocky island, glaring at the big fluffy clouds, the ocean blue sky and the buildings that looked as if they were ants, absolutely terrified. Liam was panting, even though he wasn’t out of breath and Lindy was trying to brainstorm an idea on how to get out of this mess. Although, it was a scorching day, (though the sun had an oddly large rim around it, full of moon patterns) they were wearing winter clothes from the weather back at their town, that also probably was not helping.

At that exact moment, they all went silent, it was almost noiseless, except from meows of rare Kitsunes that no one had seen before, then it stopped, and they heard a noise. No regular noise, a large rustling, but nothing was on the island except for rare animals. This noise had to come from a large animal…and it clearly knew they were there. The crew had to think fast, a large dirty box lay sat on the grass, Liam jumped in, falling through a large tunnel, that was no ordinary box, though no time to explain that. Lindy had run behind a random building, all broken and ruined, it had moss grown all over the half existent roof, mould all over the outside and Captain Joe had hidden in the sky ship, which was obviously just how it looked before, though the side of the ship was a little bit scratched…

thunder storm ship

A mighty storm was brewing in the dark sky. BOOM!!  Lightning struck the clueless air ship setting it on crackling fire it hit the ground leaving the children stranded. Out of nowhere came a roaring dragon “RUUNN!!!!”, they shouted…

My Skyship Adventure


You’ve probably been on a skyship when the sociable sky dolphins leap around the hull, chattering away. Remember how it feels to have the sun in your face and the wind in your hair as you stand watching from the crow’s nest. I bet you’ve enjoyed years of thrilling experiences on voyages of a lifetime.

But you should also try a voyage when thousands of acid bombs bombard the ship from the clouds, when the gabbled brutes soar past you realising they are none other than flying monkeys, that’s when they attack the ship.

And some say they have seen sky pirates with swords as sharp as bear traps, you probably won’t believe this but some say sky pirates could cut even the strongest of ropes.

My skyship Adventure.

“Come on James, we don’t want to be left behind. James where is Geo!?? Hurry and go to the ship, Geo and me will catch you up”.

“James it looks like the ship’s being attacked by sky pirates! Here’s Captain America’s shield fight them off with it and I’ll use Thor’s hammer”.

“Oh no they’ve just burst the balloon that’s holding us up. James go help the captain,” the captain said, “we are going to crash in a forest so brace for impact!”

The Striker


A girl on energy, excitement and adventure all in one but on the other hand you turn to a quiet and vulnerable boy. Contrasting personality’s between two people will seal their bond for life. Curiosity peeks their interests, as distant worlds soon collide forming this peculiar reality that we call our universe. A reality that holds Monsters, Creatures. SKYSHIPS and SO much more.


Latching onto the brink of the ship, her hand gained a bright redness as she tackled the struggle to keep a hold. Worrying thoughts engulfed her until she heated a voice call out ”SLOANE!” that’s when she got dragged towards the deck. Slowly, each creature rose from the the vapour that built up in the sky. These creatures were a pale green and their eyes were filled with rage and darkness. Sloane wailed, ”Desmond, QUICK grab this!” She peered over pointing to a barrel filled with razor- sharp blades. He couldn’t quite piece together what was happening but he knew to do, he clutched the handle on one and stood guard. ”STRIKE!” Sloane roared. The blade touched the tip of the being’s nose as its breath spread through the air forming a horrid stench, she took the blade and SLASHED it on to the lower-part of its body. It dug in slightly making the creature fall back. It came at her in a hurry and fought back. Sloane went tumbling as Desmond came charging in. SLASH…SLASH! One by one, each creature perished in despair. They both stood there in silence glaring upon the corpses that they had just murdered.