Episode 2 – Boomstar Emme-Mai

Episode 2

The chugging sound from the back of the boat was getting worse and worse.

“I think we should land!” Enzo shouted. They all nodded in agreement. Nevaeh glanced around, looking beneath the Boomstar, but all she could see was a barren, desolate city, like a shipwreck, as the twilight of the night glistened over the sky. By the side of the vessel was a tilting tower. Chef O’ Morgan thought it looked familiar so they began their descent. This was Theopetra Cave – the rigid rocks made an echoing drum sound. Nevaeh gazed into the gap of the abyss. The crew were blissfully unaware of the danger before them.

Swaying in the wind, the Boomstar was in serious peril. There was a sound of a slip of a rock dropping like losing money down the drain. Oscillating back and forth in rhythm, the Boomstar was at risk of capsizing into the endless chasm. Darkness hovered over the airship like a threatening volcano. More rocks began cracking but where was Chef O’ Morgan ? Nobody knew. The children didn’t move a muscle. Nevaeh and Enzo were standing near the stern of the airship surrounded by darkness. A peach star appeared above them and the cold crisp air drought inside the airship made them shiver.

At this point, a cluttering sound appeared. How were they going to get out this dire situation?


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