dragon slayer

I look down in terror as the Dragon slayer  plunges to the ground.At first, I saw it as a beautiful island.It’s water was crystal clean.The Tulips  smelled of the best perfume i could think of.But something was wrong.


The humans were transformed into dragons! How could something like this happen? Everyone was growling like beasts. There were fire dragons, water dragons, sand dragons, ice dragons and several more


“THUD! Emergency ! Emergency! Emergency! Dragon located! On top of the Dragon slayer!” exclaimed Hercules.

“What should we do?” I ask anxiously.

“ What type of dragons is it?” shrieked Cameron.

“It’s a fire dragon!” yelled Simon.


“My name is Acnologia, the fire dragon. Let fear overtake your bodies and bow before me” said Acnologia.

“Never!” exclaimed Captain Samuel.

“Then you will face eternal punishment.” stated Acnologia.


Suddenly, a swarm of dragons ambushed us. What happened? Are we alive? All these questions will be answered in the next episode. 


      Next time on Chad’s adventures:

                      The prisoners      

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