The Arship Lands

  We stepped down from the skyship,On an illuminous beach,lighting the dark skies and the hefty,rusty,skyship is surrounded by warm golden sand. When we looked up at the sky ,the dreamy moon came out and reflected on the compass that was in our hands it was as small as a mouse.The warm,breezy winds blew our hair across our face making us not see. 

Tasha and Ashe walked towards the abandoned waterfall near the rocky rocks and stared in amazement. “Wow this is so pretty!” said Ashe.They both swivelled around and looked at each other like a lion ready to eat its prey.They had seen an  illuminous  beach house that had grown ivy on and sunbed beside the sea,that lit up the dark oceans like a flash light.They saw a glistening dragon egg unertheath the tall palm tree with weird markings…

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