The Sting-Air-Ray

The Sting – Air – Ray; Continued Will B S EPPSA

Captain Morgan opened the rotate sails so they could pirouette until the next clearing…

About 97 miles along, they arrived at the edge of the glass desert, knowing they couldn’t pass because of the 100-mile limit on the rotation sails.The deathly noise of silence was stomach turning.

However, the mountain of gold could be seen one mile east.  At that moment, Captain Ian Morgan had a light bulb moment: carbon and gold equals levitation and he knew he had carbon on the ship because he had investigated the results of carbon and florine which created fire!

With an iron pick axe and other supplies in hand, Captain Morgan set out east for the dormant mountain of gold. After 15 minutes, he noticed some ash falling from the sky, but when he looked much closer, he realised it wasn’t ash at all it was pure gold gracefully gliding down from the sky; nevertheless, after studying these from islands around the world, he knew that there was only one hour left for the gold before eruption. Ian Morgan ran as fast as his muscled legs would take him. Smacks could be heard from under his feet, upon the orange-yellowish glimmering coal.

When he had arrived at the mountain, the ash was a lot thicker than before, so the lava had tripled over the last half-an-hour. Captain Morgan only had 5 minutes.

What felt like only seconds later, Ian Morgan had a slither of gold enough for 3 people;

However, eruption had struck. Captain Morgan tried running back to the west, but one step caused a massive spit of magma from deep in the earth. He tried the north, but lava had struck here too. South – more lava. He realised that the only escape route was east, meaning he’d have to go up and round the volcano to head north then, from there, he’d have to head east round the lava and head back to the ship, but this would be easier said than done.


Ten minutes later, he made it out but faced a much bigger problem. He had no escape.

He decided he only had one choice. Hover Board. He whipped it out yet realised he had just enough to make it to the other side of the lava. He swerved in and out of the hot rock and had just made it to the other side of the lava. He started his torturous way back to the ship on foot.


When he made it back, the Bagmans mixed the gold with the carbon rock and handed it out to Captain Morgan, Officer Lake and Sonar. They made their way south over the Glass Desert towards the Titan Island. When they had finally arrived at Titan Island, they got the water from the River Titan. They searched for twenty-five minutes and finally found the distinctive blue glow of Petronius. After hacking at it for five minutes, they had five pieces and made their way back to and across the glass desert; unfortunately, they had crushed most of the gold so they could only hover and they knew it was too dangerous to step on the glass because of the heat (the desert was made of glass because the sun was so hot it had turned the sand into glass). They thought for three minutes until Lake suggested to Sonar about the Petronius and then recommended it to the Captain, whom realised they had no other choice. They fixed the gold with the one rock of Petronius but noticed the screeching from the storm clouds and knew it was only a matter of time before the beasts were done with their ever-lasting battle to attack the Sting – Air – Ray. Five miles along, they were back with the crew and gave the engineers Petronius who got the engine back up and running so they could escape the beasts.

Had the battle ended…?


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