Stargazer – Episode 2

Episode 2

“Where is it?” Saylor screeched as she climbed the rigging for safety.

“It’s here!” Ben said.

They were in a forest, but didn’t know which one. The map and the compass had broken so they didn’t know where they were. The ground was torn underneath the ship. Saylor and Joe had already gone off for materials. Ben felt lonely. All that was around him was a golden orchid apple tree and a dried up pond.

Ben wanted to explore by himself, but was left with strict rules not to leave the ship. Ben debated whether he should be allowed to leave the ship, but Saylor said,

“You’re 11 and irresponsible, so you’re staying whilst me and Joe explore for equipment.”

By now, it was getting dark. Ben hadn’t eaten so he sharpened his spear and went off searching for food. All was well, until he bumped into Joe and Saylor, who shouted,

“Ben Thomas, you shouldn’t have left the ship.”

“I’m searching for food,” he mumbled.

“Ben, there’s food in the back of the ship. You disobeyed us. We’re not happy.”

All they could see was darkness enclosing them, twigs snapping, trees shaking and the wind howling. “We don’t have a torch.”

“Yes we do,” Ben said “I bought one.”

“Thanks Ben. I’m sorry for shouting,” Saylor said, as they found the ship. When they arrived at the ship, A strike of lightning stuck a nearby tree. They ran to safety and in the distance, they saw the tree burst into flames.

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